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EDUC7008 Indigenous Education

  • Interests

The most interesting thing that I love to do in my daily life, yes to play soccer with my friends whenever I get free time to spend and during the moment I just forget about everything and get into the moment and play the game only without having any thoughts in my mind that are present all over the day it is like meditation for me it is the moment when I can focus on only one thing.

  • Finances

My finances are not great but they are good and this is all because of my family I guess as they have provided me with the best education and supported me financially add an average step in my life when it is necessary and because of all of that now I can understand finance is much better way gun anyone else of the same age.

  • Friends

I don’t have too many friends like any other person but the friends I got at the best, and the time we spent together r precious to me in every manner for me they are more than my family members

  • Religion

I am Hindu by religion but with time I realise the balance religion to follow is no religion this is my personal opinion and I have no grudge against any religion which religion has something to teach about the thought process on the world but for me, it’s my experience says all the experiences of my mentors and with time realises no religion is the best religion.

  • Where you live currently

Currently, I am living in Australia the place I love the most in the entire world I don’t know why but I have a special connection with it from the bottom of my heart no matter where I travel but this place feels like home to me.

  • Gender

I am mailed by gender I remember those days of my childhood when it doesn’t matter that much but the older I get the more I observed that with time gender differences grow it has nothing to do with anything just a comparison between childhood and adulthood from my perspective

  • Sexual orientation

When I was a child there wasn’t any kind of harmonic balance in my body that was visible but when I hate my property there’s a major difference, particularly I am observing that my body is reacting differently from earlier towards the opposite sex and it has been found out that the hormonal changes in my body from the response of girls has been changed now there’s a sensation good sensation on a positive contact with the opposite sex and I like it.

  • Immediate Family

Hi belonging to a nuclear family in which I am having my father my mother and my younger brother when my dog is not a family member to count but he’s living with us whom quite some time and even I can’t imagine my life without him chutes my immediate family looks like.

  • Pet

I like animals very much particular I like dogs and my favourite breed mine is the Siberian Husky but right now I am having a German shepherd because of the weather condition find the second thing is German shepherds are a more active breed in comparison to Siberian ASCII which is a good thing for me because I love to do physical activity Mora valley and my dog is the best companion for that I got because I never refuse and as when I don’t feel like I still go just because of him.

  • Work

From my early childhood or adulthood I have then many types of job work some of them are so small but I want to try it for once in my life there is no particular reason behind it but just want to feel the way it is from the perspective of that small employee and trust me it has been provided me with different view at the same surrounding in which we all are living and that’s makes me more grounded and I love delta about me as well.


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