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Develop Administrative Systems





Develop Administrative Systems

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Assessment task 3. 3

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Assessment task 3

Question 1

An administrative system is a system that is used for record-keeping and filing, managing the visitors and the calls, office correspondence, financial management, internal communication, and various other duties of the administrative.

Some of the examples of the administrative system are-

1) Finance services

2) Payroll services

3) Resource planning (Rennie, 2020).

Question 2

Some of the steps which would be taken to make sure of the implementation of a new administrative system which involves the participation of employees are-

When planning the implementation plan course of action is determined. There is a need to proper planning for determining the course of action. Planning involves looking ahead and possible trends are predicted or the occurrences which can influence the work situation mainly the quality (Ajani, et al., 2021).

Question 3

The participation of employees in the implementation process of new administrative system is important as when the employees participate actively then there is better decision making and the morale of the employee enhanced. Participation of employees fosters teamwork sense and it also helps to develop the relationship between the employees themselves. When employees participate in building the confidence of employees and they also felt valued in the organization. There are many organizations that have a different separation of power between the workers and management. The organization which has less involvement of the employees then it builds the gap. Involving employee increase job satisfaction and helps to develop positive attitudes towards the organization and work (Khalid, and Nawab, 2018).

Question 4

Some of the examples of the legislative requirements, which would be suitable for implementation and use of an administrative system in the workplace are-

Privacy act 1988- it is suitable for all organization that maintains privacy records. These records are having all the clients’ and staff details and information. This act also involves the organization which is required to have the systems in place to make sure of the personal information privacy which is held organization station.

Health and safety legislation- it helps to protect the health and safety of the employees. This legislation is relevant to the implementation and administrative system which is used in the workplace. This act helps to maintain the health and safety of the employees and the customers who are visiting the organization (Rennie, 2020).

Question 5

Strategies usually involve setting the priorities and goals, actions are determined for achieving the organization’s goals and executing the actions for mobilizing the resources. A strategy describes how the set goals will be achieved by the resources.

Some of the strategies which would be used to address the training requirements of staff are-

Needs and goals are analysed for providing the training.

Skills gaps will be identified will be help to know which type of training will be provided.

Question 6

Contingency plans are the course of action that is designed to help the workplace respond to an event that may not happen or which can occur. These plans are also knowns as plan B because they can be also known as the alternate action if things do not go as per plan.  The contingency plan is required to allow the organization to return the daily operations as soon as possible after an unforeseen event (Burton, et al., 2021).

Question 7

Some of the steps which will be taken to evaluate an administrative system are-

1) An evaluation form will be created- main duties and responsibilities will be established. The duties of the administrative assistant will be determined. Qualities will be listed and expectations will be set and discussed.

2) Goals will be set- realistic goals and timelines will be set. Goals will be communicated and a performance review will be evaluated.

3) The goals will be decided and evaluated- schedule will be picked and it will be decided which will be reviewed and format will be reviewed.

4) Evaluation will be made on the weekly basis and an evaluation form will be evaluated. To the administrative assistant, information will be presented (Khalid, and Nawab, 2018).




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