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Digital Communication Strategy of Online Brands Assignment Help

Executive Summary

The report is rolled out with the strategic analysis of digital communication strategy of the online brands. Here, two brands are taken i.e. , Otto, Germany & New Look, UK which are the trending online brands of the e-commerce business world. In this report, the investigation on the strategic approach to communication for both the brands is discussed. The effectiveness of the strategy of both the brands examined and the SWOT Analysis is also being analyzed. The action plan for both the brands is also made to achieve the better sales in the e-commerce retailing field. As a Brand shows its kind altogether client bit points, then to mention it’s everything is basically not associate degree deceit.


The Brand is that the single most significant part to a business or organization. An edge that has been fastidiously established and a collection of client guarantees and overall experiences supported communication and repair, then not delivering on these guarantees and what a Brand stands for can cause failure. In this report, the aim is to identify the strategic approach and the effectiveness of the strategy of the OTTO, Germany and New Look, UK online shopping brands. New Look is most important trend whole in Britain. In 1969, New Look was recognized in Wellington by Tom Singh. Through half century’s growth, the business has quickly urbanized & at the present operate a chain of above 1,000 stores globally and hire above 30,000 workers whereas Otto is the ecommerce retail brands in the Germany founded by Michael Otto. Otto completed second in the top 100, but there are above ten subsidiaries of the Otto Group in this record, the collection has generate above 4.8 billion Euros previous year. The SWOT Analysis and the action plans for both the brands also discussed in this report. A Brand can expertise reduced fight, inaccessible product and services, client confusion and discontentment. 


Strategic approach to communications for Otto, Germany


Otto cluster count on a transparent, prospect-orientated E-selling plan so it will still have the advantage of the active growth of on-line sell in prospect too.

The digital conversion often present America by recent challenge. For the Otto cluster, this is often not anything new, slightly associate essential component of our commerce form. We have a tendency to systematically appraisal accessible trade model and keep on rising them (Hennigs et. al .,2012). This is applicable particularly to those of their multichannel firms that contain their source in correspondence-arrange or in over the oppose sell. This include OTTO, Bonprix, Sports check, Witt and Crate and Barrel, above thirty sell brand in entire with price orientated enlargement and huge client basis. 


By its examine firms, Otto cluster edges twice as from the report in e-selling. Whether or not in source, advertising, knowledge examination, compensation or supplying, with its wide collection of sell-connected services the cluster have the correct resolution to satisfy all necessities. Additionally, we have a tendency to be perpetually rising original examine ideas for e-selling in our novelty forge, fluid Labs (Uzunoğlu & Kip, 2014).

Above the previous twenty years, the Otto cluster has urbanized and experienced new on-line ideas for an enormous type of aim teams with a wide range of assortment, preponderantly within the trend and life-style parts. To offer other example, as 2013 consumers are capable to look at the same time at Mytoys, Mirapodo and Ambellis beneath the sign of variety in an exceedingly solitary package An explicit multi-shop idea make this probable the input characteristic is that the order and expense method is dispensed with a combined container and simply one client account, particularly for mothers (Vernuccio, 2014).

From 2008, Otto cluster has participated within the risk assets trade and in the space of employment incubation, and presently holds share in above one hundred start-ups round the globe – a number that’s set to increase

Now, the Otto cluster depends on 2 robust associates:
e-ventures hunt the planet for bright founder within the e-commerce, employment and knowledge markets and invest in talented startups in Europe, Asia, Russia and North and South America.
Project A-Ventures, an organization designer within which Otto cluster is that the major capitalist, is similarly perpetually looking for talented new firms. This strategy assures that Otto cluster has early on contact to thoughts,  hopeful on-line commerce models associated capable abilities with an capitalist mind-set.

Strategic approach to communication for New Look, UK 


New Look is that the most important approach brand in Great Britain. In 1969, style was recognized in Wellington by Tom Singh. Scenario analysis is a crucial a part of the e-selling plan. It needs analyze inside and outwardly, each of them influence the web commerce development (Uzunoğlu & Kip, 2014).
The internal investigation appearance at key performance indicators (KPI’s). Through the e-business sites, the sales of Brits trend retailer raise chop-chop. The input charge on-line actions include:
• Strength and weakness – style possess a well-recognized client info, with relations industrial for the previous forty years progress. However the web client care isn’t impressive sufficient the rapidity of answer and speed of motion has no accumulated nevertheless.
• Style with success sprint a Franchise commerce Model in eighteen country moreover of the United Kingdom. It increase it entire within the huge global business, and employment with least venture in these several market (Vernuccio, 2014).

  • It is a definite and well-prepared international growth plan that incarnates that market it intend to show into within the upcoming back years.
    E-marketing is busy with new chance and demands unnerved up by the unsettled marketplace outwardly. PESTLE analysis states a structure of macro-ecological factors employed in the surroundings breakdown of considered organization.

