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SITXCCS007 Enhance Customer service experience

Part A

PR 2.1

Survey questionnaires 2.1

For the external customers

No Questions Rating
1 Are you vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
2 Do you like a crowded place or the place where there are few people?
3 Do you like spicy food or normal food?
4 Do you have dietary requirements which must be considered?
5 How frequently do you visit the restaurant?
Comments / Feedback:

PR 2.2

Survey questionnaires 2

For the areas for improvement.

No Questions Rating
1 Do you like the environment of our place?
2 What did Do you most like and dislike about our menu?
3 Do you want to see any changes in our menu? In yes, then what changes we can make?
4 Do you have any dietary requirements?
5 How much you can rate our service?
Comments / Feedback:

Part B

PR 2.3

Database of customer profile


Part C

PR 2.4 and PR 2.5


Restaurant Manager- hello sir, good morning

Customer 1- hello good morning

Customer 2- hello

Restaurant Manager- we are requesting you to provide your feedback by filling out the survey questionnaires. It will help to enhance our customer service.

Customers- okay sure. I will do that.

Restaurant Manager- here is your bill sir. Can I have the feedback questionnaires, please?

Customers- yes sure. Here it is

Restaurant Manager- thank you, sir. We are so sorry sir for the delay in the services as today was very rush in our restaurant and some of our staff members are also not available today. Due to the delay in our services as the compensation here is a dessert from our side as a sorry.

Customer- okay no, issue

Restaurant Manager- once again so sorry sir. Please enjoy.

PR 2.6

No Area of Improvement
1 The order was not delivered on time and when they were delivered they were not hot as expected.
2 The order which was delivered the first time was not mine and it was delivered wrongly. Then when I told them then the right order was delivered.



3 The restaurant staff was not well aware of the menu. When they were asked about the menu they were not able to explain the menu.
4 Some of the food items which was delivered were cold.


Part A

Waiter- hello sir, welcome to our restaurant. Please have a seat in our family area.

Customer-thank you.

Waiter-you will be comfortable here as there is not so much noise. What would you like to have?

Customer- according to you want we have can have.

Waiter- sir you can have our OTC pizza and for the kids, we also have a special offer at our restaurant. This offer is for the kids- special fresh chocolate milkshake.

Customer- okay great then once special pizza with some fries and a special fresh chocolate milkshake and chocolate pastry. Please add one child combo meal also.

Boy- please add some extra chocolate items special fresh chocolate milkshake.

Waiter-okay sure sir. Do you want to be a member of the restaurant?

Customer- why what are the benefits of becoming a member?

Waiter- sir there are many benefits which we provided to our members. Like they can book their tables on a call and we offer a 10% discount to our members when their order is above $35. We also send them messages about attractive offers through emails.

Customer- oh that’s great. I am happy to be a member of the restaurant. What I have to do.

Waiter- you just have to tell me some of the basic information about yourself so I can fill in the customer profile database.

Customer- okay sure.

(After some time)

Part B

Manager- sir your order is ready but I am so sorry to inform you that the special fresh chocolate milkshake will be a little late as the ice is not available right now. It is finished and from the ice maker it will 15 minutes to get the ice.

Customer- oh now what?

Manager- till then for the kid our white sauce pasta.

Boy- what is this first you have suggested using the chocolate shake now you are saying it will get delayed. I was eagerlywaiting for my drink. Your service is very slow.

Manager- I am so sorry sir for the inconvenience and I will definitely compensate to you for the issue in the service.

Customer- you bring the white pasta till then.

Manager- okay sir. As compensation drink will be free of charge. It is a compliment from our side.

(after 15 minutes)

Manager- here is your drink sir. I have made sure that your special request for extra chocolate has been fulfilled.

Customer- okay. Thank you.

Part C

Waiter- hello sir, good evening. What would you like to have?

Customer- hi. I would like to have a Cappuccino with 1tbsp. of sugar.

Waiter okay sure ma’am.

(after some time)

Waiter- here is your Cappuccino ma’am. Please enjoy.

Customer- okay. Thanks

(after having a sip)

Customer- what is this, there is no sugar in a cappuccino. What kind of service is this when I have already clearly mentioned the sugar?

