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Different ways to Spot a Great Client/Agency Relationship

If we observe a business then we can realize that the quality of the work performed does not matter sometimes but the nature of the relationship between the client and the agency also matters.
If the relationship between the client and the agency is constructive then anything is possible. But if the relationship between the agency and the client is toxic and workmanlike then nothing can go well.

Because when an agency allows a third party to come and contribute to an important part that is vital for the business, then the agency places a lot of trusting the organization. And their skill is not the only issue but also the main issue.

When the agency wants to know that the relationship is taken seriously then there is a need to add value as much as possible.

The agency needs to continuously evaluate the relationship to establish and evaluate what the agency is getting and what they want and whether the partner who is involved is actually committed to the success.

Here are 7 things that help to figure out what actually is the case that suits the situation-

1. Honesty is Prioritized over Flattery
In this case, nobody wants to specify the fact that the idea of the agency is a bit turkey. But if the agency is good then it has to. If the agency has a frank and meaningful conversation with the partners involved at the ground level then it is a good sign.

2. Have access to the right people
It is one of the oldest tricks that after meeting impressive people during the sales process, they disappear at the time when the contract is signed. At the time of the sales process, one should ask to meet the individuals who handle the account right after the meeting is done.

3. Exists process (But can be adapted)
If the relationship with the agency involves throwing jobs and waiting for the results then it is not a good sign. But instead of it, the project needs to be scoped clearly.

4. Personal needs are emphasized over the others
In many cases, it is witnessed that the agency wants to collect more money for doing a little thing but the priorities should be different when it comes to actual work.

5. Open communication lines
Communication is really important to build a strong relationship so the clients and the agencies should communicate regularly so that problems and issues can be mitigated.

6. Agency is proactive
One reason for employing the agency is to add some experience and skills that are not possessed by the organization and find it quite harder to involve.

7. You love the work
The focus should be on the aspects that are less obvious of working well together because it matters how much you love the work.




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