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How To Ignore Plagiarism In Assignment Writing

What plagiarizes means: Plagiarism is of writing other ideas or copying other content for
own use without providing credit to the writer of the content.
Plagiarism is the main concern of the assignment writer. If the content of the students finds to
be full of plagiarism then it is considered stealing of the content which may lead to failure for
the student. Writing plagiarize content in your assignment is harmless as it is regarded as
cheating on other content for your use without letting others know about it. We can regard it
as a crime in the world of content writing.
It is just using other hard work for your greed is considered plagiarism. Even accidentally it is
not to allow the same content that has been used by the other writer without including the
source where this content is picked up.
Becoming a content writer is not just coping paste of the content. That is why it is regarded as
harmless during writing any of the content.
Why avoid plagiarism in the content:
In content writing, plagiarism is regarded as an ethical issue. It is considered theft if any
writer submits content full of plagiarism. Plagiarism content put a question mark on the
integrity of the writer.
Moodle monkey providing service of content writing for many years its integrity is to provide
great content to students without plagiarism:
Here are some steps that Moodle Monkey used to avoid plagiarism in the assignment

Citing of the source: When using other content in your writing you needed to put the citation
at the assignment to identify the source name, published date, and any other source that
guides that content is used by some other writer.
Adding the quotations: If you are using another context in your writing you should put that
word into the quotations as a way to avoid plagiarism in your content. Including the quotation
in the content refer to the reader that the written word is taken from the other concept.

Rewriting other ideas in your own words: If it is needed to write the other ideas into your
content then try to write it in a paraphrased way. Paraphrasing means rewriting the ideas
written by the author in their own words without changing their meaning. This step should be
done carefully otherwise its leads to creating plagiarism if it is not done correctly. Writing
other words without any plagiarism is a bit simple.

Create your word: Moodle monkey is not that picked other ideas or paraphrased them one
way its main aim is to provide good and creative content of its own. Moodle monkey first
aimed to keep the content different and always used a unique approach in its writing. You
need to be careful that you are using other ideas still if you are using paraphrasing because it's
just like you are using other ideas to complete your project. You need to still add the
guideline or citation if you are paraphrasing the other content.

Check the plagiarism with the checker: When you write content after researching for the
content you stuck to some word or sentence that needed to be included in the content. You
mistakenly use this word without adding a citation. To avoid misunderstanding about the
plagiarism for the used word. You can check content plagiarism online. Online tool helps you
to catch plagiarism in your content.

Grammarly is also one of the best software that might be used to check the plagiarism in
content. Grammarly helps to scan your content if you have borrowed your content or not.
This lets you know whether the content used is whether part of other content or not.
The above suggestion from the side of Moodle monkey is helping you to write plagiarism-
free content. Writing tasks for the student without plagiarism is not a piece of cake for every
student. Moodle monkey helps you to complete the assignment which helps you to gain good
grades in your assignment.

Some of the online tools that help to check plagiarism in the content:
Word Press
Copy cape

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