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Meals Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast (1) Asian salad Poached egg French toast Banana oat pancakes Spanish omelette Fried brown rice Lentil soup
Morning tea Cheese cake Milkshake mango Banana, orange pudding Passionfruit cupcake Eggs salad Mango juice Lentils burger
Lunch (1) Beetroot risotto Banana split Pilaf rice, Vegetarian Gluten free fish taco Chicken and corn soup Vegetarian noodles Goat salad
Afternoon tea Ribbon sandwiches Scones with jam and cream Dainty cakes Tarts Crispy chicken Almond milk with toast Rosemary roasted veggies
Dinner (1) Hamburger with beetroot. Gluten free shrimp Chicken and corn soup Vegetarian pasta Crab sticks Pumpkin lasagne Grilled chicken

Cyclic menu items week 2

Meals Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast (1) Sweet corn fritters Banana bread Avocado on toast French toast Grain based bowls Salmon with salad Bananas coconut waffles
Morning tea Vegemite Chicken parmigiana Pavlova Barramundi ANZAC biscuit EMU steak Moreton bay bug
Lunch (1) Tuna Bacon burger Chicken skewers with salad Vegetarian nachos Australian prawns Barramundi Crispy calamari
Afternoon tea Vegetable sandwiches Tarts Brownies Chocolate cookies Whoopie Lemon drizzle cake Fruit scones
Dinner (1) Green chicken curry pie Chicken wings Fantails Gluten free chicken Barramundi Chicken Parma Cheese and bacon roll


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