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Ingredient Requirements

Appendix I – Ingredient Requirements

Ingredient Quantity Comments Ingredient Quantity Comments
Meat, Poultry Dairy
Chicken thighs


5 kg This is the main ingredient of the dish. Butter 1 kg To fry
Skin and bone 1kg


Will increase taste Curd 2 kg To increase taste
chicken broth 1 L Will increase taste
Chicken wings 500 g This is the main ingredient of the dish
Fish / Seafood
Frozen Goods
Dry Goods / Other Eggs 24 pc This is the main ingredient of the dish.
Flour 5 kg To increase taste Egg whites 20 pc This is the main ingredient of the dish.
Olive oil 1 litre To fry
Rice 5 kg Main ingredient in biryani Fruit / Vegetables
Rice flour 2 kg To increase taste Sweet potato 5 kg Veggies
Red chilly 2 kg To increase taste onion 1 kg To make gravy
Salt 1 kg To increase taste parsley 12 tbsp
Soy sauce 500 g To increase taste cherry truss tomatoes 2 kg To make gravy
Garlic paste 250 g To increase taste

Appendix II – Ingredient Adjustments

Menu Item Ingredient(s)& Quantity as per the covers Allergy or dietary requirement Alternative menu item or how dish may be modified

Tandoori chicken


vegetable oil

ground coriander

ground cumin

ground turmeric

whole chicken leg quarters

lemon juice


Diabetes Less use of oil things
Papdi chaat Potatoes, curd, flour, salt, red chilly Vegetarian Complete vegetarian ingredients
Dosa ghee 3 cup dosa rice / sona masuri rice




Urad dal

Vegetarian Complete vegetarian ingredients
Dal tadka Urad dal

Red chilli, green chilli, salt, ghee, garam masala

Vegetarian Complete vegetarian ingredients
Non veg fried rice Chicken, rice, salt, onion, tomato, chilly Non- vegetarian Use of chicken
Chicken lollipop


Soy sauce, garlic paste, vegetable oil, rice flour, chicken wings Non- vegetarian Use of chicken
Idly Rice, urad dal Low fat Complete vegetarian ingredients
Chicken dum biryani Biryani, jeera masala, salt, chilly, chicken, onions Non- vegetarian Use of chicken

Appendix III – Jobs Checklist

Tasks to be completed Equipment required Additional comments
Select the ingredients Raw materials
Arrange the quantities Food chopper
Mix the require ingredients Food processor We can grind and mix the ingredients separately
Start cooking the dish Microwave
Remove excess of the ingredients Cleaner

Appendix IV – Workflow Schedule

Work Flow Plan/ End of Service Procedures / De-Brief

Task (Description) and Priority
Equipment & WHS Communication (Who, About what?)
8:45 AM Kitchen cleaning Washer Cleaner
9:00 AM Select ingredients Refrigerator Junior chef
9:15 AM Vegetable cutting Knife Junior chef
9:30 AM Start cooking Microwave Executive chef
10:00 AM Decorate the dish Accessories Servers
  End of Service Procedures/

Reporting Requirements

Equipment/Systems Communication (Who, About what?)
10:10 AM Put the required dish over the serving table Dish plates and forks Servers
10:55 AM Clean the dining area Cleaning mop Cleaning staff
  Post Service Debrief Equipment/Systems Communication (Who, About what?)
11:00 AM The review and feedback should be collected by the manager from the customer Notepad Manager

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