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  1. Introduction –International conference on chemical and environmental science (ICCAES)

This conference is about converging professional researchers globally, and it provides opportunities to those people.

It acts as a platform for great minds.

An introduction for any event is very important to make as it acts as a small map for the others to get the proper idea about the event and based on only that anyone can know what the event is about and what is in there for them. And based on it, those who are interested can come to the place by the provided procedure by the event organizers.

For the desired audience to know about the event introduction play a vital role as it acts as a gist or small summary of the whole scenario which is going to occur on that day.

  1. The event assessment –

The purpose – this is a conference event and it acts as a platform for most of the brilliant researchers, scientists, and engineers to exchange their knowledge of the field in which they are and can also share their personal or other experiences on it.

Audience – those who have done best in their field which is science is the particular audience for it such as research scholars, academic scientists, and other kinds of professional researchers.

The event assessment is the overall look for an event and different things which it includes as the purpose, time, or location in which the event is going to happen and in the current scenario of the event which is the international conference of chemical and environment, science contains all of the below return things.
Location – Castlereagh boutique hotel, Sydney, Australia.

Time frame – 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Activities–conference of brilliant minds sharing their ideas experiences and all knowledge with each other

To increase the personal experience and also can learn from other brilliant minds from around.

  1. The strategic role of events –

The strategic role of anyevent is a mixture of the event’s mission, events vision, and event objective and by all of this, the overall role of the event can be identified.

The mission of any event means what is the purpose of the event or what the event has to perform and do and it contains or in simple work what it wants to deliver to the desired audience.

Vision is what they are thinking of themselves and objectives are the task that they want to perform to meet the desired goal.

Event Vision – The vision of the current event is to promote the overall science experiments and encourage scientific research and also to appreciate such things.

Mission–mission of any event is based on the vision and to achieve that small objects such as an event for science organized which will provide the platform for meet and greet of brilliant minds from around the world.

Objectives– the objective of the event is to conduct the conference successfully so that the mission of the firm could be accomplished in the desired manner.

  1. Event Project Management Model – The event feasibility,
    viability, and desirability 

For the current event to make it a successful event the different necessary processes must be done as risk management and the different analysis which can disturb the growth of any kind.

The likelihood of the event by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the event will lead to what is important and necessary to consider and what has to be let go to make sure a more likelihood of an event.

This contains many important things in it as the event feasibility, event viability, and the desirability of the event.

Event feasibility means – it means the likeliness of the event that has to happen and for this to measure, the necessary evaluation things are the advantages and disadvantages of the present or current event.
Similarly, the viability and the desirability consist of working successfully on the event.

  1. Design the Event Concept/Theme/Format and Layout 

for science conference in which different people from around the work will going to come and all have the science background in some manners so the theme for the current event will going to be based on that and the overall layout for that purpose is going to be aligned in a manner that it enhance and provide a better experience to those who will attend the conference event.

Event designing means the thing which an event contains such as what will be the layout of the event and the theme its concept its layout and each and everything which the audience will go to feel any of the senses and that will lead result in inn better experience to the people or the desired audience who will be there and can relate to the purpose of the event so that everybody gets more comfortable and feel more welcoming at the place

The overall purpose of the design is to make sure that the desired which is going to attend the event can feel it and can get comfortable with the surroundings so that they don’t feel isolated in any manner.

  1. Stakeholder – Recognize and classify the internal and external
    stakeholders for the event 

Stakeholders which are involved in the current conference event are as follows the internal stakeholders are the event organizers such as the event manager their team members other staff members and the external stakeholders are thosewho are not have any direct relation with the event, for example, the audience which is going to attend the meeting different decoration workers which have the duty of doing different things

Stakeholders in any event or any business are those people who have any sort of interest in a company and either affect or may get affected by the company different examples of stakeholders are investors the customers and all sorts of staff members and the employee working in it. Some of the important stakeholders for any firm organization are their shareholders, customers, staff or employees, and lastly the suppliers.

The internal and external stakeholders are two categories thatcome under the stakeholder and the basic difference between these two is that internal stakeholders are those who have a direct interest in the company by any means and the external stakeholders are those people who don’t have any sort of direct relationship with the company but indeed get affected by the work of the company in any means

Stakeholders are those people who have some sort of stake involved in any manner and based on that external and internal stakeholders get distinguished.

