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BSBLDR601 Identify and respond to barriers to the implemented changes/opportunities

Part B –  Identify and respond to barriers to the implemented changes/opportunities

Change is always resisted by the human community this is the rule of nature of humans as the new changes in the organisation took place there are barriers in the organisation that resist to implemented changes. There are wrong assumptions are the barrier to the implemented changes among the employees for these changes and they are worried about their job security as the new RPA system launched there are many wrong assumptions like that they don’t have now work left for them to do in the organisation all the work done by the computer software as these changes are necessary for the modernisation of company as well as employees.

Mitigation For these implementation changes, there should be proper policies about the changes that are made and also there should be proper training given to the employees and let trainers and policies makers know employees duty in a very well manner and the job security must be given to every employee so that there is no barrier of assumption it wrongly and make them understand that these changes are done for them not against them so do not get panic and be adapt with the changes that are implemented slowly.

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