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How to Write A Persuasive Essay on Failing in Exams?

It actually takes a lot of work to persuade others when you need their consent to win a debate
while maintaining your point of view. The same holds true for persuasive essay writing.
According to Moodle monkey, you must carefully craft this so that, despite their criticism,
your readers will support your position. Don’t freak out if you’ve been assigned a persuasive
essay about failing a test. Make writing easy and enjoyable by using this guide.

What is a persuasive Essay?
According to Moodle monkey, it’s crucial to have a thorough idea of what a persuasive essay
is before you start. The writer’s goal in this essay is to persuade the audience to share his or
her opinion or stance on the subject. It is necessary to undertake thorough research, be aware
of the reader’s biases, and comprehend all the relevant angles in order to create this essay. It
should be well-reasoned and supported by a sufficient amount of facts or proof.

How to write a persuasive essay?
To begin writing an essay that is persuasive there is a need to do the following things:

Take a stand- According to Moodle monkey, you will base the entirety of the essay’s
content on your opinion about the subject. Before choosing a side in this, you should
thoroughly consider the issue. Choose the angle that would best assist you to prove
your point. Also, be mindful of any potential counterarguments. Consider the remedy
you’ll offer at the end. You might adopt the position that failing tests are not the end
of the world and can be easily avoided while discussing the subject.

 Understand and learn the audience and leaders- Understanding the audience is
essential before writing any kind of paper. It is crucial to comprehend their
perspective on the essay if they share your point of view and the potential causes of
any disagreement. You should be able to appreciate the readers viewpoint. Check to
determine if the readers are biased toward one viewpoint or are still unsure.

 Conduct thorough research – According to Moodle monkey, you must do a lot of
research before you can create a persuasive essay. Without a thorough comprehension
of the subject, you cannot support your agreement. You should also research the opposing points of view. You cannot make a compelling argument without considering both sides.
According to Moodle monkey, you should take particular caution when choosing sources
for information, proof, examples, etc. Discover the reliable sources that you can use.
Choose the sources you can use after consulting your university. Study the standards for
determining the reliability of any source. For instance, your textbooks, any other book by
a well-known author, and peer-reviewed journals are excellent places to find knowledge.
On the other hand, you shouldn’t rely on any internet sources that don’t include the author
or the publication date.

 Arranging the evidence- When you have acquired all the data, arrange it in a
way that is convincing. To ensure that the reader has no room for doubt, you can
decide to save your strongest case for last.

How should one proceed with writing an essay that is persuasive?
According to Moodle monkey, after the preliminary phases are over, you should start writing
the persuasive essay’s major body. Making the outline is the first step.

 Prepare an outline- You should always create an outline for your essay before
you begin writing it. This will provide you with a writing guide and ensure that
the essay has a logical framework. The introduction, body paragraphs, and
conclusion are the three primary parts of this outline.

As per the Moodle monkey experts here is how one needs to draft the three sections

1. Introduction
To write an excellent opening, you should give it adequate thought. Use a hook at the
beginning of your introduction to drawing readers in. For this, you can start with a quotation,
some data, or an illustration. It ought to be something that motivates your readers to keep

2. Body paragraphs                                                                                                                                                                              The essay body’s body paragraphs should concentrate on each element of the thesis statement
that supports the argument. You should back up your claim with evidence or sources.
A topic sentence and an illustration or piece of supporting evidence must come first in a body
paragraph. Finally, describe how it ties back to the main argument and supports the specific

3. Conclusion
Your article must be concluded in a way that the readers will remember it. Use your essay’s
final paragraph to Rephrase your argument or give an overview of the key points
Talk about the problem in a wider context. Finish by taking any necessary quick action.

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