  1. Plan the Event Logistics (Catering, Artists, entrainment,
    speakers, Decoration, Sound, Audio-visuals) 

Event logistics means the necessary item which is required to conduct the event successfully so that there is a successful event for all and to do that there are different things needed as per the event.

In the current scenario for the conference in Sydney in Australia in this event where many professionals from different fields will going to be there and attend the event requires some of the basic things of instruments such as speakers to talk and can everyone listen because of the big place it requires the better quality sound system to ensure that everyone can hear, after the event and in between snack and meal have to be served and for that purpose catering facility also require and must be based on the need and want of in general persons.

And many other things are required such as audio-visuals, decorations so that the place is appealing and everyone can get comfortable in the area, and entertainment also required in between deep talks to lighten up the environment and maintain the energy level of the audience.

  1. Event Marketing – Event Marketing Communication Mix 

Without marketing, it became impossible to gather the attention of people who are too busy in their life, advertisement and also attractive marketing tactics are able to hold the attention of the customer and give chance to show what it has to offer.

Marketing is a business tool in which the service and product of the firm that has to present in front of the desired audience have been demonstrated in a manner that is liked by the audience and as a result of it they want to take it and by doing that getting profit from it. As around us, there are lots of examples of different kinds of marketing tactics which are going on and how they attract the audience by giving the right information about it, showing the all necessary things about the service or product which has to be marketed and from that anyone who is interested in it can check it or try it out.

  1. Estimate the Event Budget – Event income and expenditure in
    numeric value 

The budget for the event includes the cost of the area in which the conference is going to be happening and the different arrangement costs such as the catering service and all kinds of necessary furniture that is needed. Decoration items, speakers and different audio systems, entertainment facilities, and video or visual systems make it a more attractive event and can provide an experience to the audience in it.

The best way for the budget calculation is by following the given steps which are as follows – 1 determine the overall cost, 2 check the past events, 3 research on the event, 4 make high levels for it, 5 get in touch with stakeholder, 6 mapping out the process, 7 making it narrow by selecting the work of high priority. These are the basic things that must be included in a plan. 

  1. Risk management

For the current event, the risk of getting fire or wrong catering arrangement and may be of lack in time management which will lead to the situation in which audience get disappointed for the time management issue or if there is a delay in the event and such thing can cause the failure of the event.

It covers all the possible risks which can occur at the time of the event and the different strategies to make sure that nothing goes wrong or out of control and that the safety of everyone also can manage different risks which are maybe potential yet but may occur at the event must be resolve by applying the proper planning and methodology so that nothing goes wrong or out of the hand.

  1. Safety management

In the current scenario, the safety issues could be of many things can raise as there are going to be a lot of people at the event and the current time is may be covid free but still there is risk and must be maintained protocol for different scenarios for such things so that there is more fun and less worry in the event.

Safety management contains each and every type of safety in it whether what its category is from the fire to safety of covid everything comes under it and to ensure the safety of all the people at the event it became very important to analyze the situation with more care so that any kind of threat risk can be avoided and that will lead to the successful event in which audience will going to have an experience which they want to get again.

  1. Security 

Security of current event includes many different small things such as the hygienic food that is going to be provided better and well-spaced sitting so that there isn’t any sort of direct contact between audience and also the security for the unwanted purposes and the unwanted threats which could occur.

Security for the event includes every big and small threat which could lead to the failure of the event in any manners and get the bad experience to the audience in it to avoid such is happening there must be a proper arrangement to handle any kind on unnecessary thing get raised in between or before or after the event to ensure the security of each and every one.

  1. Publicity

Publicity of the current event is could be done by the mean of an advertisement on different popular sites such as youtube and the different popular websites in the field of science so that the desired audience can be reached and invited to the event.

Publicity means the way of promoting or showing what the service and product are about and what it has to do with the audience that they are targeting in order to get the desired result. Ads and campaigns for the promotional purpose and to attract the many audiences that can ensure the event and lead to a successful event

Increasing the reach to the maximum publicity plays a vital role in it and deliver the perfect marketing for the purpose and asa result, more audience can be reached in a short period of time, and also those who are having genuine interest can come.


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