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Impact of the internet and technology on advertising methods in businesses


Impact of the internet and technology on advertising methods in businesses




Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

Introduction. 4

Literature review.. 5

References. 8




Executive Summary

Advertisement is the important and necessary part of any organisation particular organisation that is based on the product or manufacturing based because advertisement is needed to be done of their product by advertisement of these product helps in ensuring the reach of the people so that people will come to know about the product and by knowing the product of the organisation and people who saw these advertisement will take interest in the product and buy the product and results in the growth of that particular organisation.

The interference between the technology and internet comes in the way then there is advancement of the advertisement occurs and results into the boost and creativity of the advertisement policies of the organisation. That results in more expanses of the organisation, and this results in the separation of the budget for the advertisement of the product that was gained by the popularity of the product and also it is responsible for the product being costlier. The cost of the product is increased due to the budget that was spent on the product advertisement (Olsen et al.,2016).

The competition for advertisement in the market is so high that for attracting the people product advertisement are done unethically that the features of the products shown in the advertisement are so much that they even do not exist in the product and this leads to very unsatisfied customers and there are trust issues in the market.

The primary target of the advertisement is to attract the common users of social media that are interested in a product of a similar type and these trends are known by the algorithm that is presented by the AI. And this AI plays an important role in making the reach similar products to the user on social media and showing similar types of ads on the page of social media which are searched or interested in the user (Sama 2019).

The strategy of the advertisement should be very concise and customer-oriented which makes customers satisfy and this will be achieved by building trust among the customer with the best quality of the product. And the quality should be maintained throughout so that the trust of the customers can be taken by the organisation and this result in an increase in the sales of the organisation.




The advertisement or marketing is done the attract the customer towards the product of the company or any organisation. The advertisement is made attractive and also made simple so that this advertisement can reach people and they understand the motive of the advertisement in an easy way. For these advertisements are become so particular and important part of the advertisement as these advertisements help in spreading the brand awareness of the organisation.

As the interference of the technology and internet comes in contact with the advertising industry, the presentation and the way of advertising changed drastically. The advertisement has now a greater reach with the audience and also the popularity of the internet affects the users that are using the internet. The advertisements are now grown up from the simple advertisement of hoardings and business cards to the digital medium with some kind of short video clips which are shown by the brands of the different organisations (Sama 2019).

The impact of technology on the advertisement is that much results in making of a new industry which is called advertisement industry and this industry make and gives ideas for making the advertisement more relevant to the product of the organisation that results in the making of advertisement in the attractive and effective ways so that users can be attracted towards their particular product.

The advertisement has evolved with time and modernisation and technology also impact the planning and behaviour of the advertisement time. The advertisement also changes with the new technology and adapted in a very well manner. The advertisement was just a small scope but now it has a great impact on the user and viewers because the advertisement of today’s time is on the very platform of social media, YouTube and many more where the internet has its reach there is the presence of the advertisement and this advertisement now become the mode of the money making to the advertisement industry (Olsen et al.,2016).

The influence of the technology and the competitors of the organisation is so much that the advertisement is made in more attractive ways and also there is a fake advertisement that misleads the common people with the fake features and over features that do not even exist in the particular product and because of this there is the increase in the trust issues of the organisation.

Advertisement is now very common and they have a great impact on technology which was done by the technology and internet, when advertisement started there is only some common ways of the advertisement like on the radio or in the small sections of the newspaper and magazines but with the technology the scope of the advertisement is increased in a very vast way now advertisement needs the graphical designs for the attractive looks of the product, actors who charge high amount of the fees for the 20 sec. of a short film of the advertisement of the product. That ultimately affect the price of the product which was taken from the customer by adding the cost in the manufacturing of the product.

The advertisement of the products are shown in very highly graphical image presentation in ads that result in the attraction of the customer and these advertisements are done on the target based so that they can contribute more to the targeted groups of the people more efficiently. The advertisement is developed in the proper manner like email marketing, online marketing and social marketing with these kinds of strategies when implemented in the product ads then there is a chance of an increase in the reach to the users and make brand awareness as well as popularity among the group of people.

