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RIIQUA601A Establish and maintain a quality system

Activity 1

Quality in project management stands for the work and procedure that must be performed well to complete the desired goal of the customer or consumer. The three key features of it are as follows 1. Assurance, 2. Plan, and 3. Upgrading. Its basic characteristics of it are deadlines, suitability, etc. (Levy, 2018).

Activity 2

The full form of SMART is specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, and time-bound. It includes project testing in simulated conditions, in which both the person who is going to test and the one who is going to deliver must be different to maintain the authenticity of the product.

Activity 3

The main difference between quality assurance and quality control is that quality assurance is used to determine the procedure involved in making a product. On the other hand, quality control is used as a final step in developing any project to check its functioning and whether it is performing its desired work or not.

Activity 4

Things included in the project quality plan are written below: –

  1. Management responsibilities
  2. Scope or requirement
  3. Documentation
  4. Defect management
  5. Design control
  6. Quality audits
  7. Risk and mitigation
  8. Testing and quality assurance, etc.

Activity 5

Use of Pareto chart:

Pareto charts are used to see the effect and cause of action in a graphical form. The long vertical bars represent the frequency or cost or time, etc. they are arranged in descending order from left to right which helps in analysing the issue as per their importance and we can choose to solve the issue by observing the chart which issue resolving will impact the most that can be identified.

Activity 6

The best quality product that we use are can be made possible because of the Deming cycle. The basic principle of the Deming cycle is a – plan, do, check, and act. Which has to be performed several times that’s why it’s called as Deming cycle (Memon, et al., 2019).

Activity 7

Two responsibilities of quality management are: –

  1. Quality assurance manager has the responsibility to oversee the process and keep everything on track. It has the important work of updating the quality document as changes occur.
  2. Quality support manager has the responsibility of investigating flows in the process and addressing them. Provide a document that has criteria for the desired quality work and a day-to-day work chart for everyone.

Activity 8

Required resources for civil construction projects are facilities for employees for maintaining the quality of work. A better work environment for workers and employees will result in better work productivity it could include canteen, sanitary, etc.

Activity 9

Things that have to be talked about with the stakeholders of the projects are: –

  1. Understanding what stakeholders want to confirm about the work where they are informed about it not.
  2. Talk about the common goals that have to be met their expectations on the project whether they are issues or their wishes, etc.
  3. Always clear the agenda before starting the work to avoid later conflicts always document the meetings and conversations also.

Activity 10

Documentation of stakeholders’ needs, conversations, and meetings are very important to avoid any future conflicts the different methods could be used to maintain records that are keeping emails, and phone calls recording, and a member of the staff could be used to document the conversations in meeting about needs and wants.

Activity 11






Subject: About the status of the construction project


Dear Stakeholders

This mail is to inform you all that the construction project that was going on the site was very effective and accurate but due to the strike of the labour force which results into the labours are not coming to the place which results in stopping of the construction work on the site. Because of this, there is a huge loss to the construction project, some of the materials are damaged and some are treated as waste for further construction work, which results in the financial budget of the project.

Please go through the condition of the work accurately and try to resolve this problem by taking appropriate activities as soon as possible

Thank you

Kindly Regards,



Activity 12

The information report on the closure of the construction project will include all the activities that are done at the site with the timeframes so that there will be a proper idea of the project. The information report consists of the following things which include the summarised form of the activities that are done, the strategies and the plans which are taken to complete the project (Elassy, 2015). The information reports also consist of the performance of each activity and the monitoring processes with the feedback of the labour and also with the defects which need to inform and also important for the maintaining the records and the particular of the construction and there will scheduled management process with the risk assessment plan of the project and the scope of the construction.

Activity 13

Quality assurance is the process of testing the condition of the deliverable which is needed to verify the working condition and analyse and assuring the working condition of the product before and after the delivery. There is also an important aspect of quality assurance in the construction project this is an important part of the implementation of the project because quality assurance helps in finding the perfect way to the project and keeps the basics of the project strong and helpful for the whole project.

Activity 14

Activity diagram helps in various ways to the construction project work, as this helps in proper managing of the work with the team and other staff. The activity diagram helps in arranging the requirement of the particular tasks that are needed in a particular activity and this activity diagram helps in managing time and reducing the waste of time. The activity diagram also helps in the key purpose of the activity and the roles and the responsibilities of the team members can be identified easily and there are fewer chances of a communication gap which will help in the smooth conduct of the project.

 Activity 15

Quality control is the part of the management of the quality that focuses on how the quality of the project can be maintained and the quality control can be accessed in many stages the quality is beings first controlled by the manager by regular inspections and this inspection should be followed by the audit reports where the management of the quality and suggestion for this is also given so that the direction will be provided through these reports which help in shaping the project in better quality control (Elassy, 2015).

Activity 16

Quality metrics are important tools for the management of the construction work which help in finding and monitoring the project. The quality metric defines the management of the standards of the project that are set before the construction project. These matrices help in the determination of the project and whether it is aligned to the qualities that it meets or not. The use of quality metrics is used for the quality assurance and quality control of the project. And the KPIs are set with help of the matrices.

