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Environmental Engineering: A Course to Make a Better Future

An environment is a place where all living and non-living being stays and we all know that
for the benefit of our self we continuously affect the environment by destroying activities
which continuously harms the environment. Environment Engineering is the branch of the
environment which aims to protect the environment from degrading it to the activities of the
human being. This has been working for a very long time it works at the water, air, health and
air quality. With the increase of the industrial air and water continuously gets polluted. So,
the course name Environment Engineering took place to protect and teach people how to
protect the environment.
Many courses have been taking place in the stream of Environment Engineering some of
them are listed below-
Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship from the Duke University
Global Environment Management from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Introduction to Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage from the Ecole Polytechnique
Federal de Lausanne
Circular Economy- Sustainable Materials Management from the Lund University
Oceanography: a key to better understanding our world
Human Health Risks, Health Equity, and Environmental Justice from the University of
Michigan etc.
A large number of certified courses are being done under Environmental Engineering and the
qualities of Good Environmental Engineering. He should be good at imagination as he has
done various projects and planned successfully within a given time plan. He should possess
good interpersonal skills that as how to talk with other people and must be great at solving
problems as he has to take place for the mass and protection of the environment.
Ways in which Environment Engineering solves the problem-
Air pollution Management- The main reason for air pollution is the harmful gases which are
continuously spreading out. These gases are known as Green House Gases and the

2 continuously growing of the gas is depleting the ozone layer so, by controlling pollution by
using fewer vehicles by using pollution-free vehicles.
Solid waste Management – In this, the waste which is thrown by human beings is in the form
of plastic, broken electronics and other things the waste can be managed by not using plastics
and by shifting to recycling solids.
Water management – The main reason for pollution in water is the chemicals which come out
from industries, the water which is wasted by the human as water is essential for everyone so
the management of water is must and essential.
Environment Engineers are very less in number because people are not aware of the courses
and the awareness among the people is also less regarding the protection of the environment
as it is the place we all live and every citizen must protect the environment as it the home of
each and every individual of each country and government has also made various rules and
regulations regarding the preservation. The University of California provides a great platform
for Environmental Engineering as it is the best Institute among the other best institutes for
this particular part of education.

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