Literature review

New technology in the advertisement sector helps the small businessman to connect with the larger group audience, not unlike the old way which includes the shotgun scatter method in which a particular audience can be hit. Modern technology has provided the necessary change to every business and that has caused an evolution at a very large scale the whole industry of advertisement has been changed forever and the old traditional method of doing advertising gets very limited nowadays. The new technology is so powerful that it can target the desired audience with the particular product of need. With the help of different available tools, authentic data can be gathered from the customer and can be used in making products that the customer wants. And by the help of development tools such as modern graphic methods, animation, and special effects have provided better visuals that are attractive and tampering for customers. Nowadays internet advertising is one of the best choices by companies to execute their ads, strategically placed banners on the website of the similar area can provide customers ease and it became convenient to shop for example showing products related to fitness on the website which is based on health and fitness will do the job and by adding value in the life of customer businesses make profit from it (Hosseini, et al.,2018).

Ads on social media have a wider reach of audience in comparison to old traditional methods which are not just limited in term of the audience but is a hassle to cop up with in comparison to new technology which leads us to involve technology in the field of advertisements and it results very well in term of audience gain and increasing profit because of following reasons: – 1. With the help of social media, it became very easy to target audiences based on their behaviour and interests, 2. It is easy to use and comparatively more reliable than all other traditional ways of advertisement such as broadcasting it on radio or television, 3. It is very cheap compared to traditional methods, and 4. It is the future that will be going to be there even after centuries that’s make it sustainable also to work with. In today’s time, it is the most powerful tool because the data that can social media provide to business make it easy to understand the need of their desired audience by the help of the new product can be customized accordingly, and it has been observed that not only the businesses that have benefited from it but also the customers as they are having things of need available than things of want and by delivering the value in the life of customers the company can make a profit by it which is a win-win situation for both. Social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and many more are some good examples of how social media marketing and advertisement work and how social media as technology helps and impacts the industry of advertisement (Husain, et al., 2016).

The 5 major core elements in social media advertisements or how these social media platforms are being used are as follows: – 1. Strategy, 2. Planning and publishing, 3. Listening and engagement, 4. Analytics and reporting, 5. Advertising.

  1. strategy

it includes questions like what your desired goal is, which social media platforms will help you better regarding your business, and what content type you are willing to share.

  1. planning

planning is the key factor responsible for the number of customers that you are going to have posting and advertising your business at the right time and frequency will help in maximizing the business

  1. listening and engagement

as the name of the brand will grow the more talking around the business will also grow tracking the conversation and making necessary decisions around it will help in delivering customer satisfaction.

  1. analytics and reporting

the different social network provides different method for analytical tracking of customers but many other tools can be used to track the record and having reported on it accordingly.

  1. advertising

after you have grown enough try to switch to social media ads because nowadays they are strong enough to determine your desired audience for your product and going to send him accurate ads (this is the power of technology and data of audience is everything) (Nuseir, 2020).

Traditional marketing: – It is the old way of marketing technique in which area is limited for the marketing purpose and it is costly also plus it doesn’t provide that much of a business to the company in comparison with digital marketing. Some of the different methods for traditional marketing are – 1. Newspapers, 2. Radios, 3. Flyers, 4. Television, and 5. Billboards.

Digital marketing method – It is a modern way of marketing. Through online marketing, mostly promotions and selling’s are done. And any kind of business can use it. The different method which is used in digital marketing is as – 1. Google, 2. Facebook, 3. YouTube, 4. Websites, and 5. Instagram.

Some of the major differences between both of these are the old ways aren’t as much cost-effective as the new method. And the new method is very convenient and easy on another hand the old method is very difficult. It has been difficult to measure and track the record of analytics and the new method is very easy in that terms. For brand building, digital marketing has performed way better than the traditional way of advertisement method. The narrow concept of marketing is the old way and the new way serves a broad area of advertisements and can target much more audiences than the traditional method of doing advertisement (Durmaz, &Efendioglu, 2016).


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