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EDUC3001 Self-Reflection


This summary summarizes the basis of this reflection. This reflection will provide us with the meaning and perspective of a particular person. In which the key objects which will be covered in this report are your big five personalities which kind of person are you an introvert or an extrovert? Which values are  key values which are dominant values? Do you trust the decisions or not? Apart from my values how would i rate myself as a person? How can i improve myself? What would be more effective for the future improvement as a person.

Big five personality

The big five personalities which I usually notice in myself are, openness I never feel shy talking to the opposite gender in case I have to talk, conscientiousness I can work very effectively and efficiently once I was asked to do the work, I’m very courageous, honest, humble and polite. I’m an extrovert based on the behaviour I have. Kindness, loyalty, integrity, selflessness, and humility are my dominant values.( Burger,2014)


Based on the results I used to accurately take preventive measures of what I am aiming at. I don’t like any delays or deadline works. I check on my work on whatever I do again. While there are chances of failure, I re-estimate the measures and do the work again. I believe in the accuracy of my work. Reliability and consistency are the values I conder which is consistent with the result. Yes, there are times when I  fail and my values also fail to describe my values and results. If the results are inaccurate I find there is some mistake which I have made based on calculation or the work estimated but I find it ok sometimes to fail because you can’t learn if I always win. Based on the experiences I have I don’t prefer failing again and again.


As we know every person has different values their different natures, based on how they were treated in their past. I find my co-worker very short-tempered and very afraid of every work he’s stressed shortly. He doesn’t usually find work easy he forgot to check the calculations of work and he’s not cooperative based on the experiences employees have with him, I found these mistakes in them when I met him in person and advised him to be relaxed if you don’t find easy working ask me how to do the work I don’t always ask for efficiency but I need work proper in aspects. Don’t misbehave with others because they are trying to help you in whatever way they do. But doing work and cooperation with the employee is just working on time is a must. Because if every 2nd employee does like this then the company’s reputation will be affected as the work will not be done on time. After all this saying then the co-worker tried to improve himself as a person by transferring values to help others grow in person dealing with situations like this a person helps him grow us.( Metzler,et al.,2017)

Results of analysis

Helping someone grow in their behaviour is the biggest help that can be given to a person who is suffering from these things. A person with a short temper always finds it difficult in every aspect he doesn’t cooperate with others people also find it difficult to work with him or share something with him. I did help him by finding ways to use the mind in not an angry state. We as a person try to change everything inside us can be changed for the betterment of us. I’m not short-tempered but seeing someone lose their temper against small things won’t help anybody. I’m a person with helping nature, I don’t share a feeling only for my betterment or only to grow by myself. I want everyone whose with me or working like me to grow in good aspects. So everyone grows in their way including me. I want to improve my working skills. For concerns, I want to be quite good as everyone idealizes me in a good way.

Future actions

The best advice I admire for my future is to stay positive, staying with a positive mindset helps a person growing inside. Keeping and taking positive thoughts will help in every aspect of life. I want to become a  person who would never think of suicide Or quitting ant work. Another factor I wanted in me is I want to be honest with myself. As I never want to cheat on myself for like I decided to do a particular work and I left the work cheating as no one is watching me but I wanted to be honest with myself and not cheat on any work. A fact related to planning I always want to plan something new after an existing plan was successfully implied. Planning enough for the future to never sit idol. The fact I wanted to follow is to depend on myself and no one else. Depending on ourselves helps us grow and do work on ourselves. Depending on others make you concentrate less on the work pending to you. I want to do everything by myself so no delay will happen based on work and mistakes. (Shih,2020)


As per the analysis, this is the self-reflection, of my personality. This is basically about the past experiences of my preferences. underlining the present of how would I handle the situations in a particular moments. On what I have learned and where I wanted to be in the future according to the values I prefer to adopt in future. This report is a mirror reflection on personal growth and transformation especially by observing the self values of humanism.


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