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How is the education system in Australia?

Across all of Australia education system is quite similar. In the world education system of
Australia is known as one of the best education systems provider to internal and domestic
students. There is only a mild difference between states & territories. Between the ages of 6
to 16 education in school is compulsory. The duration of school education is of 13 years and
it is divided into the following categories:

 The primary school-this category is for kindergarten and runs for seven or eight years.
 The secondary school-This category runs for three or four years, from years 7 to 10.
 Senior secondary school- this category is for 2 years & it is for 11 to 12 years.

Tertiary education
This education includes VET (vocational education & training,) and higher education (it
includes universities).

Instruction language
In Australia, English is known as the official language. In the education system of Australia
English is also known as the main instruction language. In Australia, many schools provide
bilingual programs or it can be also said that they offer programs in other languages as well.

Qualifications framework of Australia
The education system of Australia is very different from other nations because of the AQF
(Australian qualification framework). In 1995 AQF has established it is national policy it
covers all the qualifications from the tertiary sector in addition to the leaving certificate of
school and the senior secondary certificate of education.
One national system, the AQF combines qualifications from schools, vocational schools, and
universities. Providing you comply with student visa requirements, you can easily move
between levels of study and institutions. As a result, career planning is made more flexible
and choice-based. As a result, all qualifications in the AQF are useful for both further studies
and future careers. If you are learning an AQF qualification, if your institution is government-authorized and
nationally accredited, you can be sure your degree or other AQF qualification will be
It’s easy to move between courses and institutions throughout the education system because
our institutions are connected across the country and the world. Every step of the way,
regardless of what your study or career goals are, will contribute to your future through
formal agreements and recognition frameworks.

Some of the interesting statistics and facts about the Australian system
For students who are between the age of 6 to 17 years schooling is mandatory under
education and training reform act 2006.
In Australia three very visible sectors are the government and public schools. These are
followed by the catholic and the schools which are indecent are known as private schools.
The majority of enrolments in government schools was 65.6% in 2020, followed by 19.4% in
Catholic schools & 15% in independent schools. Australia has one of the greatest
concentrations of religious schools when compared to other OECD nations.
Most of these schools are Anglican and Christian. Around 30% of schools in Australia have
an affiliation with a religion, which represents 94% of private schools. The number of
Australian students enrolled in the study in 2020 was approximately 3.13 million, and more
than half of those were female. There are over one million students enrolled in New South
Wales, state with the highest enrolment.

The & quote ; Group of Eight & quote; (Go8) is a group of 8 universities that are leading research-intensive. It
defines the best universities in the country. This includes Monash University, Sydney
University, and the University of Melbourne.
The value of international education is $19.9 billion. Due to this Australia is known as the 3 rd
largest exporter. For 2021-22 for Australian schools, the federal budget is $24.4 billion. For
the women, $42.4 million is included so they can pursue STEM qualifications.

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