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Professional development plan

Name Kim sweeney
Date of development Date to be reviewed
o Discussed with mentor/colleague

Name:    Kim

o Discussed with manager

Name: Riz                                                          



My personal goals are:

These should relate to or support professional goals

My professional goals are:

These should relate to objectives to maintain current competence in the job role or future career paths.

Next 12 months

This will depend on type of activity priority/ importance of undertaking it


My personal goal is to achieve higher position in this industry.

My professional goal is to become higher authority in board of directors.

Next 5 years

This will depend on type of activity priority/ importance of undertaking it

My personal goal is upgrade my professional skill and develop finance. My professional objective is to become CEO of company.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Timeframe Personal Professional

Required knowledge/ skills


·      required competencies

·      job description

·      Service plans and frameworks.

 Require all knowledge of leadership and communication skill

Interpersonal skill and being prompt and active listing (Kholiq, et al., 2020).

Team leader knowledge, punctuality, all knowledge of an organization.


·      your views

·      recent tests/appraisals

·      other people’s views.

Good listening skill

And punctuality ,honest, empathetic  open minded (Drude, et al., 2019).

Knowledge of finance

And good cooperative skill and critical thinker. attracting employee

Gaps/barriers/obstacles and solutions

·      gaps in knowledge/ skills

·      changes to systems/ services requiring new skills

·      what will help you to progress in your role, profession?

Transparency , development in sensing skill ,

Communicate with employee ,and being rationale

Leadership skill

Data analysis skill,

Complete education.

Improve decision making and problem solving skill

Make plan and set deadlines and being prompt and perspective.

Analyze properly way, sense problem ,solve and get success.

Professional Development and Networking Activities

Identified gap Development activity Details (provider, location, etc.) Objective of development/ networking activity Timeframe Cost

Decision making

Develop decision making skill make plan, and analyze problem and make decision.

1. Identify decision.

2.Gather information and follow

Develop decision making power for


1 month $150
2.      Problem solving

Identify the problem and research for problem. Search the solution put take valid solution and apply problem

Wait for result.

  Work place It is important for as an employee . And improve sensing power of employee. 3 month No cost
3.      Communication skill Improve listening skill and sense and understand before you speak. Read more use good face expression for improve communication skill. Improve communication skill you work properly in finance department. 1 year No cost
4.      Team leader

 Make discipline, take responsibility,

Solve the employee problem.

book Team leader is most important to improve sensing and problem solving skill. 3 month No cost
5.      Interpersonal skill Make positive and control emotions. Practice active listening. Practice for empathy. www.kelly service Interpersonal skill is requiring for workplace. 3month $60

Third party report

Name of observer:   Andrew simods                 

Position: HR executive________________________________________________

Contact details: +6323456674__________________________________________

Skill Description of how candidate demonstrated skill/knowledge. Provide example
Demonstrates interpersonal skills to communicate and inspire trust and confidence of others and to ensure their cooperation and support. Clear communication skill,

Collaborate with other employee, active listening improve

Conflict management skill, improve, improve sensing skill.

Demonstrates networking skills to ensure support from key groups and individuals for concepts/ideas/ products/services. Networking skill is improving practice of communication.

Ask your friends for give feedback in every month for improve networking

Attend all events done on workplace.

Networking helps in professional contact.

Applies business ethics. It is ethics to real problem apply practical application in work place and your life. And maintain discipline for trust.
Ensure performance is continuously improved through participation in professional development, networking, etc. Yes

All skill that acquire in goal improve. Communication skill improves and interpersonal skill improves, and  improve the problem solving problem. And develop professional skill and personal skill.

Signature: ________________________________________         Date: _____/_____/______


Drude, K. P., Maheu, M., & Hilty, D. M. (2019). Continuing professional development: Reflections on a lifelong learning process. Psychiatric Clinics42(3), 447-461.

Kholiq, A., Purwoko, B., & Sartinah, E. P. (2020, December). Improving the Interpersonal Communication Skill Through Classical Guidance. In International Joint Conference on Arts and Humanities (IJCAH 2020) (pp. 155-159). Atlantis Press.

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