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How to Make a Successful Marketing Strategy

In this era of business competition, there is a need to penetrate ting strategy that helps the
business to grow to the next level. We need to focus on marketing strategies to boost the
growth of business in the market.
How the business will boost to increase your business development. If more and more
customers will know about the business product more customers will buy your product which
enhances the business growth. Your marketing strategies should be skill full to appeal to the
customers to buy your products. Marketing strategies must have the prospective to reach a
vast customer to develop the growth of the business.
Let’s look at some marketing strategies and why it is necessary to develop your business
Marketing strategies is the company communication to the customers about product market
value to sell the same products to the customer to increase the profit of the company.
Marketing strategies need to understand the present market situation of the company.
Marketing strategies are used to understand which company has a great advantage in the
market share.
Swot analysis:
Swot analysis is the skeleton used to find company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats. The strength of the company is the internal factor that is used to define the main
strong area of the company that is used to suppress the competitor in the market. Weakness is
the internal factor that is used to define the weak point of the company that must be improved
if wants stability in the market. Opportunities are the external factor that is used to define
what the opportunity is for the company in the market that helps the organization to grow in
the market. The threat is the external facto challenges r that might be faced by the company
from the competitor.
PESTEL Analysis:

It is another method to analyze the market environment for the company. It is used to analyze
the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors in the market
Political: It is used to analyze government policies, internal political issues, tax policy,
regulation, and all foreign trade policies.

Economic: This factor of the pestle includes the economic condition of the environment that
may effects the company’s growth e.g. Inflation, interest rate, labor costs, globalization
impact, and currency valuation.

Social: This factor includes the variation in demographics, buying patterns, population
patterns and employment factors, and culture variation that impact the growth of the company
in the market.
Technologies: This factor includes updating in the technologies factor of the market that is
used to increase the effectiveness of the company. Technologies changes affect the
company’s progress in the environment:
 New Technologies to produce goods and services at a faster rate.
 W ay of technologies to distribute goods and services.
 Technologies that develop a new way to communicate with the targeted customer.
Environment: This factor includes the scanning of the raw materials and all the requirements
that impact the growth of the company sustainably like carbon footprint.

Legal: All the legal factors protect consumer rights and product safety as well as provide
equal opportunities to the consumer.

Porter’s 5 forces:
Porter’s five used to identify the five competitive forces that used to shape the industry
weakness and strength of the company. Five forces used to identify the current position of the

Five forces are:
 Competition in the industry
 New entrant’s position and potential in the industry

 Supplier power
 Customer power
 Substitute product threats.
Successful marketing strategies are a good analysis of the market environment. Marketing
strategies aim to target customers to buy the product rather than make them aware of the
product and service. In marketing strategies, consumer interest should be a priority. To make
innovative strategies to increase sales in the market by making updates about market trends
and technologies that going on to promote the profit of the company.

New innovative method has been introduced in today’s world like B2B which defines the
relationship between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or retailer and wholesaler.
Most of the corporate sectors use B2B and B2C transactions with the help of the internet.
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