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The research is all about finding the areas of volunteer motivation and how to manage this.  For the smooth conduct of this research program, the qualitative approach is considered. There are different and effective methodologies in the market which provide complete information about the research. Two types of data will be collected in this research program (L, et al.,2019).

1 Primary data

2 Secondary data

For collecting the Primary data these methods will be used

  • Conducting of Interviews

Interviews are the best option for collecting direct and accurate data. This method is mostly used method in qualitative research. Taking an Interview with a person who has spent in this area for years will answer the complex question. This methodology is a very informal method and provides an opportunity to gather the information and each detail in depth (Hammarberg, et al.,2016).

So for a gathering of information about motivating volunteers, interviews of the person who is working in this field for a very long time will be taken. This interview will be taken on face to face basis.

Interviews of the different NGOs’ HR managers will also be in conducting the smooth research.

  • Ethnography Research

This research method will be the key method in overall research. This research is usually used to identify the behavior and thought process related to a particular issue. This method will provide every small detail about the behavior of the volunteer related to the NGO and the overall working of the NGO or non-profit organization. Through this method, the likes, dislikes, thought processes, and ways of thinking of the volunteers will be identified. Through this, the planning process of motivating the volunteers will be done smoothly.

  •  Case study research

As this method is one of the most practical ones. Through this method, the previous experience of the same industry people will be collected, and based on these experiences overall ideas will be taken. This overall idea of what one should do or what one should not be taken. Previous bad experiences of the same industry will guide he researcher in a right way (Hancock, et al.,2021).

  • Conducting surveys

This is also very effective way to collect the data. As this will help the researcher to gather the information about different type of people, this will help in improving the overall decisions. This will help is determining the current market environment and current attraction of the market. This will assist the researcher to find the right model to motivate the volunteers.

Surveys of volunteer’s problems will also helpful in motivating in the right way. Survey of best motivation techniques will also helpful in selecting of the best motivating technique. In the overall survey program, the survey of the social media will also be included. In the current Era, everybody is using social media platforms. So the social media surveys will play an important role in the overall research. In this survey the research will be done on the top most 100 social media sites. Through this research program the top and most famous techniques of motivation will be selected. And apart from that top most and most famous social media influencer will also be selected. These social media influencers will be used in providing motivation to the volunteers (Meade & Craig,2012).

For collecting the Secondary data these methods will be used

For collecting the secondary data the thematic analysis is considered, so for this first one needs to make proper theme of research. Like how the research will gone. So for this purpose the theme has already prepared. On the basis of the theme the further research will conducted-

1 Government Publications

The data which is presented on the Government publication is authentic. These data will be gathered from the government websites. The data related to the economy, demography and many more. Through this one gather the information about the person located in different geographical area and what are their culture. Through this the main aspect of their culture is included in the motivation strategy so that they can relate and attract (Pencheva, et al.,2020).

2 Reading of Different types of Articles

Gathering data from various type of articles is also a very common and effective way to collect the data. When a person write an article, he or she already conduct deep research on that topic. One just need to read the articles and gather the information. So in the above research program the articles which will be read by the researcher are as follows

  • The most impactful motivation technique
  • How NGO operates and collect the volunteers
  • The overall process of providing motivation
  • Tools and techniques use in providing motivation

3 Public Records

Public records are the great source of collecting information and data.  These data are the kind of data which is available for everyone. These data include minutes, accounts, and many kind of important files which the government body or organization need to maintain and these record are accessible to every person.

So from these types of records, the researcher will be able to collect data of different NGO’s and there overall processes. The details regarding their operations. Their overall structure and how they maintain their volunteers.

Apart from that one will be able to collect the data about the budget these NGO allotted on their motivating activities and to collect the volunteers (Martin & Nissenbaum,2017).

4 Historical documents

These document present the data related to previous incidents, what particular incidents happened in past and how it was managed properly.

In the current situation our first moto is to fine the effective steps to provide motivation to volunteers. Through these historical documents one can on the outcome that what mistake our team needs to avoid in motivating the volunteers. Historical document of the NGO gives an overview about what are the procedures and policies the NGO’s team needs to follow to accomplish their ultimate goal of motivating their volunteers.

