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Information Bias

Information Bias

NBN Co Limited is a company that is owned by the government of Australia. This company provide internet connection and broadband services network and operates the management of a wide variety of employment.

The information bias can be defined as some measures which are inaccurately taken by the NBN Co. to the employees and because of this information biased which results in serious issues in the company and this results in the worst in the environment of the company. Because of the information that is not reached to the employees and this cause, the problem of decision making in the company on some project(Zion,2018) that is related to the services provided to the customers and this results in the exposure of the customer services. The customers that are pre-existed and well connected to the company had complaints but these complaints are informed to the managers and senior managers and handled by the customer services which results in the not solving the complaints on time and because of this the customers and clients of the NBN company (Zion,2018).

Information bias also has a major problem because of the bias which is faced by the employees and these employees are not properly informed by the managers the biased behavior of the managers leads to conflicts among the employees and also causes communication problems which are related to the work (Mandal & Riyat2021). The important information is shared by the managers with some employees for their benefit but other employees are not informed of particular information after having the same work and also have the same situations. The information bias leads to politics among the employees and this kind of environment is not good for the NBN company(Dong & Ren 2019). Another nature of the Company is related to the measurement of the broadband services and also the internet speed which is related to the clients and the measuring of the downloading speed which is related to the clients the speed which is provided in the plans of the company and also promised by the company are not received by the clients and the consumers and also there are problems of the uploading speed-related. These complaints are to be informed to the senior managers but not informed(Dalzell,2010). The information is so sensible from the company’s point of view and also from the growth of the company, this information should be delivered to the managers and managers will make the decisions so that the complaints will be resolved.

NBN company employees have the communication because of this there is arise of the information biased in the company and the information which is shared to the seniors and experienced staff is sometimes very irrelevant because of some lack in the behaviour of the employees(Klem et al.,2010).

NBN company should first introduce the training sessions for better communication among the staff and this better communication will result in the building of trust and also there is the reduction of the gap between employees and managers.




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