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  • Executive summary

This is the strategic plan for the Academies Australasia which provides education services to the students in various countries. They provide bachelors, diploma certified diploma, masters degree and many other courses to more than 129 country students. Their vision is to provide good quality vocational education and higher education courses to the students to achieve their career goals. They want to grow as the largest educational institution in Australia. The institution also provides students with high academic experience, proactive service culture and a personal touch. They will also deliver industry-relevant and academically-rigorous courses in targeted discipline areas to produce the best graduates.

Their stakeholders always work for better services and quality education is emphasised. The institution is working well and the students have a positive review so they want to start a new branch at Hobart, Tasmania. The institution possesses the values like student-centred, act with integrity and respect for their stakeholders(students, peer, teachers staff). These values encourage the institution to grow and develop better services.


The Academies Australasia provides the English language, Senior high School, Diploma, Advanced diploma, bachelor and master degree courses. The institution covers more than 5000 students with over 129 countries. The institute wants to start its new branch at Hobart, Tasmania. The main aim of the institute is to provide best quality education to the students all over Australia. The institute has very promising and qualified faculty for the students who produce the best students who are dedicated to working.


The new location for the Academies Australasia is very promising as it has less number of universities and students require a choice to get a better education. Hobart have a good quality of potential students who want to learn courses and work for a better future. the institute can follow the low pricing strategy to attract a number of students. The institute can offer their courses and training to improve the education system in the area. The institute should promote their courses through a multimedia medium which will help them to establish their brand in Hobart.


Performance Area Performance Objectives Target to achieve Time Frame
Financial Performance The institute should be able to attract a good number of students in the Hobart, Tasmania.  The maximum number of students to enrol into the different courses of the institution.  The institute will observe the performance of the institute in the first 6 months.
Customer and Market Performance The institution should make their stakeholders satisfied and interested in the educational courses The customers and market should recognise the institute all overstate. The institute will observe the performance of the institute in the first 6 months.
Internal Efficiency and Effectiveness The staff and faculty of the institute should improve their internal process and services. The staff is well behaved and managed with an effective number of teachers and professors. The institute will observe the performance of the institute in the first 6 months.
Long Term Development and Innovation The institute will aim at becoming a reputed institution in Tasmania. The long term aim of the institute is to become a popular and relevant source of education for the people of Tasmania. The institute will observe the performance of the institute in the first 6 months.



The Academies Australasia will require funds for the infrastructure, recruitments, amenities and other facilities for the institution. The human resources of the institute will include professors, lecturers, helping staff and other people who will assist the institute. The physical resources include land, electricity, water and other amenities for the new branch.


The new branch has to get the permit and license for starting a new educational institution in Hobart, Tasmania. The educational institution has to take permission from the government and other educational bodies which are responsible for the educational decisions in the state.


The information about the Hobart, Tasmania can be gained through the PESTLE analysis of the institution. The pestle analysis involves the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental environment of the market.


PESTLE Analysis template

Political factors:

  •  The political environment of the Hobart, Tasmania involves procedures and process to be followed.
  • The political party influence the education industry of the state. 
  • The permits and license procedure is very time-consuming. 
Economic factors:

  • The economic condition of the state is very strong and have stable conditions.
  • The economic environment of the state also shows that people have an equal distribution of wealth and income.
Social factors:

  • The social environment of Tasmania is very promising and have diversity.
  • The culture and diversity of the state are very attractive.
Technical/technological factors:

  • The state has advanced technology for the educational sector.
  • The technology sector of Tasmania has a large scope.
Legal factors:

  • The legal rules and regulations are very lengthy and complex.
  • The education system of the state is very effective with different types of schools.
Environmental factors:

  • The environmental factors of Tasmania also affect the educational system.
  • The environment of the state also influence the people and systems.



Email Communication Template

Academies Australasia

18, February 18, 2019

Subject: suggestions for environmental analysis 

To: director 

Dear Director,

The environmental analysis of the Academies Australasia shows that the state is very apt for the new branch of the Institution. It has potential people, place and process for the educational system of the state. The education system of the state requires new options and facilities for the students of the place. The population of the state is very dedicated to the educational systems.




