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How to write a Technical Report

Engineer plays an important role in the technical world to solve difficult technical problems by
executing appropriate steps and calculations.
Writing a technical report is not as easy as it seems, it must appropriately have a clear relative
meaning. Mentioning correct formulae and translating the numbers should be in right(easy to
understand) written form. There are easy steps below by which you can learn technical report
Moodle Monkey states easy steps for better understanding.
1. Abstract writing-
Abstract writing is important in report writing as it is necessary to write a summary of the whole
topic with the conclusion of the topic for a better understanding of nearly 350 words.

2. Details regarding experiments-
The above step is considered to be the first step for technical report writing. In this step, it is
necessary to write all the experimental details about the topic in a specific unique section. It
includes information such as:-
a)Naming all the tools and types of equipment that are used in the experiment.
b)For better understanding labeling the diagrams and figures and the experimental conditions are
c)All the parameters that are used in the experiment are stated.
d)In case, some parameters are changed later in the experiment listed in a tabular format.
Taking the help of the experts or moodle monkey comes into play in writing technical reports.

3. Result-After mentioning all the types of equipment and tools that are used in the experiment, it is time now to state the final result of the experiment. It is the most important part of technical report writing as an expert or professor will decide whether to go through the report or not.

4.TOC(Table of Contents)-
TOC is a term that is important for all readers as it states what the report is about or what the
report includes. Lightning up the necessary information of the report and mentioning page
numbers for easy understanding.

5. Table and Figures list-
It is one statement comprised of two different meanings. All the figures that are present in the
report will be listed accordingly. In addition, mention all the figures with page numbers in a
similar format.

6. Acknowledgment-
In this, acknowledgment is given to the people or sites that helped or contributed to the project.
Mentioning anyone who has been there in the project or experiment and shown involvement. In
case acknowledgment is not given it would come under the wrong decorum. Experts or
professors would also doubt the report writing if acknowledgment is missing.

7. Introduction-
The introduction is the first view to the reader so it is important to make it attractive and
informative. It is an important section.

Points to remember while writing an introduction part stated below:-
a) Avoid putting information that is not important according to the readers perspective.
b)”Technical background” should be mentioned in the introduction for the understanding of the

c)In case this is not highlighted, then mentioning important concepts that are used in the
experiment is necessary.
d)Assumption is important in writing the report about technical background according to the
reader’s knowledge.
e)Avoiding that reader knows all the important things about the topic, hence mentioning all the
basic information.

8. Experiment Discussion-
In this section, all the details about your topic and your report are discussed briefly. Each detail
about the research and experiment should be there on the report and very accurately.
a) It is important to mention valuable information in paragraphs.
b) Description must include all the key points about the report or experiment.
c)All the information must be true and verified.

9. Outcomes and results-
This part also plays an important role in technical report writing in which the final result of the
report or experiment is mentioned. The principle of the report states the final result of the topic.
a) Results are written in tabular or graphical format.
b)Stating all the principles that are applied for the report writing.

10. Recommendation and conclusion-
This part of the report includes all the measures or important elements present strongly in the
report in a very short. Strong recommendations with strong conclusions are considered. The
ending should include all the important information and detail as a result.

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