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Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership


BSB80320 Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership




BSBTEC601 Review Organizational Digital Strategy


Ahmed Shoebullah Khan



Course Code and Title:   BSB80320 Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership


Student Name: Ahmed Shoebullah Khan                                      Student ID:   PCT220518


Unit Code & Title:BSBTEC601 Review organizational digital strategy


Assessment Task Number: 1                                     Week Due: 



Extension approved:              Yes              No        Trainer’s Name:  Kaushik Chakraborty


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Student Signature:   Ahmed Shoebullah Khan                             Date: 13.08.2022


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Short Answer Questions (Explain with Examples Wherever Possible)


  • Outline the key components of organizational digital strategy.

It is the online work and the online management of the work plan and the procedure of the work management and the work formation. It is the work community and the business approach in the work plan and the work formation. They are divided into various kinds of parts like, digital marketing and advertisement, selling online, digital work plan and the communication, cyber work effect and the cyber work security, supplier work formation and the digital solution with the effectiveness and cloud compute ring work formation they need to work for the specific goals for the work plan and he works adjectives. They need to work with the specific and achievable goal and the work channels related to the marketing plan and the work management. (Newcomer, et al., 2015).

  • How organizational policies and procedures are linked to digital strategy – explain.

Digital strategy and the work formation plan and the development is the work formation management and the business performances, where the means and the work planning to create the product work and the reimagining in the current process. It is the work information and the specification related to it is the work organization it will take the creating the work planning and the work advantages to the competitive language it is so known as the work formation and the technology work planning. It is had the tactics and they are attached to the competitive work formation and the work advantages to the technology as well the and the active formation changes. They need to focus on the work plan, the cross-government strategy works for the set of the work planning and the accusation of the government work based on the ambitious and works planning agenda for the digital planning of the work and the resource and its focus areas.

It is also known as the updated work plan for digital work and the digital work regulation it is work and planned by the digital work economy. (Newcomer, et al., 2015).

There is a need for strong policies and procedures to transform the organization to increase its efficiency and effectiveness by applying the following points which are as follows:

1 Making a clear vision and goals for the firm.

2 Holistic management

3 Making a strategy and the plan

4 Prioritization

5 Promoting the leadership

You need strong policies to transform organizations – please edit



  • Identify the need to review a digital strategy in your organization.

It is the digital strategy work and the planning it is helpful to focus on the marketing management and the marketing adjectives, it is the marketing efforts and the clerk work outlines the tactical work step and work taken to plan. With the established work plan and the work management to the specific goals, it is the hard work management and the hard planning to decide the online work planning and online work performances.

  • In this, they need to evaluate the marketing goals and the structure.

It will lead to a better understanding and an analysis of the market that will lead to better growth of the firm.

  • In this, they need to the evaluation of the work planning and the marketing goals, and the adjectives.

Evaluating the work planning will provide the better idea about the necessary requirement that is needed for work and revise it if needed.

  • In this, they need to examine the work formation the work management, and the work planning targets.

Having a clear goal leads to the better accomplishment of the target in a given deadline.

  • They need to work for the customer’s plan and the customer profiles.

Fulfilling the need of the customer by giving the right service it could only be done by having a better plan. (Kapustin, & Harness, 2014).

Find out how effective it is and support organizational goals

  • What is a review methodology? Write the major components of a digital strategy reviewmethodology and also explain the steps you need to follow.

They had to review the panning and the word formation for the given incorporated elements:

  • Measurement objectives – they need to do the measurement of the work planning and thaw work formation adjectives to the research work and the expected work outcome. It is the work of planning and the gain the “why” work to research the planning and the objectives.
  • Data collection – data collection is the measurement work and the measurement planning of the given research. It is the given determination of the data and the multiple data collection resources.
  • Survey – it is the work planning and the research objectives and the needs.
  • Reporting plan – it is the work process and the work plan to share the information and gather the given work planning and the given information.
  • What type of data and information you may need to collect during the digital strategy review?

They need to work for the business work and the business requirements. In this, they need to address the data and the specific work for the specific business needs in the work planning to approach the work and the work strategies and the goals to generate the real value and the planning. They need to gather the source and gathering the data and the data plan. They need to work for the technology and the technology needs. They need to work for the technology infrastructure they need and turn the work formation and the data insight into the work (Pappas, et al., 2017).

Among all the necessary data information that is required is the quantitative and the qualitative data the basic difference in both of them is as quantitative data indicates and helps in measurable data whereas qualitative data is more descriptive in nature and it mostly uses language that numbers to explain.


Quantitative and qualitative data

  • Why approval from stakeholders is considered important? How could you get their approval?

For the success of any project the stakeholder’s approval is very important and their commitment in every step is required to get their approvals different techniques could be use such as identify the stakeholders, understand the approval, use the right tools this is the most common type of approach method so that they want to reject it.


  • How and where do you source the relevant information for your review research?

The best method to perform the relevant search on the desired source is by doing or using the library search in which the following steps are involved as 1 the most relevant keywords must be used that correctly describe the topic of search, 2 use the word and or not to make a proper difference among the different searches, 3 last step is to target the result.


  • Briefly explain how would you organize, interpret and evaluate collected information according to the review plan (Hint: discuss data validity, data editing, and presenting data using a table)

The below method to review the plan could be used for better results:

1 analyze – examine everything carefully

2 interpret – correctly check what the data is about

3 present- arrange everything in much logical way that helps in better understanding.

Just by following this simple step in different sources such as data editing and the different available charts on the information needed can be used. (Lichfield, et al., 2016).





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