Approved by Director? Yes  ☐   No ☐  

If no, Suggestions:


SWOT Analysis Template

Strengths Weaknesses
  • The academies Australasia have a successful reputation and brand value in Australia.
  • The institution has a great number of partners and contacts for the services of education.
  • The institute has great resources and material for the students
  • The branch will be in a different state which should be managed remotely.
  • The management of the staff will be difficult.
  • The resources will increase the expenses. 
Opportunities Threats
  • The state has potential students who need educational courses and services.
  • They can increase the brand value and return for the institute.
  • The legislation of the state is very strict and can change with time.
  • The education system of the state is very diverse and changing continuously.
Plans to address SWOT with organisational capabilities: 

  • The organisation have an effective management system and methods.
  • The staff and stakeholders of the organisation should have a proper system for providing services to the students.
  • The students of the institution have different choices for vocational and higher education.
  • They should provide technology and training oriented methods of teaching.

Competitor Analysis Template

Competitor Established date Size Market share (%) Value to customers Strengths Weaknesses
Claremont College Hobart 1990 607 20 They provide low-cost education. The pricing strategy of the organisation.

It is established long ago so people have trust over it.

The number of courses and quality of education.

The faculty for providing education.

Don College Devon-port 1973 961 24 The educational services of the institute are very high. The quality and faculty of the organisation. The pricing strategy of the organisation is very high.
Elizabeth College Hobart 1842 909 35 The institute provides training and internship also The extracurricular services and facilities for the student The management of the staff is very difficult and the expenditures are very high.

The institution will be requiring highly qualified and skilled professors, teachers and lecturers for providing the education to the students. The skilled human resources will be essential to maintain the reputation of the educational system. The institute will require maintaining the faculty for all the vocational and higher education courses of the organisation.

Staffing requirements and forecasted costs

Position/Role No. of staff required Year 1 expense Year 2 expense Year 3 expense
Professor  12 200$ 250$ 270$
Lecturer 20 400 450 500
Teachers  15 300 325 400
High professionals 2 100 150 200
Helping staff 20 200 250 300
Assistants  10 100 150 200
Total Staffing costs

Job Advertisement 

Academies Australasia

Staff required


  • The permanent full-time position
  • 38 hours per week
  • $46,000 per year + superannuation 
  • Hobart, close to public transport

We are looking for professors for our new branch in the Hobart, Tasmania.

The professor will report to the office manager and will be responsible for:

  • Teach the students/clients
  •  Provide training to the staff if experienced
  • Provide support and guidance to students

The job will be full time, with hours to be worked between 9.00 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Successful applicants must have:

  • relevant previous teaching experience
  • professional degree for teaching
  • advanced Microsoft Office and typing skills 
  • strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • strong organisational skills and attention to detail

The relevant degree or experience should be considered. The interested candidate can apply by filling the online or off-line forms for the position. The interested candidates will be short-listed and called for the interview

If you are interested in this job, please email your resume to <contact email address> or call <contact telephone number> for further information.

Applications close on March 2 2019



In this section, you are required to prepare the financial plan for the case organisation (or the business you have selected) and forecast the financial strategy for the next three years.

You are required to prepare:  

  1. Projected Profit and Loss Statement for three years
  2. Cash-flow Statement for three years

Profit and Loss Statement Template

(Modify the template according to your organisational requirements)

  Year 1 in (000) Year 2 in (000) Year 3 in (000)
Income from student fees 200000 330000 450000
Income from Online tutorial services 150000 150000 150000
Total income  350000 480000 600000
Payroll 67500 74250 81675
Wages to temporary lectures  9000 9000 9000
Cost of educational tours 4000 5000 6500
Rent 16000 18000 20000
Utilities 10000 12000 12000
Cost of transportation facility  4500 4500 4500
Insurance 3500 3500 3500
Administrative Expenses 55000 60000 65000
Advertising 20000 20000 20000
Misc. Expenses 13000 15000 17000
Total Expenses 202500 221250 239175
Net Profit 147500 258750 360825

