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MARF042 Emergency Equipment Log

Name of Childcare Service/Centre:      Sparking care centre
Emergency Equipment Date last tested Result of testing
Functional Needs maintenance Needs replacement
Rescue rings
Extracting boards
First aid kits
Fire extinguish

*Add rows as necessary

Are staff in the service/centre trained to use the listed emergency equipment above?      yes
When was the training done (date)?
Where was the training held (place/venue)?                       At the centre Training hall
Who facilitated the training?

(Name of trainer—could be a person or an organisation)

        supervisor and manager who is MR. John and MS. LITTY.

I confirm that _________Faiza Hella ___________________ have consulted me  about the emergency equipment available and training done in
Full name of candidate
_____________sparking care centre___________________. I further confirm that I am the supervisor of _________________________________
Name of centre/service Full name of candidate
in _____CITY CARE CENTRE _________________________.
Name of centre/service
Signature: _________Faiza hella ___________________ Date: ____________________________
Name: ___________________ Faiza hella ____________________________ Contact details: ____0674563833________________________

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