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Development of Rock and Roll

Development of Rock and Roll


Rock and roll is also known as rock & roll, rock ‘n’ roll. This popular music style was first originated in the US in the period of mid-1950. And it was more evolved during the mid-1960s incorporating the international style of music also known as rock music. And later it was known as rock and roll.

In 1951, this type of music was firstly introduced by Alan freed, Ohio, Cleveland. That was popularised on the radio program.

Rock ‘n’ roll is a genre which combines the rhythm, jazz, blues, country music. In rock ‘n’ roll electric instruments were used.

Zero hour begin in 1966. It was the end of scream age and teenyboppers. It is known as the ear of age and this age gave birth to the serious fans of music. Rock lovers celebrated it as a big bang. Simultaneously it became more modern shedding behind its 10 year “roll”. It became more modern and it opened the ways for the possibility of sidecar.

The major rock artist of this era were- The Beatles, The Rolling stones, Bo Dylan, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, The Supremes, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, etc.

 In the 1970s started as a decade for rock superstar. Sheer scale in the sales of rock album gave an upper hand to musicians, lawyers, accountants to negotiate with the companies. And it turned out to be like “The greater the artist self-indulgence bigger will be the financial return”. At the end of the year record sales become half and economic recession increased the competition for young people.

Famous rock and roll bands in the 1970 were Elton John, Eagles, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, etc.

During the 1970 there was a change in the rock pattern and format. The needs of dancers were meeting by disco. In the early1980s disco came back in the world. And it was spread everywhere in deejays, clubs, etc.

African and American music entered parallel to rock music plus the new rock technologies were used to sharpen the difference.

Rock was used for both money making music practices. Firstly the musical tensions in the margin and mainstream were used in the rock and roll and then incorporated in rock itself.

In 1980s Music industry recovered itself from the economic crisis because of the development in the new technology. Revolution in the technology had an immediate effect generally on the record buyers. They preferred to listen music on the sound systems that were superior.

Rock became the music for adults and youthful fads started disappearing.

As the superstars of 1970s were not able to match the sales of old records

Rock became too broad and expectations unified by anyone.

Famous rock bands of the era were Journey, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Queen, AC/DC, Motor head, etc.


Over the decades rock music transformed drastically from the hip-shaking pop stars of 1950s to the period of hair-mental in 80s This music changed consistently from different cultures to the contemporary music of American.

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