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Engaging Essays: Examples and a Complete How-To Guide

When a person comes to college, they have to face many obstacles there. In college life, a
student goes through many experiences. Some are good experiences and some are bad. But these
experiences make them mature.
If we talk about the obstacle which students face related to studying is writing the essay. There is
a huge difference between writing essays in school and writing essays in college. When a person
comes to college. In college life, professors or teachers have high expectations from students.
The overall standards of academics are also very high. This is higher than in high school.
When a student comes to college they feel the real heat of the completion. They want to be the
topper in college. They want to create great charm in the college.
To fulfill these expectations of the students, our website Moodle Monkey presents many ways to
write essays and we also present some examples of how to write an essay.

Some techniques help the students how to write essays-
1) Choose an interesting topic

A student needs to choose a topic in which the students have an interest. Like if you have a
strong interest in that particular topic, you will write it in the correct way and with interest. Apart
from that writing about the topic in which you have most interested, is create a high chance of
getting high marks. So because of that s students need to cheese the topic wisely. Our website
Moodle Monkey helps the student to choose the topic smartly.

2) Conduct deep research
Just choosing an appropriate topic is not enough, you need to conduct deep research related to
that particular topic, conducting deep research assist the student to write every piece of
information about that particular topic.
Although student chooses the topic of their choice still there is high chance that student does not
have deep and complete knowledge about every aspect of that particular topic. So it is really

3) Make proper outline
Creating an outline of the main topic will be helpful to the student to write their essay. Creating
an outline assists the student to provide a complete overview of the topic. After a proper
structure is prepared the student just needs to full fill the topic. The overall general structure of
the essay writing is an introduction, body of the paragraph, and conclusion.
When a student writes the overview or outlines the overall topic then it becomes easy for the
student to just write the inner part of the essay. If s student wants to write an essay in a smother
way then he or she should follow the following manner

1 writing of the introduction
The overall content of the introduction should be easy, simple, short, and very interesting. The
writer should include some shocking stats or quotes that enable the reader to understand the main
theme of the introduction. Also by these shocking stats or by these quotes, the reader becomes
more interested.

2 Writing of body paragraph
This is the main content of the overall essay. The main and ultimate content should be written in
this part. All the facts, objectives, facts and figures, and all the inner parts should be included in
this part.

3 Conclusion
The conclusion helps summarize the overall topic in a very easy way. it shows that on what
conclusion the writer comes to. What main aspects did they find? What is the result of the overall
research that the writer conducts? So conclusion helps the student to write about the overall

4 Editing and revision of the essay
After a student completes the essay, this is the responsibility of the student to revise and edit the
essay. Editing will assist the student to remove the errors and put that content which enhances
the quality of the content. Revision and quality control is a critical step in essay writing.

If any student wants to make their essay more attractive and wants to make the appropriate
quality of the essay then one can contact us on the site Moodle Monkey. We have a strong team
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