Waiter- I am so sorry ma’am. But the sugar is available on your table only. I forget to inform you about it.

Customer- what is this you don’t know that this you have to tell me before?

Waiter- sorry ma’am

Manager- we are soon sorry ma’am for the inconvenience. As he is new staff, he doesn’t know all the rules. I am sorry from his side. He’ll not repeat this. Please enjoy your cappuccino.

Customer- okay sure, but make sure you should inform the customer about all this before.

Manager- sure ma’am. I’ll take care of that. Do you like our food quality and services?

Customers- yes. The quality is good but make sure you must train your new staff for the services.

Manager- sure ma’am. Thank you.

PR 3.11

Waiter- hello, what you like to order?

Customer- I would like to have sweet and sour chicken and crab Rangoon.

Waiter- okay sure ma’am but as our kitchen is flushed with the food request as we are packed today so there will be a little delay in your order.

Customer- okay

(after 25 minutes of waiting)

Customer- what is this I am waiting for the last 25 minutes, it’s too much. This is how you treat your regular customer. You have said that it will some time. But 25 minutes are too much. You have very slow service.

Manager- we are so sorry ma’am for the inconvenience. I just ask my kitchen team why there is a delay in your order.

Customer- yes, please.

Manager- sorry ma’am for the delay. The reason is that our restaurant is packed today. Here is your order and as you are our regular so we are aware that today is your birthday so here is your birthday cake from our side. Happy birthdayma’am.

Customer- aww, that is so sweet. Thank you so much.

Manager- do you like the quality of food and service?

Customer- yesof course I like the food and its quality that is why I am regular here.

Manager- thank yourma’am for the feedback. here is your bill and we have provided you a discount of 20% for the inconvenience you have faced.

Customer- okay no problem.

Part D

Date Incident Impact on customer What can be done in the future (solutions)
12- 8-022 One of the customers comes to the restaurant with his two children. One child was a boy and his age was 12 and the other child was a girl and she was of 3 age. The boy orders the special fresh chocolate milkshake with the special request for more chocolate in his order. \

For this customer all the orders were ready but the ice was not available so his order special fresh chocolate milkshake got delayed.

Due to the delay in order boy started getting analyzed and started to yell. The father was also not happy about the delay in the service of food. Make sure ice is available all the time and improve the service system.
12- 8-022 The customer ordered a cappuccino with 2tbsp of sugar but there was no sugar in her cappuccino.


The customer started to yell and realizedafter some time that sugar was available on the table. She just had to our herself. Make sure the waiter must inform about the sugar while serving the drink to the customer.
12- 8-022 The customers have ordered sweet and sour chicken & crab Rangoon. As that day restaurant was fully buzzy, and with food, the request kitchen was flush so the order was delayed. Customers become impatience & complained about the slow service of food. Improve service of the food. Training will be provided to the staff.

 Part E


Date: 12 august 2022

Time: 7 pm

Location: hall

Manager- hello team. Well done for the hard work today.

Staff- yes, today was a very hectic day as today we had a very buzzy day.

Manager- yes I know. Some of the issues were identified today. There were delays in the orders and new staff is not well aware of the service. It can have a negative effect on our customers. The first issue which occurred was a delay in the order because there was no ice. And the second issue was inappropriate service. Our new staff is not fully aware of the customer service and the third issue which was a delay in the service.

Waiter- sorry sir.

Chef- sorry, we’ll try not to repartee this again.

Manager-to me to ensure this must not repeat in the future some of the actions can be taken by use. Like training will be provided to the new staff. In the training, they will be trained about the suitable customer service procedure.

Chef and waiter- okay sir.

Manager- according to you what we can do more.

Chef- sir we must do proper planning so that the ice mistake must not be repeated. One person can be given the responsibility to make sure all the ingredients are available.

Manager- yes, that nice idea.

Part F

Incident logbook

Expenditure $3576 Income $4226
Food costs $340 Sales (earning) $4226
Wages $3200
Cost of compensation A free drink was given as there was a delay in the order. The $3.5 was the cost of the drink.

A cake was provided as it was the birthday of the regular customer. The cake cost was $15.

A discount of 20% was provided on the total amount of the bill $45.

Total $3567.5
Total profit $658.5
Tax on profit 20%
Net profit $131.7


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