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How do we Ensure Plagiarism-Free Content?

Plagiarism-free content means writing data from our source of your information.
Recognizing any other source where the article is taken from or by your source by giving
credit to the author. Plagiarism means the practice of taking someone else data and
converting them into one's own. In his, we had to modify the content and change adjectives.
By this, the writing skill of the individual increases as Plagiarism means taking the person's
original data and presenting it the same way as it was plagiarism is not illegal in the United
States in the situation only by ethical codes while It is a crime in case of the person's school
or workplace.
Plagiarism-free content can be created as –
 One of the most widely known ways by which student create plagiarism is by taking others'
idea and presented in the way it was. So, by keeping the source of our own and keeping them
organized and by grounding the knowledge in our way.
 Most commonly universities use a plagiarism checker like a professor or tutor to detect
plagiarism in the content written. They first scan the document then compare the document
with the webpage and then similar text appears in a highlighted way and the percentage is
shown how much of the document contains Plagiarism and the whole report comes out in the
form of a result with the percentage of the plagiarism in the document.
 One of the best ways is to use synonyms of the word as google can find a lot of words which
mean the same as required now by using synonyms you have to change the adjectives also to
avoid the content is not original as to add value to the content.
 The art of quoting means while paraphrasing the content we just need to learn how to quote
the content as it avoids using similar content and if it does not add value to your writing
content. So, we need to quote the valuable data from the paragraphs given and then convert
them into the art of quoting and that too in his word to avoid plagiarism of the content.
 Modification of the data means modifying the data and by our knowledge or with the help of
YouTube videos individuals can modify the data as per the requirement and skill of the

2 Person it also helps in answer writing and as the content written by our stays in our memory
for life so it opens the thought and enhances the knowledge of a person.
By creating Plagiarism free content the knowledge of an individual also grows and by writing
content on our own we can find out if we have an unknown talent for writing a new
employment opportunity took place. Creative thinking skill which means to upgrade the skill
differently from others based on logical ways even in addition to how to present the data that
is in which font, size and style it also helps us to create content which is creative and free
from Plagiarism.

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