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How to Handle the Pressure of College Life and Part-Time Job

Once the students set foot on the campus of the college, they could face the toughest transition in
their life. They might require earning some money mainly for those luxurious textbooks or for
meeting other expenditures of college. And mainly for that purpose, the students are required to
do some part-time jobs. However, it is not too easy and simple for juggling between mid-
duration papers and also energetic tasks and activities in their jobs. It is too tough in mastering
the art of management of time for balancing college and work life. Here are some probable ways
for having a healthy and effective balance between college and work life.

The ways for balancing the part-time job and college life are given below:

1. Achieve healthy needs – The research of the University Center of Health at The University of
Georgia recommends that stressful circumstances result from sleep deprivation. When students
perform poorly in school or experience melancholy and anxiety, the issue might get worse. To
replenish the body, strive to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. It is advised to eat three
meals a day and a few healthy snacks. If individuals want to miss a meal, they could always pack
trail mix, granola bars, and dried fruit with them.

2. Decrease the pressure and load of study – Students might want their degree by mainly signing
up for a great number of coaching and classes; however it will implicate their grades. If they are
doing part-time jobs then they must schedule their classes in a way that they have a small break
between work and class. They do not tighten their schedule and also give themselves some time
to relax.

3. Have a system of support and assistance – If students are managing employment and school at
the same time then they will need a lot of help. With their family, they must go over their
timetable and get their opinions. They should also find out if family members will be available if
they need transportation to and from work.

4. Find a pleasant job – If the students engage effectively in the part-time jobs that they enjoy
much then it will be too easy and efficient for them in handling the accountabilities of job and
college life both. They will seek forward to mainly working after the long duration session also at their college.           If they are too habituated to gaming then they should consider getting
employment in the native shop of games or store of video games.

5. Schedule the work effectively – Students could either opt for weekend and evening jobs or
attend weekend, evening or afternoon classes. But as they have around 15 hours of credit in their
schedule of college then it does not mainly mean that they will avoid their time the study. For
tackling both studies and work effectively, they are required to invest in a regular planner or
utilize the application on their phone for making the schedule of their regular accountabilities.
The fixed schedule could aid the students in avoiding conflicts.

6. Get communal life – By devoting one or two evenings to play, students can recharge. They
must visit a movie, purchase tickets to a show, go to a party, or engage in their favorite hobbies.
It’s crucial to relax after a stressful week by having fun and enjoying yourself.
These are some excellent suggestions for managing the pressure and workload of education
while working a part-time job. Students must abide by these rules if they wish to cover their
expensive expenses while also getting decent grades in college.

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