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How to Write a Personal Essay: Do’s, Don’ts’s And Tips to Ace the Essay

What is a Personal Essay?
Simply told, it is the essay that students must submit with their college application.
In other words, a personal essay is a piece of writing that serves to convey a significant life
lesson that the author has learned. Are the students unsure of how to begin a personal essay?
Since it will focus on their experiences, students can write personal essays in the first person.
A personal essay is an example of creative non-fiction writing.
A personal essay is conversational, which helps students establish a bond with their audience.
Depending on the experience individuals feel comfortable discussing in a college application, the
tone might be motivating, uplifting, inspiring, or confessional.

The Topic
What makes a good topic for a personal essay? The topic for a personal essay might be chosen
from a wide range of options. Personal essays are produced by individuals based on their own
experiences. Consequently, a wide range of themes is possible.

The Headline
Headlines were shared and clickable for their shock factor alone. So, come up with styles for
personal essay topics that the readers would identify with. The readers seek out an essay topic
that is emotionally relatable and begins with a difficult narrative. Everybodys life includes
experiences like facing a fear, falling in love, overcoming a challenge, learning something new,
making a challenging decision, and dealing with emotions. Therefore, use an attention-grabbing
headline to discuss the global truth.

The Structure
An effective personal essay structure should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a
conclusion, just like any other academic essay. You will end up creating a well-balanced essay
that adheres to the normal structural rule while revealing the writers associations if you stick to
the five-paragraph essay pattern.

How to Write a Personal Essay? Here are the elaborations given by professionals of Moodle
Monkey for the given three sections:
– Introduction
The personal introduction essay, which is typically two paragraphs and a few sentences lengthy,
needs to contain a hook to draw the reader in. Students are required to submit a personal
statement that they intend to develop throughout the body of the essay.

– Body
The student-writers should reflect carefully on their experiences and discuss how they shaped
their perspective and knowledge while composing the body paragraphs of a personal essay.

– Conclusion
The conclusion of a personal essay is a stand-alone paragraph that restates the reasons why the
essay thesis contains the lesson from the students experience. It contains the reveal of a deeper
truth as well as the authors realization.
Students might discuss the significance of their own experiences and what they hope readers will
learn from the essay.
The Tips to Nail It
Given below are a few tips by professionals of Moodle Monkey to write an effective essay:
1. Be specific – Descriptive essays are personal compositions. The reader’s attention won’t be
captured if the descriptions don’t provoke contemplation. Only include pertinent information
regarding feelings and events from real life.
2. Make the Essay & Personal – The length or precise organization of the personal essay for the
college application is not important. Although there is no harm in adhering to the specific
instructions for writing the essay, the teachers are interested in how the events and people have
influenced students and their actions in life. Don’t go into great detail about what happened.
Instead, concentrate on how it has altered students’ perspectives.

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