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ICTPMG617 Plan and direct complex ICT projects

Question 1

Three basic risk assessment tools that any company can use for the task of risk assessment are as follows:

1 Brainstorming – in this information sharing from the staff as means of discussion occurs which provides a different point of view on the task.

2 root cause analysis – this is the strategy in which deep analysis requires the task so that the risk can be identified from the ground level and can be eliminated once and all.

3 swot analysis – this technique involves the identification of the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This leads to a better understanding of the task and can provide a better outcome for it too (Wilhelmsen, et al., 2019).

Question 2

Some of the very common steps involved in the process of risk management are as follows:

1 knowing the actual threat

2 checking the level of the threat

3 the chance of occurring the risk in present or its potential risk of happening.

4 making a plan to solve the identified risk

5 last step which is also the most important is to review and monitor the whole process so that the required evaluation could be done for the risk and respectively solution can be obtained.

Question 3

A computer program that can be used for planning and directing complex ICT projects is, an app available on the google store for project planning this is provided  by Microsoft it is easy to use and very reliable in work also from planning to tracking and till getting the result it could guide in many ways and that lead to the better delivery of the work and also ensure the increased efficiency at work (Viljoen, et al., 2019)

Question 4

The different ways in which the delayed projects could be managed by the project manager are as follows:

1 realistic deadline – generally it has been observed that peopleunderestimate the importance of a realistic deadline and keep all the deadlines authentic and close to reality.

2 measure projects – checking the speed of the work by continuous observation will lead the project to be completed in its desired timeline and can ensure that work will be completed by the assigned deadline.

The above provided are the two most common processes that can be applied to make handle the situation in which delayed projects are included.

Question 5

List a way that you could use to report on sustainability as part of a complex ICT project. In today’s time infrastructure around the ICT has been increasing it is an important tool. That leads to the result as it is contributing to the environmental impact of the operation, in terms of energy saving along with carbon emission, and also in e-waste.
Give an example of an ICT product that conserves energy. The most common product is the LED lights which help in saving a large amount of power consumption but also provide better results in use.
How could you ensure that sustainability is taken into account in terms of the physical resources required for a project? The most basic way for ensuring proper sustainability at work is by involving the stakeholders in the process.

Question 6

The most used three basic methods for project management are as follows:

1 The scum methodology – this is considered as the quick method based on its rapid function of responding, and efficiently with effective change could be done by the help of it.

2 the waterfall methodology – this is the traditional method of doing a task as it provides the line of the objective to accomplish and to provide the result. This is an old approach but does play important role in terms of accomplishing the objective.

3 the lean and six sigma method –has a very basic approach in which waste reduction in the process in business is the priority to increase the quality of the work and also to meet the deadline (Moore, & Patton, 2019).

Question 7

Organization type

Example and a brief description of the organization

The business associated with IT One of the known businesses Australia which is associated with information and technology is essential Australia private limited.
Government bodies associated with IT The government bodies generally associated with information and technology area department of communications, information technology, and the arts.
Industry association associated with IT One of the most famous industries that have been associated with IT is comp ITA which stands for computing technology industry association and is also considered the voice of the IT industry.


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