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How Long Should GRE Essays Be? All Your Queries are answered!

How students’ can respond to the same question in 50 or 50,000 words can be rather peculiar.
The GRE essays are excellent evidence for this. They must exhibit excellent analytical skills and
in-depth subject knowledge in the GRE’s writing section.
The length of the GRE essay can be among the most aggravating and perplexing elements for
individuals who are apprehensive about writing or testing in general. They frequently consider
questions like. How lengthy must GRE essays be? How much materials are required to present a
fully developed argument?
Because the ETS has not established a set word count, it is harder for takers of test to understand
what is effective. Moodle Monkey will guide students through some key GRE writing techniques
so that they may produce flawless essays that are the right length and have the right amount of
GRE Essay: A Quick Overview
It’s important to gain a thorough understanding of the GRE essay before delving into the question
of how long it should be.
The GRE essays, also referred to as the Analytical Writing Section or AWA, are part of the
exam. We already know from the name of the GRE essay that it evaluates both analytical writing
and critical thinking abilities. Students have a total of 60 minutes to write their essays. The GRE
essay portion includes two analytical writing problems that must be completed within the allotted
– Evaluate the problem – 30 minutes
– Evaluate the quarrel – 30 minutes
The Idyllic GRE Essay Length
The GRE essays don’t have to have any specific length. Research indicates that GRE essays
between 500 and 600 words will earn the most points. Continuously strive to write an essay with five specific paragraphs and approximately 500 words. Included in these given five paragraphs must be:
– Introduction
– Body Paragraph 1
– Body Paragraph 2
– Body Paragraph 3
– Conclusion

The Process of Scoring of GRE Essay
The GRE essay is originally graded by two systems: E-Rater, a computer program, and a human
reader. The E-Rater gives students writing a score between 0 and 6. The score is given by the
human reader within a comparable range as well.
If the human reader and E-Rater give students’ essays equal ratings, the essay’s final grade will
be determined by averaging the two ratings. A second human being would carefully read through
students’ essays to grade them if the scores were different. In this case, the essay’s final grade
will be determined by averaging the ratings of two humanoid readers.

Golden Strategies to Craft an Exemplary GRE Essay
1. Use reasoning and clarity
Unquestionably, writing a logical, well-rational essay with supportive arguments and original
instances is the AW segment’s main objective. After reading the prompt, make sure to properly
explore the arguments and structure the essay logically. Always back it up with well-thought-out
2. Select Particular actual-world examples
Don’t be too broad. Hypothetical arguments could be easily disproved. Utilize concrete examples
only. For example, individuals can utilize specific instances to emphasize a point.

3. Make declarative and strong statements
Being forthright eliminates all potential for misunderstanding or misinterpretation. One of the
graders is a humanoid, and the other is the computer, thus that is mostly why. If individuals ever
used Siri, Alexa, or GPS, they have probably occasionally had communication issues. Make
declarative assertions in their GRE problem essay to try to avoid this.
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