Cash Flow Statement Template

(Modify the template according to your organisational requirements)

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Cash Received      
Income from student fees 200000 330000 450000
Income from additional tutorial services 150000 150000 150000
Total  Cash Inflow 350000 480000 600000
Expenditures from Operations 179500 248250 210175
Bills Paid 10000 12000 12000
Additional Cash Spent 13000 15000 17000
Total Cash Spent 202500 275250 239175
Net Cash Flow 147500 204750 360825
Add: Opening cash  20000 167500 372250
Cash Balance 167500 372250 733075


Email to Director Template

Academies Australasia

18, February 18, 2019


Dear Director,

As per your request, please find the reports in the following table.

Staff performance data The staff has been performing well and are providing effective sessions to the students. The staff is also dedicated to quality education.
Sales data The students are attracted to different vocational courses and certified diploma that attract students for short term courses.
Quarterly expenditure data The expenditure of the institution is very high in the starting period as it involves different marketing strategies and plans.
Staff training data The staff training programs and plans have also made the faculty improve and progress with time. They have developed skills to show to the students.
Market trend data The market of Tasmania is very promising and have potential students that are interested in education.

This table shows the data about the different aspects of the educational institution which have been observed in the time of starting the services. The market of Tasmania is very promising and students are interested in the quality education.




Position Role Key Performance Indicators Acceptable standard  Targeted date/ timeframes
Professor  Students report, attendance, attitude towards the students 6 months
Lecturers  Students reports, attendance, training programs, 6 months
Helping staff Attitude towards the staff, staff feedback, suggestions 6 months
Teachers  Progress, attitude towards the students, staff 6 months



Email Communication Template

Academies Australasia

18 February 2019

Subject: Strategic Business Plan

Dear New Staff Members,

The new performance appraisal method is prescribed which shows that the staff and member will be evaluated on some key performance indicators. the performance appraisal method will help to evaluate the employees on overall performance in the organisation. The organisation have rewards awarding for the members who are performing well.


Brief template

Academies Australasia

Strategy Brief

To: New staff members
From: ABC
cc: Name
Date: February 18, 2019
Re: Performance appraisal

The new staff member should achieve the targets and goals for their job position and responsibilities in the Academies Australasia. The business strategy also involves performance appraisal and reward system for the best performers. This will encourage the staff to provide better education and knowledge to the students. To improve the quality of education and courses effectiveness with training programs. 



According to the WHS act 2011, the refresher course will be required for the new branch. There should be 5 people that require first aid certificate. The safety committee has to proper precautions and safety measure for the institute. Any health organisation will be hired for training. The cost will vary upon the health organisation.

Email to Director Template

Academies Australasia

February 18, 2019


Dear Director,

There have been some system failures in regards to WH&S within our new premises. 

Please find the report below:

There was the failure of health and safety issues in the new branch. There was a machinery defect which created the casualty by due to unprepared staff, the first aid was not conducted properly. The health and safety measures and training fail at the institute. The system of the new branch failed due to improper training and information. The reason for the system failure is due to lack of information and attention to the organisation.




  2. a) Performance Report Analysis

The performance of the staff has been satisfying in the new branch of the institute. The staff is performing well and have received positive feedback from the management. They also have a better relation with other staff members. They also have provided the best quality education to the students.

  1. b) Review of Performance Indicators 
Position Role Previous KPIs Revised KPIs  Targeted date/ timeframes
Marketing Officers The target of the sales Reaching the audience 2 months
Trainers Train the staff Developing the skills of staff 2 months
Student Services Better progress of the students Improved student knowledge 3 months


  1. c) Identify Training Needs, Provide Training and Coaching (ROLEPLAY ON TNA)
Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Template

Major tasks of the position Training/skills development required? If yes, identify what training needs exist How will this be achieved?