  • Economic – through the event of the wealth and therefore the will increase in getting control, a lot of and further customers progress the funds on shopping for garments. Style can kind and acquisition the increasing vacant own-store business in France, Belgium and Kingdom of The Netherlands, chase up to expand the prospective market (Hennigs et. al .,2012).

  • Social – Its aim aims to assure all worldwide business hold a hard and secure advance of property profitableness. It regarding process the method that makes an honest client expertise.
    A excellent purpose for associate e-selling deviser should obvious condition the rationale entering into e-market and therefore the area on that to center to boost the e-selling. Style has definite purpose to attach showing emotion and form a robust whole location. Style is regarding sending way pleasure and new signal of trend.

  • The e- selling idea is given that a lot of trend item of clothing for the shoppers at an inexpensive worth and safety services. The e-selling purposes are often comprehensive because the 5Ss – Sell, Serve, Speak, Save and Sizzle. These depict a way to arrange potency and worth commerce approach by distinguishing the e-market purpose (Young, 2014).

Question. 2


To determine the effectiveness of a policy, they have to analyze how it connects with their objectives to the path they decide to gain them and the earnings they decide to use. A policy is successful if it uses the assets them assign according to their arrangement and deliver the assumed results. They have to frequently appraise use of possessions and presentation to ensure if their plan is striking their target (Uzunoğlu & Kip, 2014). 

The effectiveness of strategy of the Otto, Germany brand

Develop Measurable Strategies

  • On the way to create if a approach is effectual, they contain to be capable to evaluate its presentation and ensure if it will attain their company’s objectives. 

For example, if their policy is to expand a fresh marketplace, they have to comprise a precise target and a method to assess how numerous of the member of the latest marketplace are trade their goods (Young, 2014). If they require a policy to advance purchaser repair, they have to comprise a goal, such as proportion of consumer issue determined to the consumer’s approval, and a path to evaluate growth for instance consumer survey.

Measure the Variables in Implementation

  • In the direction, to observe the success of their policy, they contains to set up support standards from earlier than approach execution and follow your growth For their quantity to be useful in a permanent assessment of policy helpfulness, the target must be attainable &  appropriate to approach and the outcome should be accessible within a suitable trend so their appraisal be recent (Ryan,  2016). 

For example, they must execute a approach to raise sale by 1,000 units above three months from a current stage of 8,000 unit. The sale standards be  precise & appropriate, and they can assess them quickly to obtain up-to-date outcomes (Ryan,  2016).

Continuously Evaluate Performance

  • Precise target prepared of assessable variables let them follow outcomes constantly to make confident the policy is performing effectively. If genuine outcomes show covering presentation, they have moment to add capital, regulate their operation or take additional curative achievement. The familiar policy is frequently less successful than initially designed because it may use extra income. A constant estimate let them fix on whether to stay implement the plan in the appearance of the change or to build up a new effectual move toward (Young, 2014).

Review Effectiveness In Terms Of Objectives

  • Once their policy is completely implement, they can appraise its largely usefulness by ask to what level it reach the aim they put within the capital they owed. 
  • If their approach didn’t achieve its objectives or exhausted extra possessions, they have to conclude where their considered plan abortive.
  •  The outcomes of a plan might be under potential if the approach was not associated with corporation strength or if the objectives be not achievable. 
  • In any situation, conclusion of a calculated preparation leave their corporation in a fresh circumstances & appraisal let them carry on by also an effectual considered arrangement or with one that comprise change to avoid precedent mistake.

The effectiveness of the strategy of New Look, UK brand

Rigid Competition

  • New Look’s choice to dart less discount in store and online might be to hold responsible Moreover, they worried that it be a alert option, intended to distinguish the whole name from the like of Boohoo and Misguided – two retailer that usually use promotions to convey on a assure of quick and extremely reasonable trend
  • Regardless of the truth, New Look carries a youngster variety its standard consumer is supposed to be approximately 33 years old (Ryan,  2016).

Misjudged campaigns

  • Fascinatingly, it has newly announce a transform in approach, choose to thin its goal marketplace to a twenty impressive viewers somewhat than a extensive demographic. But having enlarged advertising expend by £2m in the precedent year, it appear that this transform is previously below means with New Look mainly investing this in online campaign feature communal media and famous person influencers, incredible that frequently appeal to younger shopper. 
  • The plan also tend only to be successful when the influencer company is genuine, with both the product and influencer distribution ordinary principles (Chaffey & Bosomworth, 2012).

Confusing USP

  • Instead of invest in fresh and in-require trend, the seller has sustained to rehearse alike style and focus on fundamentals and staple.
  • Meanwhile, growth in China and venture in menswear and house ware range has supplementary to uncertainty above the store’s creation contribution.

