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Essay Writing Tips To Nail Your Essay Like A Pro

When students get into college and student have an idea of the writing the essay but their essay always gets average marks and you always get frustrated after writing the good content in the essay but for the essay, the content is not only a part but there are some other things that you need to know about the writing of the essay.

Students always face an issue when it comes to writing an essay on the topic and student loses their nights of sleep for a night thinking about the essay because they don’t know how to write in a good format or how to write an essay to get good grades in an essay for this there is always arrangement of the words that are given by the assessor and assessor always have criteria of marking the essay with the proper rubric of marks that contains on what basis did the essay will be graded for the student.

So here are some pro tips from the experts of Moodle Monkey essay writers to make essay 10X easier, and this makes you appropriately deliberate the essay in Australia. Let’s start with our tips to make your essay writing easy and relatable.

1 Time Management

Time is the most important thing that you need to manage in student life for a better academic year and this is also important for writing an essay because an essay is of different lengths from 2000 to 3000 words for an essay it can be different for the different department of the research and it is suggested you that you should start you your essay at 3 weeks before the due date of the essay because for the content of the essay you should distribute the time according to the needs of the essay.

When you start your essay there will be proper time management for writing an essay for this 50% of your time should be spent in planning, researching and analyse about the topic of an essay when planning and research ends then spend 25% of the time in drafting the essay and the last 25% of time should be spent in revising the essay and pointing out the needs of the content and also proper referencing of the article.


  1. Choosing Topic for an essay

This is important for the essay to choose a topic because the essay is based on the topic that is chosen by you so while choosing the topic for the essay it is recommended you that keep calm and stay focused on your strengths. When you are selecting your topic for the essay you must consider the following point.

a). Always select the topic in which you have an interest and also you want to explore the topic.

b). It is always suggested by the experts of Moodle Monkey that students should have proper resources which means you should have some research ideas of the topic before writing an essay on the topic this will make the content of the essay more accurate.

c). It is suggested that you should focus on the word limit and phrases that going to be used in the essay because it helps in managing the topic by understanding the requirement of the topic.

  1. Brainstorm

This is the most important tip for essay writing as per our expert team because in this step you need to ask questions about the topic and the ideas that you are aware of the topic. This brainstorming will help you to explore ideas openly. The thoughts and ideas that must be considered while brainstorming are

a). Questions that required knowledge about the essay topic

b). Think about the evidence that supports your arguments

c). Always try to research your ideas with the proper methods of questioning.

  1. Planning

It is important to plan the essay in what way you are going to write an essay for the topic after brainstorming the question about the content of the topic and also questioning with proper research of the essay. Most student face problem in planning that they don’t know about the essay topic and to tackle this problem our expert suggest that you should break down the topic into the subtopics of the essay and this will become easy to understand the topic.


  1. Drafting the essay

Drafting the essay for the first time after researching and planning about the topic and for this when you are writing the essay on the topic it is easy to make mistakes and these mistakes can be made because no one is perfect with the writing scenario of the essay. But for the essay, there is a proper format of the essay to make the format of the essay should contain different subheadings and these subheadings contain following

a). Introduction of essay

In this subheading of the essay, you should provide a proper and clear introduction to your topic and this should be attractive so that reader should have an interest in reading your essay also this gives the idea about what is going to be in the essay.

b). Body of essay

In this part, you should always keep the sources and articles that you research about the topic for the essay to write and this contains all the research work that made through planning and answering all the questions during the brainstorming time that you decided and this includes in different paragraphs. The body should not be in a single paragraph you should focus on different ideas and questions should be answered in different paragraphs so that reader can read in a proper way.

c). Conclusion of essay

this is an important part as this includes all the solutions and the overview of the problems and suggestions in a short paragraph and this should be in not more than 2 paragraphs. And this part you should include the following point

  1. importance of the research for the topic
  2. how does this research help you properly?

iii. how you approached the issue of the essay topic.

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