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Question 1

Health collective is a wellness member and health organization which is responsible for building healthy community through transparent as well as consistent and accessible holistic healthcare options. As the organization grows, it is essential to include digital solution so that operational challenges can be mitigated. In the concerned situation, association of CRM is important so that organizational operation can be effective and efficient. Suitable project life cycle as well as software development life cycle is needed to include in the concerned situation.

Project life cycle

It has been identified that five stage project management life cyclesis needed to include in this situation. In the initial stage, it is required to identify project charter and include stakeholder register. It is possible to determine the project vision and mission so that project score can be accomplished (Pereira and de FSM Russo, 2018). In this concerned situation, HC needs to find their requirement and find stakeholders such as consumers, government as well as organization which provide practice session. In the next step, it is responsible for planning properly so that all the components of the project can be identify (Masso et al., 2020). Time as well as budget is needed to prepare in this stage so that all the project related challenges can be avoided. Apart from that executive phase is one of the most essential for the concerned situation. All required features will be including in the phase to customize the CRM of HC. Customer profiling is an important option which is helpful for the HC. Apart from that the organization must ensure that CRM support EDM so that management and planning can be properly. In execution phase tracking, contract management, document management as well as sharing and contact management features can be added.

Figure 1: Project life cycle

Another important process is controlling and monitoring phase which is responsible for involving the process tracking. HC management may need changes according to requirement which can be done in this stage. On the other hand, closing phase involves with project delivery, post delivery meeting as well as storing project records and official team release. It is justified to use this project life cycle for HC project as several advantages are involved. It has been found that this life cycle is responsible for providing proper structure for project delivery (Bilal et al., 2020). Project identification and monitoring process can be done in this situation. On the other hand, communication process is possible to improve between team members so that project related challenges can be avoided. Project progress tracking is important and project life cycle allows tracking so that all the phase can be completed without any challenges (Tam et al., 2020). Apart from that progressive evaluation is possible to enable with this process. Stakeholders can be preplan about the project and according to that project can be completed. Structured lifecycle is responsible for solving project challenges.

Software development life cycle

Identification of software development life cycle is one of the most important decisions in the HC project. Two different types of model are available in this situation including waterfall model and agile model. It has been identified that agile model will be implement for the concerned HC CRM development project. It is essential to ready to product quickly and change may require. In this purpose, it is justified to agile model rather than waterfall model as in the waterfall model change process is difficult (Pereira and de FSM Russo, 2018). Main objective of this type of project is to design, develop as well as test the software. Agile SDLC has been selected as this is the combination of incremental and iterative process.

Figure 2: Agile SDLC life cycle

Process adaptability as well as customer satisfaction can be achieved through agile process. Six steps will be followed in this situation including requirement gathering as well as analysis, requirement design, iteration, deployment, testing and feedback. Entire project will be divided into transparent and short iteration. It is also justified to choose agile method as it allows flexible change process. On the other hand, risk of software development is possible to minimize through this process and first version of CRM can be released so that required changes can be done without any challenges. Functional requirement of the concerned project is important and it can be implementing in the development process. It has been also found HC can evaluate result in the middle of the development so that change cost can be reduced.

Question 2

In use case, actors are important as they are responsible for interacting with use case. Two different types of actors including human actor and non human actor are there in this project. Two human actors are there including consumers, organization and practitioners. Non human actor in this situation is CRM of HC.


Consumers are responsible for getting the product and service from the HC. This organization has an objective to provide better healthy service to people. Consumers needs understand features of the organization and according to that they can apply for the service or product. This is primary actor.


Practitioners are capable for providing service or product to the consumer through organization. Multiple practitioners are available who provides this service for the better of health of people (Al-Saqqa, Sawalha and AbdelNabi, 2020). On the other hand, they also can be attached with HC through this process. Practitioners are primary actor for the concerned process.


Healthy collective is the organization in this project which is responsible for forming a community to share healthy environment Holistic healthcare options are possible to accessible through this process. Entire operation is managed by HC so that proper service can be providing to the consumers. It has been also found that organization is the primary actor as entire operation is depends on organization.


CRM is the only non human actor in this HC project. Main aim of this project is to develop CRM and use it for the operation of the HC. CRM is capable for maintaining all the features so that HC can use it for the development HC operation. This is also a primary actor.