Activity 17

The design of the project may have some complexity which might cause the multifarious design of the project to the designers and architects of the project. Sometimes these kinds of complex design took a long time to understand and results in the very challenging task of constructing a particular site or building (Mane & Patil 2015). The building with the pillar for the assistance and keep the base strong enough that does not cause the collapse of the building and the design should be understandable and made in such a way that design must be in easily understood.

Activity 18

The root cause of the problem that helps in assisting the temporary solution for the culprits are

  1. The cause of the problem must be analyzed for the temporary solution to the problem which can be evaluated through communication with the team members and identified in the form of the proper meeting.
  2. The solution must include the concerning objectives of the required solution and also the problem which might cause and ask for the solution implements in the process.
  3. The temporary solution must be analysed properly so that there can be no lacking in the solution and the evaluation can be done properly and smartly (Mane & Patil 2015).
  4. The poorly designed solution may cause the worst problems and improper solutions which must be needed to sort out time so that there is less time to waste on the proper management of the project.

Activity 19

The audit of the project is necessary and also important for the work and this also helps in the monitoring of the quality of the work. The audit reports must be necessary and important because this tells whether the project that was designed previously and also the way this project was decided and the quality standard which is taken in the operational plan of the project is followed or not if they are followed then this is good (Abas et al.,2015). And if there is a need for improvement in some of the activities then there should be proper recommendations for the activities and also recommendations should be according to the quality standards of the project. By the proper and accurate audit reports, we can identify the quality standards of the project and management of the quality can be effectively done.

Activity 20

The responsibility of delivering the quality system training for the construction project is responsible individually but also there is the trainer who is appointed by the project manager this has the responsibility of the training properly and also, he is responsible for the quality training with proper measurement of the quality standards and this delivery quality system is important for the management of the standards of the projects (Abas et al.,2015).

Activity 21

Feedback is important for the project this feedback helps in maintaining the quality and improving the quality of the project in positive ways. The feedback can be asked through emails which need to be personally asked and collecting the online feedback must be done to form and act according to that feedback and suggestions. The process of surveys is the best other option for the feedback where surveys have some questions related to the projects and questions are answered accordingly.

Activity 22

The project records are important for the future requirement of the project that a is either same or somewhat the same so the lesson learned from the previous project are necessary to store so that the mistake which is often done in the project will not repeat in the future and these mistakes can be done (Cullen et al.,2017). The storage lessons learned are recorded in the place and must be stored in the device of the USB which should be maintained personally and personally maintained in such a way that this has also access to the managers and this will help to provide the information to the staff members.

Activity 23

Business compliance is important which is needed to maintain the rules and regulations of the company which should be followed according to the legislation of the government of the country. These are the basic rules and regulations which are needed to follow so that the company can detect the violation of rules and prevent them from violating the rules so that the company will not bear the cost of fines which is charged by the government authorities and also lawsuits (Cullen et al.,2017). The company have a separate program for this to ensure the work is going on according to the rules and regulations.

The two examples where compliance is important are

  1. WHS rules and regulations for the workers at the workplace of the company.
  2. Minimum Wages for the workers of the company which is according to the legislation.

Activity 24

The compliance program is important for the company to run the business smoothly and according to the rules and regulations of the government (Fordham et al.,2017). To make an effective compliance program there is a need for5 important things which include.

  1. Develop the guidelines of the company according to the legislative laws of the country.
  2. Implement the policies and procedures of the company in the proper ways.
  3. There should be a risk assessment in the compliance program.
  4. there will be policies for proper training and communication among the team members.
  5. there should be a compliance officer and committee for making ensuring guidelines properly.

Activity 25

Australian standard on the compliance program for the company AS3806-2006 which is developed by Australia and has a unique approach for compliance this standard contains 12 principles (Fordham et al.,2017) which the guidelines of the company should be maintained and these 12 principles are divided into 4 parts and these four parts have the different perspective of the standards which helps in the monitoring of the compliance program system of the company. And these systems are:

  1. Commitment by the company to follow the rules and regulations.
  2. Implementation of the rules and regulations by the company.
  3. Monitoring and measuring criteria of the rules and regulations
  4. Continual improvement in the policies for the better implementation

Activity 26

If there is a breach in the system of compliance which is in the process of the risk assessment. This breach can be managed by the designated proper WHS officer and the committee and form guidelines which are according to the legislation if this breach leaves unmanaged then there will be penalty and fines from the government and also there is chances of risk management which will be very low in the future of the company and there are no proper guidelines for tackling the hazards and mitigation strategy (Cooks 2019).

Activity 27

To monitor the operating procedures for compliance is to maintain the audit which should be done on the regular basis or in an interval of time which helps in the continuous monitoring of the compliance program and also help in finding the breaches in the compliance program. And these audits help in measuring the improvement which are needs to be done (Cooks 2019).


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