Lacklustre in-store practice

  • New Look’s in-store practice, the seller’s uptake of knowledge has been measured in difference to its major rival Otto, for example, has in progress to add latest skill like self-checkouts and touch-screens in altering accommodation. New Look also fail to motivate with store format. 
  • By its immersive explained and theoretical design, Misguided is the first ever physical store encourage public action while purchasing in-store (Chaffey & Bosomworth, 2012).
  •  In evaluation, New Look has ignored to put together any observed fundamentals in stores awake until this end, ignore consumer’s requirements for an immersive and multi-channel knowledge.

Question 3

SWOT Analysis of OTTO, Germany


  • Strengths 
  1. Customer centric: Customer centric processes are created by company’s CRM for recording data carefully on customer’s behaviors. Company is also that 52% of their customers are repeat buyers.
  2. Cost leadership: For offering superior customer services Otto has created strategic relationships with other companies to provide high quality customer services. The essential strategic link-up is with logistics provider who manages costs (Valos. et .al ., 2016).
  3. Efficient delivery network: Otto has created a well structured delivery network in order to available the product even at remote areas. In some areas Otto is delivering its products at free of cost delivery charges.
  • Weaknesses 
  1. Product flop: There are various product flops which is depressing the Otto’s deep pockets.
  2. High debt: In many developing countries Otto is struggling to make the business fruitful so it is affecting the overall company resulting into high debt (Killian & McManus, 2015).
  • Opportunities 
  1. Backward Integration: Otto is coming up with its own brands in several products. This will help in making profits in this driven E-commerce market.
  2. Opening physical stores can help the buyers to trust and this will result in growing loyal customer base and repeat purchases.
  3. Global extension : expansion mainly in developing countries will help Otto because that market are of low competition in E-business  and not like developed countries. 
  • Threats
  1. Otto is facing lawsuits from publishers in Retail market due to aggressive pricing procedure.
  2. There are many local E business retailers who enjoys from the market share that is making tough for Otto to make profits (Valos. et .al ., 2016).


SWOT Analysis of New Look, UK


  • Strengths
  1. There is no need to maintain stock of various products. There is a complete check over inventory in new look.
  2. New look is having possibility to add more and more number of suppliers.
  3. Genuine customer support to solve customer’s query like helpline, and also for solving product related problems like product replacements, etc (Killian & McManus, 2015).
  4. New look is having a strong logistic support.
  5. Strong presence of new look because of digital marketing.
  6. Because of international presence there is a vast customer base.



  • Weaknesses
  1. Although New look is flooded with many retailers, customers are having options to choose. As they can switch the sites and there are many products which are also available on another one. And then the fight is only on products price (Killian & McManus, 2015).
  2. Intense competition that means bounded share growth.
  • Opportunities 
  1. Margin can be increased by selling private labels.
  2. Expansion in developing countries can boosts business.
  3. Tie up with celebrity designers can expand its fashion appeal.
  4. We live in a internet free market hence internet can increase New look’s presence 
  • Threats 
  1. Unfavorable government policies and tax is affecting market.
  2.  Competition is increasing because fashion section is becoming popular nowadays.
  3. Economic fluctuation and stiff competition from local as well as global players who are trying to snatch each other’s market shares (Valos. et .al ., 2016).
  4. New look can be subjected to online deceit.

Action Plan for Otto, Germany


S.No. Activity Description Time Period
1. Transform The transformation can be done on the basis of the consumer reviews and demand which they required for the online shopping. This digital transformation can be done continuously for the rise in the e-commerce business.  1month
2 Participate The participation among the e-commerce advertizing and the selling of the product is been done on a huge level for growth in business. 3 month
3 Create The new ideas has been created by the e-commerce brand to develop the business and the selling of the product becomes higher. 1 month
4 Venture The new ventures are happen in the brand so that the risk assets s being controlled with the capitalist mindset of the employees. 2 month

Action Plan for the New Look, UK

S.No. Activity             Description          Time Period
1. Strength Well organized client available then industrial relations are good. 1 month
2 Weakness Web client is not impressive sufficient as they cannot answerable, has no growth in e-commerce market. 2 month
3 Approach with success run Increase the entire huge global business & employment with the lesser venture in various markets. 1 month
4 Sell Increase in sell with increasing the growth 1 month
5 Serve  Better serve products to the consumers for business growth 3 month
6 Speak Advertised the product and answer the customer queries with customer support 1 month
7 Save Cost of the print advertising and customer service cost which is reduced after advertizing 2 month
8 Sizzle Build  the brand online so that customer

need fulfilled.

1 month

In this report we have concluded the digital communication strategies of online brands where the strategic approach to communication for the Otto, Germany and New Look, UK brands has been investigated. We have analyzed the effectiveness of the strategy of both the digital brands. In the  above report the SWOT Analysis and some of the improvements also been discussed for both the brands. The action plan also made which is suitable reasonable and appropriate for both the brands in order to improve the sales of the products in the e-commerce market.


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