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Definition and Example of a Moot Point

Definition and example of a moot point
A moot point is a question or statement which is not useful to the situation. The moot point is a common expression with an origin story which is interesting. An issue open to the arguments is a debatable question also the irrelevant question does not make the sense. The moot point is the fact which does not apply to the current situation and the facts which may not apply for a number of reasons. The given information can be doubtful or no practical value or is no longer current.
A moot point also refers to the question which does not matter so much because it is very unlikely that anyone could to able to answer it in an effective way.
It must be ensured that it should be full expression and understood and also should use correctly. And have to explore the origin, uses and several examples of the moot points.

The moot point can be a function of three different parts
Nouns, adjectives and verbs
The moot point is the phrase used to describe the situation and the given topic which have to be discussed which is for an indefinite amount of time which is without coming to a clear resolution. A moot which continues the debate on the topic is a waste of time it is because there is no chance for any agreement which will be reached because it does not matter.
The moot point is referred to something which is no longer relevant to the current conversation.
Moot point stems from the word mute which is silent and points imply that the person making the point will do better if they had to say nothing at all.

For example: it is like to talk on the phone with the mute function activated. If they think that they are making a good point and adding value to the conversation, but no one seems to care or believe which is for the statement.
Did Shakespeare write to play, or it was for something else? I guess it’s a moot point.
Whether or not they would have to become a better nurse is a moot point, as they have decided to become a teacher.
Will sue have a good player in our team?
A boss told lime in the office that has all the qualities of the better.
The fact they do not want to go on the boat trip is.
A moot point between the critics or it is the moot point whether the egg chicken come first.
A moot point is an issue or subject or feature which is no longer pertinent and which cannot be contested which cannot be discussed.

Illustrative example
Where we go for dinner today?
Where we go for dinner today?
The impractical
Where we go for dinner today?




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