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SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practice


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WHS Training Report

Summary of WHS training

The WHS training is necessary for solving the problems and concerns of the workers. The policy and procedures under the WHS training is necessary to implement for the working condition of the workers. It aims to minimize the hazards or accidents at the workplace. It also ensures that the workers are dealt with fair practices at the workplace. The training will be at the workplace for duration of 1 week. It must be attended by all the people who work in the café.

Training options

The training can be provided by the qualified personals in immediate future and in immediate term. The training options involve the coaching and mentoring these can be used for the training of the employees and for the formal training of the staffs. General opinion on the outcomes of the training

The staff should be prepared for the training at the behest of all. They should be compliance of it. The non compliance can lead to the problems that cause hazards and accidents in the workplace. This non compliance can lead to several punishments. The new procedures will be beneficial for the employees.

Feedback from staff who participated in the training The training was informative in nature and was helpful to improving the skills of the staffs. They found it to be brief and concise in nature.

Recommended actions

There needs to be some actions that should be taken for the adherence of the WHS training. It is important for the safety and security of the persons who are working at the workplace. The safety and security of the personals are enquired to be taken care of. Failing which many actions can be taken as per the non compliance.

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