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Annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography

Godley, J. (2018). EVERYDAY DISCRIMINATION IN CANADA: PREVALENCE AND PATTERNS. Canadian Journal of Sociology (Online), 43(2), 111-142.

According to the author Godley, 2018, This article summarises the discrimination in Canada and its patterns. 23% of the Canadians have reported experience of everyday discrimination. Moreover, the types of discrimination Canadian’s face daily in an organization are based on race, sex, marital status, and mainly sexual orientation. The article also elaborates on discrimination and its roots as to how it can be reduced. It certainly shows exploring different aspects of perceived organizational discrimination and the impact of investigation upon the organizational value and how the workplace deals with the discrimination daily. This article reflects upon the societal context and how the behaviors have predicted individual security needs.

Moreover, the author Godley, 2018, suggests and shows it shows an examination of the discrimination at the workplace and the marginalized group’s intersection. The analysis of the article and the data also shows the identification of the person and the increased probability of discrimination at the workplace. The article also explains intersectionality. It also undermines knowledge development concerning gender discrimination and how it strongly affects the behavior of the workplace and different employees. The article also discusses the fair and practical policies for the betterment of the organization.

As per the author Zia, 2020,the question certainly revolves around the impacts of discrimination on the performance and behavior of the employee. The author describes in other article that how the employees are performing in this type of workplace. All the articles reflect the discrimination employees face and how it affects them and their performance. Moreover, the author Nangia& Arora,2021, says that as the other 2 articles are analyzed and they also reflect the same topic and same point of view as to how it certainly denotes the discrimination at the workplace and also the how the employees behave and how their performance changes and gets affected. The author shows no biases and all the data is credible and reliable as it is certainly based upon the real behavior of the employees towards the discrimination faced by them (Kartolo& Kwantes, 2019).


Zia, S., Tabassum, N., & Noor, M. H. (2020). Analysis of Gender Discriminatory Practices on Employee Motivation at Workplace: An Explanatory Study. Global Management Journal for Academic & Corporate Studies, 10(1), 87-93.

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Kartolo, A. B., & Kwantes, C. T. (2019). Organizational culture, perceived societal and organizational discrimination. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal, 38(6), 602-618.


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