(eg on the job, external training)

When? Who to organise?

Training Provider?

Enrolling students and clients in the database  Database system training On the job training After selection Trainer
Providing induction program How to conduct an Induction program On the job During the session Leader 

Provide your personal feedback on her performance:

Melissa should perform the entries of the students or client on time and the induction program should be conducted right after the student enrolment. She should manage her time and perform the responsibilities in the given time-frame.

Signed by: General Manager                                     Staff Member   .                

Date: February 19, 2019


  1. d) Review system processes and work methods
    • Planning: The planning of the business strategy is the first important work method that is carried out in the organisation.
    • Performance appraisal: The performance of the employees is evaluated and feedback is provided to improve.
    • Human resource management: The human resources of the organisation are maintained in the systems and even their salary and other pays are also included in it. This helps in keeping the human resource information updated.
  • Training and development: The staff and employees are provided with training and development programs after their selection during recruitment.
Audit of Objectives & Milestones                                                                                                       
Discrepancy Recommended Mitigation  Agreed Completion Timeframe Actual Completion Timeframe                            
Staff performance is not achieved 6 months 9 months
Marketing for the new branch  2 months 4 months
Student enrolments 2 week 2 months


Risk 1: Workplace violence

Risk Management Strategy:

The management of the staff should be maintained and have to develop better relationships within the workplace. The staff should communicate with each other effectively.

Risk 2: Any natural calamity

Risk Management Strategy: The management should take effective steps and precautions for the protection of the students and teachers to maintain their safety.

Risk 3: human resource failure

Risk Management Strategy: The new branch can experience recruitment and selection failure as an educational institution should have skilled and qualified human resources. 

Risk Assessment 

Using the three identified risks, you are now required to assess and manage the risks using the “Risk Matrix” below. Imaginary samples provided inside the matrix.

Insignificant outcome Minor outcome Moderate outcome Major Outcome Catastrophic outcome
Almost certain Human resource failure
Likely Natural calamity
Unlikely Workplace violence

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Conduct a cost-benefit analysis for the new project that your director has assigned you. Imaginary samples provided inside. Please modify and adjust the highlighted information (in blue) within the sample template based on your organisational information. 

Cost-Benefit Analysis Template
Costs in one year Equipment – $50,000

Staff -$ 100,000

Rent – $40,000

Utilities – $ 30,000

Total Costs – 
Benefits in one year (Tangible)

Benefits in one year (Intangible)

Cost savings in training – $ 20, 000

Cost savings in marketing – $ 20,000

Motivated employees due to work from home

Total Benefits – 
Comparison of cost and benefits Compare the costs and benefits. Support with calculations and results.
The overall outcome of the analysis

(profit or loss)

In 1 year, the new equipment will pay back its original cost and generate additional income.


Areas of consideration Your Existing Strategic Plan Cooperative Ventures
Funds  Loan or partnership with any organisation for the funds This will distribute the fund liability over both the parties.
Management decisions All the decisions will be taken by the main body. The management decisions will be assisted by two parties so better decision.
Recruitment  It will be the responsibility of the main organisation body. Both parties will support the recruitment and selection process.


Email Communication Template

Academies Australasia

February 18, 2019

Subject: Strategic plan

Dear All Stakeholders,

The strategic plan for the Academies Australasia is to motivate the education quality of students in the new branch. The new staff should be skilled and well-performing. The new staff should be motivated through performance appraisal and reward system. The new branch has to be promoted through marketing strategies and other internal strengths will be motivated. The main aim of the institution is to provide best quality education to the niche group and to spread their branches all over Australia.




  • Presentation slides
  • Role-play

GM: Melissa you should enter all the data in the database at the time of the enrolment of the student.

Melissa: The database system is new form me.

GM: database handling and system knowledge will be provided by the trainer.

GM: The induction program should also be conducted in the given time frame. All the training will be provided under my guidance. You should take care of the job responsibilities and manage them according to the time. Your performance is regulated continuously.

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