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Part A. Progress Report

  1. Current Situation

Applications of social media web assist meeting individual and building relations and also it is the famous way for gaining professional and personal contacts and relations, making new friends, promoting business and personal Websites and also finding jobs. Many students have their profiles on platforms of social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter etc. Today, people not utilize platforms of social media for just discussing ordinary interests but also utilize SNS for displaying their communal networks and identities publicly and also making some new relations and contacts. This mainly specifies a modification in the manner individuals build their profile online and get to know various people across the world (Setiawan, et al., 2018).;

 The thought of social media could be mainly dated accurately back to the utilization of the equivalent telephone for communal interaction. The greatest identifiable utilization of social media was mainly through the innovative app, a virtual dialogue structure by the employee of IBM. They initially projected the site where mainly they can instantly contact their colleagues for all announcements such as reports, meetings and some other kinds of affairs, instead of making various calls, also distributing various memos and other kinds of documents. After some time, various employees effectively contributed their comments and ideas to the online society. That occasion was the most significant episode ever in the period of the internet and computers. It gave birth to digital social media networking. In today’s time, people cannot imagine their lives without social media, online interaction and the internet (Setiawan, et al., 2018).

With the assistance of modern technology, various websites on social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are helping the population for connecting online. Social media also assists in connecting with professionals to broaden their knowledge and also assist in increasing their specialized network. Same to those applications of social media, CONNECT-US is a web application based on PHP same as other web applications of social media. It is concerned to bring individuals together by utilizing chatbots. It assists in meeting individuals virtually, sharing interests, emotions, and happiness and develops the network within the institutions and promotions of business.

  1. Problem areas

Loss of data has been maximized suggestively as people daily interact and communicate with various individuals globally. The interaction of unidentified individuals around the whole world has mainly facilitated the aspects of many cybercrimes that have severe impacts on various individuals. Systematic research is required to be completed for coming up with accurate methods for identifying cybercriminals. Therefore, preventing social media users mainly from cyber-crimes is particularly becoming very difficult. This particular report is aimed at designing such platforms that are effective and also user-friendly, assists individuals in connecting with individuals online, and also investigate various techniques for avoiding cybercrimes (Greenwood, et al., 2016).

It is very essential for finding relevant techniques for preventing and identifying dangerous cybercrimes. Various cyber-crimes are there that are occurring in recent years, persons are also losing their income to cybercriminals. There should some strict actions and laws made against these cybercrimes as soon as possible so that people can freely surf the internet without any kind of worries (Greenwood, et al., 2016).

Key work next period


  1. Different platforms of social media will be explored for designing the forms of registration and logins.
  2. Different papers of research will be studied for knowing different mechanisms of authentication utilized for User Registration and Login.
  3. Various blogs will be studied for allowing what kind of content to be mainly posted by all users.
  4. Ways will be investigated of limiting the user access for posting content that mainly hurts the feelings of people.
  5. Papers of research will be studied for the knowing the effective ways to find friends from huge data and also sending follow requests (Cascio & Montealegre, 2016).


  1. 30 days will be needed to explore various mechanisms of authentication and executing forms of registering and login and then analyzing the forms
  2. 30 days will be needed for designing and testing the pages of the web where all users can create online posts and share them with their family and friends.
  3. Project development mainly includes evaluating various applications of the web, noting down all issues, noting suggestions and advice from professionals and exploring all effective technologies that must be utilized. 30 days will be needed to implement this process (Cascio & Montealegre, 2016).


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