So it is important to go through the historical documents, to get the better idea (Ntirogiannis, et al.,2012).

All these methods are the most effective method for collecting the data. So these methods will going to be used by the team in future to collect the data.


Results and discussion

If one looks at the result of the above research, then it is satisfactory. If one look at the main objective of overall research then this is to find out the effective ways of motivating the volunteers. As the research is conducting around the NGO. In the above research there are many other objective presented which needs to be accomplish through research. There are many methods of conducting smooth research is also presented. Throughout the research these methods plays an important role. If one look at the main outcome of the research then these are as follows

1 Appropriate data is collected

As the methods which used in collecting the data are very useful. They cover all the aspect of research. Collecting primary data is not that easy as one think. The methods which used is primary data collection helps in making the process easier. Taking of interviews of famous and of the person who has a deep knowledge in this field, is one of the very effective method. Taking interviews of these kinds of experts will definitely increase the level of knowledge.

If one look at the Ethnography method, then one get to know that this method provides the knowledge of behavior of volunteers. This method was the key component to know about the current mood of the volunteers.

Conducting of surveys was also a different type of experience. Through these surveys not only the data of current research was collected but there were many other type of important information was collected. These other data will be definitely use in the future.

For the secondary type of data the researcher used government publications, articles, public record and historical documents. These data are the most useful one.

Through above methods the researcher was able to gather the information about effective ways of volunteers. The team was able to find the approaches of leadership. Because of these research the researcher was able to create and maintain the overall budget in providing the motivation to volunteers.

2 Making policies and procedures

There are many policies and procedures which was come out through the research. These policies and procedures are come out because the objective of the research was correct. The policies and procedures which come out through this research are effective and appropriate. The management of the overall research was quite good.

3 Various motivation methods come out

After the above research various methods were come out. For example

  • Provide monetary benefit to the volunteers

As the providing monetary benefits was one of the most effective method. If one want to complete their work by someone else then just provide them monetary benefit, it is high chance that he or she will do the work very frequently. So providing of money and other monetary item leads to be great motivation.

  • Appointing of Social media influencer

As one know that social media is a great platform today for influencing someone. And apart from that the youngster use social media in very high amount. So providing appropriate motivation to volunteer appointing of social media influencer is very good step.

  • Ask their suggestion

Everybody knows that, in a leader ask for the suggestion of the volunteers, then they feel important and part of the organization. So this methods was also very useful one.

4 Providing of Job description

The overall research was conducted effectively. The research also provide the job description. Whenever anybody wants to conduct any activity smoothly, the main problem is solved when everybody know about what work they need to do. So in the motivation team, there were many people who involved. If each and everybody knows the duty, then the overall activity will be complete smoothly. So the overall research will provide the details of what one need to do.

Apart from that, if the volunteers who are in NGO, do not know that what they need to do, then they will become direction less and get confused. So the above research program helped in solving this problem very easily.

5 The recruitment process

Through the above research, not only the motivation process is identifies but also it cover the overall recruitment process. The research shows the overall recruitment process.

6 Presetting of Issues

The above research program also provide many methods of solving the problems and issues, which can be arises in providing of motivation. The main issues which the research covers are as follows-

  • Complicated structure

If the overall structure of the NGO is complicated then the volunteers get confused. Like if volunteers do not know whom they need to report then it will leads to great confusion. So this issue is one of the most complicated issue.

  • There is no system of preparing budget

As on know that budget is prepare to control the overall expenses. So if there is no system of budget then the expenses will not incur productively. So it is to be pre decide that how much expenses will be incur in the motivation program and how they will be used.

All the research conducted smoothly. Although one know that whenever one research is conducted then there are some positive points and some negative will definitely arise. So on the basis of above research it is to be noted that there are some good and productive points are come out and there are some negative and unproductive are come out.

If one look at the methods which were use in the research are the main helping hand to the overall research. The methods which used were completely suitable to the overall research. The objective of the research were quite good. The issues which were presented in the research were actually real. These issues were faced by previous many same nature NGO.

The interview of the famous person was really inspiriting and motivating. All in all the overall objectives of the research were achieved.

















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