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Final Internship Report

It is really important to set goals and objectives while performing any task as it helps an individual to evaluate how they are performing in the task and helps an individual to move on the right path.

  1. The goals that are needed to be achieved in the internship are

Mastering technical skills, gaining knowledge, developing communication skills, building strong networks, and improving interpersonal skills.

And as per the progress that is identified, it is evaluated that the progress made in each sector is really good the technical skills that are performed while performing the task were really good and it was evaluated the ease of seeking knowledge is great.

There is a little bit of a need to work on building strong networks and setting timelines but as per the evaluation made during the mid-internship, the overall performance that is made is really good.

  1. The overall expectations that were set for the program that was delivered at ISI were related to the enhancement of the technical skills and was expected that attending the program will help to develop some interpersonal skills and it will facilitate to develop more strong networks and receiving the information related to new evolving technical skills that are related to the developing website.

In all the overall expectation was to increase personal knowledge and skills.

  1. About the present internship host company
  2. The basic business model of the company is to Manage the IT services and sell hardware and software products to the clients and directly to the consumers.

The company is engaged in making money by developing and designing websites and customizing the software for clients.

  1. The working environment of the company is relaxed and calm and is also very supportive.

It operates in a large office space and works in offline mode and it also has many offices in different locations in Canada.

  1. As per the observation the composition of the company consists of small teams that perform different tasks there are relatively young clients and consist of a multicultural environment.
  2. The attitude and behaviour that is responsible and helped to integrate into the company and accomplish the tasks that were assigned were perseverance, ease to gain more knowledge and skills, patience, maintaining proper communication, and by remaining disciplined. During my time working at the workplace always tried to maintain a positive attitude and always remained ready for the tasks, and always tried to remain courteous and friendly with my colleagues.

While working at the workplace it is really important to remain disciplined towards the work and by consistently meeting the deadlines and maintaining good punctuality and attendance.

  1. While working on an internship with the host company they supported and mentored me very nicely and guided me in accomplishing all the targets that were assigned. They regularly conducted environment surveys to determine the internal environment of the company and its employees. They focused on improving the performance of the employees and as per their performance, they used to provide feedback and conducted training and other brain-boosting activities for them.

The leadership environment at the company is really nice and many times they follow a democratic environment that allows everyone to participate in the decision-making process. They even engaged the interns in the process as well. And focused on enhancing their problem-solving skills.

  1. At the time of internship the main motive of the intern should be to gather and acquire technical skills.
  2. List of the technical skills that were acquired at the time of internship for serving the goal of business development were-

Networking – Networking allows one to gather information and learn about the different ways that help in accomplishing goals and realizing opportunities. It helps a business to get more collaborative and helps to increase its boundaries and improve business relationships. It helps to maintain professional as well as interpersonal skills.

Maintaining security – A reliable and effective workplace security is really very important for the business as it helps to reduce the compensation, liabilities, insurance, and other expenses that the company should pay to the stakeholders and helps the business in increasing its revenue. It helps to maintain the personal information of the organization so the personal strategies do not get leaked. It helps the organization maintain its integrity as well as its customers.

Program management – Program management is really important for the employee to learn as it helps the organization prioritize, fund, and optimize the capacity of resources, and it helps in managing the execution of the strategy and helps the organization in evaluating the current capabilities of the organization.

Programming – It is really good for a business as it helps to enhance communication and productivity of the business. Whether the business has a team for in-house technology or outsources the work understanding coding provides enough understanding that helps to make effective communication between the teams. It is very popular nowadays so having good knowledge about programming helps the company to generate more profit and market opportunities as it is the requirement of every second business now a day.

  1. Technical skills that are identified can relate to the program directly as it helps to facilitate the growth and empower the knowledge as the main motive of the program is to provide knowledge to the employees so that the business can grow. In the program, they tend to provide technical skills to the employees and help to develop self-confidence. It helps the candidates and interns to develop interpersonal and professional skills and help to showcase their best abilities.

These technical skills help in developing and learning skills like Data analysis, Web Development, Writing, and programming.

They help to perform better in the program and enhance the working skills by implementing them directly.

  1. Internship help a person in attaining skills like teamwork, decision making, problem-solving, planning and prioritizing, and communication.

But aside from the technical skills, there are many things that are to be experienced and learned in the internship program as this knowledge and experience never get wasted and helps to take bright steps in the future.

An internship helps an individual to boost employability of an individual as it helps to

Gain experience in the office environment.

Helps to develop connections that help to find a permanent role

It helps to attain transferable skills.

It gives you an experience that an individual can efficiently reflect on in his interview.

These experiences help an individual to build up their personality and help to improve their decision-making power of an individual and also help a person to perform well when joining a permanent job.

  1. As per the self-evaluation it is examined and experienced that there were some things that should have been learned in the ISI program before entering into a working environment.

They are programming, in the training and program the basic part was taught but as per the self-evaluation it could have been done in more detail, they should have also taught taking some constructive criticism and should have provided training related to market analysis.

And as the organizations are generally compiled of a multicultural environment so they should have taught the beliefs of other cultures more deeply so that the understanding of different cultures could have increased. As it helps to work effectively and remove misunderstandings and conflicts in such type of working environment.

  1. The steps that are required to take so that an employee can successfully enter the job market in the case when he/she is already a regular IT employee are:

Self-assessment- Before jumping into the job it is really important to access the strengths and weaknesses as it helps an employee to enhance their performance and work on their skills to improve it. It helps to find out the direction before entering the workforce.

Research – After doing a self-assessment the individual should perform some research and find some industries and companies that help to match the interest and strengths.

Network- After all the process it is really important to find the resources for an individual who has such networks and through whom an individual can take the advice related to the job and company.

  1. After completing the internship the next step that can be taken in the career ahead is to develop a plan that can help to take the next step in the career. This involves structuring the set of strategies to find a permanent position.

If in seek of a job then should prepare a resume and research the company to which you want to apply.

And if there are somethings that were left to be learned in the internship can be learned so that the skills can be improved.

Or can look up some more internship opportunities.

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