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CUL954 Current Community Relations/Charity Activity in the World of Sports


David Fantin is a baseball player. He is playing baseball from the age of 4. He is currently playing baseball in Houston hardball League. He has participated in different tournaments of the baseball in the world. David is running a global initiative for charity for the cancer patients. Global Sports Foundation is the organisation that is running this initiative. This organisation also helps young aspirants of baseball. There are a lot of children in the world that loves baseball but they cannot afford. David is helping such children also. Various types of initiative for the run by global Sports Foundation.

Cancer and ALS initiative

David is involved in providing funds to the cancer patients. Most of the cancer patients that are helped by this organisation are associated with sports players. Ray Lammie and the Michael Goldsmith was the friend of David. They lost their lives because of cancer and ALS respectively. David realised to help those people who are suffering from cancer. Global Sports Foundation gets fund from different sources. Some of the shares of the funds that are collected are invested for the cancer patients (Global Sports Foundation, 2018). Major League Baseball is supporting the cancer initiative of this organisation. This League works as a fundraiser for the global Sports Foundation. Different teams play baseball for creating awareness about the Cancer disease. The awareness enables the common people to do charity for this disease. This organisation gets a good amount of fund for cancer patients.

Michael Goldsmith was suffering from ALS. Michael Goldsmith started ALS awareness day by conducting an event of baseball on 4th July 2009 (Global Sports Foundation, 2018). Every year on 4th of July baseball event is conducted by this organisation to create awareness about this disease. The fund that is collected from the event is used for the cure of the people that are suffering from this disease. The fund is collected from Stadium ticket and from the commercials telecasted in between live TV. These types of event are conducted by global Sports Foundation for fundraising for such type of disease (Hull & Kim, 2016)

Both of the friends of David were a good baseball player and humanitarian that was lost by David.  The initiative that was taken by Michael Goldsmith is continued by David. David is conducting different events by which awareness is created regarding cancer and ALS. David has visited many of the countries in the world. The countries that are visited by David are Hungary, Honduras, Cuba, Nicaragua, Czech Republic, Italy, Panama, Africa etc. Global Sports Foundation is conducting different events in these countries associated with baseball. The funds that are collected from the events are invested in the cure of diseases.

Helps to 

If the family member of the baseball player is suffering from any of the diseases from cancer and ALS then this family member will be supported by Global Sports Foundation (Lunardo & Bezençon, 2016). The patients that are not related to the baseball player are also supported by the organisation of David. The whole expenses regarding the disease are invested by this organisation.

Methods of Collecting Funds

There are different ways implemented by this organisation for enhancing funds for this initiative. The people that support this organisation for the disease initiative are provided with the thank you note from the patient. The philanthropist is provided with the greeting cards in which blessings from the patients are written for the donor. These greeting cards provide a good impression in the mind of Donor regarding this organisation (Meyer &  Kuhn, 2018). It is the interactive idea that is implemented by this organisation to motivate the donor to donate again for this valuable cause for the disease. Donation can be done by the means of internet banking.

Baseball lollipops are sold by this organisation at the time of the baseball event. These lollipops are sold at high cost. Good amount of profit is earned by this organisation from selling lollipops to the children. The profit can be used by this organisation for curing the patients of cancer and ALS. Each lollipop provides 50% of profit to this organisation.

Various restaurants are partners of this organisation. This organisation provides discount coupons of various restaurants to the donors (Fortunato, 2013). Donors visit these restaurants because of getting discount coupons from the Global Sports Foundation. These restaurants are investing funds in the initiative of Global Sports Foundation as a CSR activity. Therefore this organisation is providing benefits to CSR partners and its donors.

Pizza is one of the most common foods that are eaten by a large population of the world. This organisation provides a fundraising card. If the donors eat pizza from the partners of this organisation then a particular share of the amount from the cost of Pizza is invested in the initiative of global Sports Foundation.

Children belong to rich families are also get training from global Sports Foundation. This organisation provides training for baseball. Children from rich family pay a good amount of fees for the training of baseball to this organisation (Kirsch, 2013). The funds that are collected from these children are invested in the initiative of disease. A good amount of funds are collected from this training program that is invested for the cure of patients.

In this way, the different type of methods is implemented by this organisation for collecting funds for the disease initiative. These are the methods that are developed by this organisation for fundraising. These methods are very fruitful for fulfilling the initiative that is taken by this organisation.

Genuine initiative

The initiative that is taken by this organisation is genuine. All the funds that are collected from the donors are not accepted in cash. The donor has to make payments via online Mode. The demand draft and the cheque in the favour of this organisation can also be given as a donation. Transparency is being followed in collecting funds by this organisation. The volunteers that are associated with this organisation are provided with all information regarding the collection of funds. The baseball teams of Houston hardball League are the main stakeholder of this organisation. All the baseball teams of this League are provided with the information regarding the strategies by which funds can be released for this organisation.

 The method of investment for curing the disease of the patients is designed with the help of stakeholders. The suggestion from the team players of the baseball teams of Houston hardball League is taken into consideration for the development of the initiative. All the suggestions from the different stakeholders are implemented if they are worth it for the initiative. In this way, it can be said that the initiative taken by the Global Sports Foundation is genuine in nature. This initiative is helping a lot of patients suffering from diseases (Babiak, et. al., 2012)

Diverting attention from negative controversies

Global Sports Foundation is the platform that provides the opportunity to the players that are suffering from cancer and ALS. These patients can fulfil their Desire of playing baseball. The young players suffering from these diseases are provided with a training of baseball by this Foundation. Patients of these diseases play baseball in the events of Global Sports Foundation. A sense of Good Feeling is created among the patients of cancer and ALS by watching the patients playing baseball. This organisation supports both players and non-players suffering from these diseases (Fortunato, 2013). This is the initiative for all. Making the patients play Baseball is a positive step that is accomplished by this organisation. This step creates a feeling of motivation in the minds of non-player that they can do anything while suffering from the disease of cancer and ALS.


Global Sports Foundation is helping various patients of cancer and ALS. It can be concluded from the assessment that the Global Sports Foundation is involved in the fundraising of disease initiative. This organisation is conducting different events by which funds can be generated for its disease initiative. This organisation implements the different type of techniques at the time of the event for getting a good amount of funds and profit from the event. The transparency is the important factor that is involved in each step of collecting funds by this organisation. This organisation has supported a large number of patients suffering from cancer and ALS. This organisation is supporting baseball in different parts of the world. The funds collected from baseball events in the different countries conducted by an organisation are invested for the cure of patients.


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