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Customer service report


Complaints and feedback are part of the business and company as they help in prepositive improving the company and should be taken as an opportunity for improvement.

8 feedbacks are positive and about the company that was taken from the ex-students from the Aus Biz coaching and there are also 2 complaints which are registered in the feedback register.

Analysis of feedback

The complaints are 2 which include about the workshop event in which Sally Barnes tells us that the workshop event which he found interesting and beneficial for him and asks for a refund. And Janice White found that the arrangement in the events is good and up to the mark and the food is not interested to hear.

There is 8 feedback that is registered most of the feedback is for the publication which has a positive review but there is a need to add some new publication. The group online coaching is good and also a great session and there is a problem with the process of appointment the coach.

Potential Actions to address

The action which will be needed to the taken there will be a proper investigation done for the follow-up action and taking every feedback seriously and positive way. There will be follow-up action taken and these actions are done for the confirmation of each feedback and complaint so that we can improve the area which coaching lacks.


The action should be taken seriously so that complaints will not repeat in future and these complaints should be solved by providing the proper policy and procedure and also following the follow-up taken for the best result. The priority first given to the management of the events should be taken care of and management should be checked and then the transparency of the coaching and then there should be a priority given to the publications management and add more publication for the efficient providing education to the candidates.

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