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Implement and monitor work health and safety practices (Assessment -1)

SITXWHS003              Implement and monitor work health and safety practices


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Instructions to the student:

  • Complete ALL questions of the written assessment as per instructed by your trainer/assessor.
  • Ensure you read the question
  • If you have difficulty answering the question, you must at least make an attempt to answer it.


Explain WHS information



Q1. What is a Code of Practice?



Code of practice is the Usual of rules and regulation or applied guide which is about the people working behave at workplace or we can say it is about how to do work under direction of (WHS) Act. __________________________________________________________________










Q2. A Health and Safety Representative is elected to represent who?

Health and safety representative is elected to represent the safety and health welfares of their work cluster. __________________________________________________________




Q3. There are five different types of hazards. Explain what ‘Ergonomic hazards’ are and give at least two examples:

Ergonomic hazards arean environment’s Physical factors which is the cause of musculoskeletal injuries.(Okareh, et al., 2021)

Examples of ergonomic hazards are:

1) Vibration

2) Frequent lifting

(Okareh, et al., 2021)


Make WHS information readily accessible


Q4. By law an ‘If you are injured’ poster MUST be displayed. Where would you display this poster?


If someone is injured then a poster must be displayed and the poster is displayed at the workplace.



Q5. How would you distribute or display the minutes of a WHS committee meeting?
(You may use more than one method).


The meeting minutes are provided at least one week prior and the meeting minutes are displayed on the OHS notice board, and mail meeting minutes to all involved persons in the meeting.



Q6. How could you make employees aware of their WHS responsibilities?
(You may use more than one method).


There are some ways so that employees aware WHS responsibility are : 1)Performance appraisals ___________________________________________________

2) On-the-job training _______________________________________________________________

3) Safety induction


4) Job description




Monitor adherence and compliance with WHS


Q7. It was noted by management that many staff was not using correct lifting methods when lifting and carrying items, such as cartons of food or supplies. Concerned about a possible injury, a training program was enacted.


Now everybody has been trained in the correct methods for lifting and carrying. How could you follow up if those employees are now following the correct procedure?


Management note that a lot of employees are not using correct lifting methods during lifting cartons of food or anything and it is the cause of bad injury.(Hao, et al.,2018)

Now management providestraining for lifting activity and now the staff follows the correct procedure so it is our duty to appreciate them for follow the method.(Hao, et al.,2018)






Take action to address non compliance


Q8. After following up on new lifting and carrying procedures you find that there is about 30 % non-compliance with correct methods.

How would you address this issue?


For solving that issue, firstly make a list of the 30% of non-compliance staff, and management should provide help and training programs to those who are non-compliant, and help them in understanding the directive.


Monitor the effectiveness of work practices through close contact with operations


Observation is one common way to monitor work practices on a day-to-day basis.


Q9. Name four work practices that suit observation as a method of monitoring:


1 Provide clear expectation _____________________________________________________________


2 Electrical safeties __________________________________________________________________


3Support team members


4Encourage team members____________________________


Q10. Apart from observation, what other methods can be used to monitor work practices?


1 Communicate with people _________________________________________________________________


2 Observation method __________________________________________________________________


3 Monitor work performance __________________________________________________________________


4 Surveys of employees __________________________________________________________________


Q11. How can a WHS Committee be used to get feedback on the effectiveness of WHS work practices?



For getting feedback on the WHS work practices

Firstly ensure that the policies and procedures are in the workplace and take feedback by communicating with the staff, listening to their problems, and cooperation between the worker and management.

Co-ordinate consultation sessions,
Provide opportunity for staff to contribute


Q12. A WHS committee must have at least how many % employees?


One WHS committee have at least 51%employees and one WHS committee in each department.______________________________________________________________


Q13. A WHS committee must meet at least every _three _ months.


Q14. Consultation can be a formal process or an informal process.


Name two formal processes:


1) Formal meeting ________________________________________________________________


2) Formal email



Name two informal processes:


1) Video conferencing


2) On a phone call



Q15. Name three instances when equipment training would be required:


1 Installation of new technology _________________________________________________________________


2_Induction to new staff _________________________________________________________________


3When new software is implemented__________________________________________________________________


Q16.Explain the buddy system of training:



The buddy system is a supportive computer software from which the new employees get feedback on their performance. (Eves, et al., 2020)

Action, resolve or refer issues raised


Q17. You are the head chef in a large five star hotel, after looking at the minutes of a WHS committee meeting you see that some staff are concerned about the lack of trolleys to carry cartons of food to the kitchens.


What action would you take and who would be delegated to take that action?


The action is taken by the head chef because he saw all the situation and the action provides more trolleys to staff and improving the customer services and workers training. due to the lack of trolleys because of the cartons of food and the necessary things are not transferred from one place to the kitchen, for action in this situation we will buy more trolleys and we will buy trolleys on rent until the trolleys come.


Risk assessment


Q18. Risk is a measurement of two components. What are those two components?


1 Magnitude of the potential loss _________________________________________________________________


2 Probability __________________________________________________________________


Q19.A storeman working in the stores of a large hotel must regularly move boxes of goods onto and off trolleys. Use the table below to measure the risk and explain your reasons for your judgement:

  Very Likely Likely Unlikely Highly Unlikely
Fatality HIGH


Major Injury HIGH


Minor Injury HIGH





The storeman working in a large hotel in which he lifts boxes of goods onto trolleys so the fatality in the work is likely high in risk of injury because theif storeman not follow policy of lifting, then fatality is arise, or if the fatality is arise then the major injury is high in very likely favour.

Or if the storeman uses the trolleys for moving the boxes, then risk is medium of injury.





Use data to provide WHS input



Q20. Reports show a 20 % increase in workplace accidents over the past 12 months.

What sort of action would you take in light of this information?


Sort of action taken by the WHS committee member in reducing the workplace accidents which arise over the past 12 months are:

1) Give training and education to the employees about types of equipment

2) Hire qualified workers

3) Provide proper personal protective equipment

4) Conduct safety inspections for the employees

5) develop a safe environment inthe workplace





Written Assessment Record
SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices
Student name:  




Element 1 Provide information on health, safety and security
Element 2 Monitor safe work practices
Element 3 Coordinate consultative arrangements for the management of health, safety and security issues
Element 4 Implement and monitor procedures for identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risks
Element 5 Implement and monitor health, safety and security training
Element 6 Maintain WHS records and reports
Has the student satisfactorily completed all areas of this assessment?  






Which areas of this assessment has the student NOT completed satisfactorily?  






Assessor’s comments:








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Eves, D., Power, B. D., &Foran, A. (2020). The Buddy System: Near Peer Mentoring During a Pandemic. Irish Medical Journal114(5).

Hao, Y., Quan, L., Cheng, H., Xia, L., Ge, L., & Zhao, B. (2018). Potential energy directly conversion and utilization methods used for heavy duty lifting machinery. Energy155, 242-251.

Okareh, O. T., Solomon, O. E., &Olawoyin, R. (2021). Prevalence of ergonomic hazards and persistent work-related musculoskeletal pain among textile sewing machine operators. Safety Science136, 105159.

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