Question 3

According to Tamet al. (2020),  a use case diagram has been developed in order to provide the general idea for controlling the patient and other people related to the healthcare system. The use case diagrams has proved helpful for understanding the proper recruitment of the respective healthcare model that has been choose in this task, along with the process for understanding and maintain better communication and smooth progress of the productivity. The Healthy Collective has been considered in this assignment that is required to be maintained and controlled by developing the use case diagram. The UCD has three primary stakeholders that can be effective for maintaining the process for achieving a better and smooth maintenance of healthcare. The stakeholders can include the consumers, practitioners and organizations that are able to control the healthcare model by managing the contract management and sharing which has been used in order to manage the personal information regarding the customers. The proposal tracking can be control by the product and organisation that has been developed in the respective use case diagram in order to achieve a better maintain of the healthcare system (Pereira and de FSM Russo, 2018).

Figure 3: Use case for the case study

The above use case diagram can be helpful in order to control the contract management and tracking process for the primary stakeholders, along with a better and proper control of the treatment that has been provided by The Healthy Collective healthcare. The use case diagram can be helpful in order to achieve a better understanding regarding healthcare that can allow the stakeholders to perform in a better way by checking the issues. The respective diagram can be helpful for understanding the patient requirement and provide better treatment for the patient. The respective use case has proved helpful for achieving better control of the patient tracking system, which can be able to check the proper procedure of the healthcare system. The support document management can be helpful for providing the data regarding customer personal data and health data to the organisation, which can be able to perform within a better way to provide a proper consultant that, has proved effective for understanding the data of the patient.

The proposal can be tracked by the organisation that has been controlled by considering the proposal tracking in the use case, which can be able to provide the proper control by the practitioners. The use case model has proved helpful for maintaining proper control of the Healthy Collective healthcare by providing better customer satisfaction, along with the practice that has proved effective for smooth and simple maintenance of the healthcare system (Pereira and de FSM Russo, 2018).

Question 4

Use case number 1
Use case type base
Use case name contact management and sharing
Associated data sources Client relationship management
Associated user interference Consumers and practitioners
Pre condition Ensuring the consumer for maintaining the privacy of the data
Post condition Use proper technology to provide proper security and privacy
Actor involved Consumer, organisation and technician
Detailed description This process can be helpful in order to achieve a better collection of the customer personal data, along with a better understanding of the requirement that can be able to maintain better customer satisfaction. This process can also be helpful in order to use better and effective ways for understanding and maintaining the database system from wrong use.
Use case number 2
Use case type base
Use case name proposal tracking
Associated data sources Company database
Associated user interference Practitioners and organisation
Pre condition Check and understand the detailed proposal that has been developed by the consumer regarding the issues that have been faced earlier.
Post condition The respective process has proved helpful in order to track the process in healthcare.
Actor involved Organisation and consumer
Detailed description This process can be helpful in order to maintain a better service to the consumers, along with the tracking for the respective treatment that has been delivered to the consumer by the respected organisation. The respective process has proved helpful in rer to maintain better customer relation by ensuring the proper diagnose of the consumer.
Use case number 3
Use case type abstract
Use case name support document management
Associated data sources Client data base of the company
Associated user interference Practitioners and consumer
Pre condition Checking and analysing the data  that has been provided by the consumers
Post condition The privacy maintain and control by the company regarding the shared database that can include the process to prevent unwanted entry
Actor involved Consumer, organisation
Detailed description This process can be able to provide the process to ensure the privacy of the customer data, along with the control of the access for the database system of the company. The respective method has proved helpful for preventing the entry of the outsider in the database management system, which can be able to understand the threats of the company database. Proper database management for the company data has also been provided in the respective method.
Use case number 4
Use case type abstract
Use case name contract management and tracking
Associated data sources Company and client data
Associated user interference organisation
Pre condition Check the rules and regulation of the company, along with the consideration of fulfilling the aim and vision of the company.
Post condition Maintain the government rules and regulations that can be helpful for understanding and maintaining the contract. The contract between the consumers and organisation can also be maintained in this section.
Actor involved Practitioners
Detailed description The corresponding process has proved helpful in order to maintain and control the contract that has been used by the organisation and the consumers regarding the facilities and product provided by the organisation. The respected method can be helpful for understanding the product details and company rules for following the ethics and regulations of the government.


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