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How To Write An Argumentative Essay Step By Step?

There are many types of essays and one of the essays the writer will encounter is an argumentative essay.
In an academic paper, you have to present the facts that you want to persuade your reader and that reader
agrees with you. If you don’t know how to write an argumentative essay, how to begin with the interactive
introduction, and how to design and structure it. If you want to delete that work uses professional services
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Argumentative essay
Argumentative essays are commonly called the argument essay. the argumentative essay is an academic
essay that establishes the position and authors stands and presents supporting proofs to support that stand.
in between this the writer also tries to influence the audience that the stand on the issue is correct for

Good argumentative essay
after knowing the basic definition of the argumentative essay, the time comes when you have to discuss
what is the correct and good argument paper. These three things found in the argument paper:
1. Logical flow.
2. Supporting flow.
3. Strength of arguments.

What steps to writing an argumentative essay?
1. Selection of topic
If the topic is not provided by your professor it’s your responsibility to find an interesting topic. There is a
need to start research on the current issue that is interesting and the topic for which you can easily find
evidence, in other words, the topic is manageable. There are several topics but find that topic which has
two sides of the point of view.

2. Your stand on a topic
After finding the respective topic you have to go deeper. Learn and read about that topic and find out the
different sides of the arguments. If you learn and read about the topic, you have to explain and elaborate
on your side of yours and the side on which you agree. for supporting your stand you have to become
familiar with the topic. Your reader will get a chosen issue if you do not take any stand for the argument.

3. Thesis statement
Always present the thesis in an argumentative essay. the thesis tells the reader the position on the topic.
The thesis statement includes the following :
States your stance
States your focus
Briefly states your main points or how you will argue
Some tips to write a strong thesis statement:
Set questions to establish your focus and then answer the questions in one or two sentences.
The thesis statement is ended with a brief outline Concerning the arguments.
After structuring the thesis statement take a stand for against the side and explain why you disagree with

4. Writing the outline
In an argumentative essay, the outline is an important step. Organizing and supporting your evidence in
the essay outline is important. The time starts when you have to decide what you are writing in the
introduction, body, and conclusion and your sources are matching with the argument that you are
presenting. An outline helps you to craft a comprehensible paper of argument.

5. Argumentative paper
After creating the outline, the writing process is started, giving background information. Present
the thesis statement in the introduction. Make a section for the of the counter of argument. Ensure that the credible counterarguments are discussed and to rebut them use the main arguments.
The argument is supported by a specific fact. Instead of focusing on opinions, focus on reasons.
To make your argument more credible cite your sources.

6. Revise the first draft
To impress your professor, do not submit the first draft. The first draft is not the best work yet as
that is full of unorganized paragraphs or sentences and there is a loophole in the argument. Refine
your paper and look for the issue mentioned.

7. Editing and proofreading
When the paper is revised, go through the paper one more time to check for grammatical mistakes and
typographical errors. Editing and proofreading is the final step and it is necessary for the refinement of the
paper. You may select a friend and a professional editor to edit your paper. It helps you to make your paper more
interactive and readable for others.

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