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Action/implementation plan

Item Milestone date Responsibility
Chief financial officer 20-06-2022 Responsible for preparing financial statements and budgets.
 Operation General Manager 28-06-2022 Handle day-to-day activities of the company and resource allocation
Human Resource Manager 4-07-2022 Select appropriate candidates and mentor for provide training
Manager residential realty 10-07-2022 Manages all activities of residential agents.
WHS manager 15-7-2022 Find all strategies of WHS procedure and management (Cummings, et al., 2016).
Project Name: Resourcing of organisational change strategy
Income Incl. GST Excl. GST
Total income $10000    
Expense Incl. GST Excl. GST
1200 $60 $60
360 $18 $18
2400 $120 $120
2400 $120 $120
900 $27 $27
900 $27 $27
900 $27 $27
900 $27 $27
Subtotal $9960    
Contingency (+10%)    
TOTAL                                                                    $12000    
Signature: ________________________________________         Date: ___12-06__/____2022_/______

Communication plan

What Who Purpose When/frequency Type/methods
Initiation meeting All stakeholders. To gather information One time  Formal Meeting.
Distribute project initiation plan All the Managers. Discuss the plan with all the managers, and how activities should go. One time Overview of the project is distributed or shared through mail or a hard copy
Project initiation All stakeholders. Communicate roles, authority, and responsibilities (Nibyiza, 2015). One time Meeting.
Status reports All teammates and Managers. Review the project and update it with required changes in it. weekly The status report of the project is distributed digitally and post them via the website.
Team meetings All the teammates and project managers Deviations are corrected in the project. weekly Meeting: detailed plan.
Promotion and Advertisement Marketing team. To promote the positive aspects of the project and to aware people of the project Monthly

Internet, television,

Magazine, business newspapers


Conversation with CEO

General Manager: Good Morning SIR!

CEO:  Very Good Morning. So, how’s the preparation is going on regarding the new strategies

General manager: Sir, all the required plans and tasks are completed.

CEO: That’s great! what about the budget regarding this?

General manager: Sir it takes $12000 to accomplish this objective

CEO: How you could communicate with other teammates

General manager: Sir to communicate with them, I take time to time meetings with them. And welcomed their innovative ideas and suggestions.( free-rein leadership style)

CEO:  Good! And how will you promote the revised changes in strategies?

General Manager: Sir! We will promote this through business magazines, newspapers, email and through the internet.

CEO: very nice! Good luck to you and your team.


To change and implement the strategies in the organization there are various steps which is taken to accomplish this task. First, the team is prepared which includes, a general manager, human resource manager, operations general manager, manager realty, manager investment, and manager residential realty. The budget for the whole task is $12000. To communicate the plans, meetings were conducted to assign tasks and discuss roles and responsibilities. After assigning tasks, there is a need to promote this, which is done via the internet, business magazines, radio, conferences.



Cummings, S., Bridgman, T., & Brown, K. G. (2016). Unfreezing change as three steps: Rethinking Kurt Lewin’s legacy for change management. Human relations69(1), 33-60.

Nibyiza, F. A. B. I. O. L. A. (2015). Analysis of project scope change management as a tool for project success. Case Study of Akazi Kanoze Projects, Rewanda.


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