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How to Write an Essay Fast Here Are the Guidelines

Writing an essay is not an easy job. It requires skills and appropriate experience for this. There
are many topics in which students are interested but they do not have an idea how to start the
topic. Sometimes for students writing an efficient and effective essay is a difficult task. In that
situation when students find it difficult to write an essay they can take the assistance of the
experts. They can visit our website Moodle Monkey. We have a big team and all the team
members are qualified and they have skills through which they write the essay effectively.

Some methods help the student to write the essay effectively and in a short period.

1 Outline the essay topic
Outlining the topic is like creating the blueprint of the structure. If the structure of the topic is
ready then it is easy to put the content in that outline. Students get an idea about which topic they
need to collect the content from. This is a very important step in writing the essay.

2 Setting of timelines
The setting of timelines helps the student to complete the work on time. They have an idea about
at what time and what work they need to do. If they properly plan the overall deadline timing, it
is a high chance that they can complete the work in time and the overall output is also very productive. For example, they can fix the time for introduction they will spend about 1-2 hours, for the body part they will spend 3-4 hours and for the conclusion, they will spend 2-3 hours. All these should be done in the initial stage.

3 Avoiding distractions
There is an uncountable distraction is in this world. We all notice that as we sit for studying we
find lots of distractions around us. We cannot concentrate on one thing, our mind goes on some
other thing. The main distraction for students in the current era is social media. So when the
student wants to write an essay they need to switch off all the distractions around them otherwise
it shakes the overall concertation of the student If any student is unable to complete the essay then they can contact us at Moodle Monkey

4 Read the question carefully
To understand what inner context of the main topic, this is important to read the question
carefully. 30% of the work is done after a person reads and understands the question. So s
students need to read the question carefully.

5 Effective introduction and conclusion
As we all say that the first impression is always the last. So the introduction should be impactful.
It should be catchy which attracts the overall attention of the reader. So the writer of the essay
should understand this. The writer should include the current facts and figures which relate to the
topic. The writer should include current and famous events which relate to that topic so that more
and more people relate to that topic.
If one looks at the conclusion part, then it should include some kind of learning. That means it
should include the lesson, like what the writer understands from the topic. All this should be
included in the conclusion. The writer should know that they should write in a language that
everybody can understand because this is a learning paragraph.

6 Editing and formatting should be accurate

The writer should understand that the editing is done in such a manner that it becomes impactful.
It reduces the overall aspect of confusion and errors. So this should be done with consciousness.

What should not include?
1 The writer should maintain the aspect of originality
2 The writer should not miss the references or proper citations.
3 Should not take rest or gap while writing the essay, it should lead to a loss of interest.
4 Just do not write in hurry.
5 The writer should not get panic.

Solution of the problems
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