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CPCCBC4013 Prepare and evaluate tender documentation

Section A

Question 1

Metal materials required- The materials that are required for the building of the doghouse is required are related to the construction industry. Various metals like steel, aluminum, and nickel are used to build the structure. The structure and the formation are being built for the pets. It is a convertible house that can be processed for the overall use of the materials.

Quantity- The metal required for the making of the structure would require a variety of metals that would including steel mostly. It would require 11 quintals of steel and other metals.

Cost- the cost of the metal would be around $ 8000. Steel, nickel, and aluminum are also the kind of easily available materials.

Wood- Wooden materials are required for the building of the structure. This is needed for the making of the accessories of the structure. It is a material that is durable and is used for making the interior of the structure.

Quantity- The wooden structure that needs to be built requires 500kg of wood. The structure needs to be built with the amount of wood that has been mentioned.

Cost- The cost of the materials is $ 5000. The wooden structure that is needed requires the cost that has been estimated.

Fiberglass- The fiberglass component is used for the construction of the industry. The component of fiber is used for the interiors of the house. The material is required for the formation of the planes of the windows or the doors.

Quantity- The structure that needs to be built will require 300kg of material. This is needed for the completion of the structure.

Cost- The cost of the materials will require $4000.

Plastic- The material of plastic required in the form of the structure is perforated plastic. There are many benefits of these materials. These are inexpensive and can be availed easily. They are used for the miscellaneous parts of the structure. The materials that are recycled can also be availed for use in construction. The cost of the plastic that has been required for the formation of the structure is also mentioned here to get a better idea of the materials required.

Quantity- The amount that is required is 500kg might be PVC. The amount of material is necessary for the construction to be completed.

Cost- The cost of the entire material would be around $ 10000 (Zavadskas, et al., 2017).

Question 2

The formation of the costing of the workforce is described in the table below:

Employees Hour Cost
Manager 7-8 hrs/day $ 1500
Contractor 2-3 hrs/day $ 500
Labor 10-12 hrs/day $ 700
Architect 7-8 hrs/day $ 1000
Metal worker 5-6 hrs/day $ 800
Engineer 6-7 hrs/day $  1200
Worker 8-9 hrs/day $ 300

The formation of the materials that have been used for the construction required the labor skills required for the completion of the project (Chang, et al., 2020).

Question 3

Role-play between the manager and the engineer.

Manager: Hello Sir, how are you doing?

Engineer: I am doing well. How about you?

Manager: I would like to discuss the potential of the project. This will take a few minutes.

Engineer: Yes sir, this project will require various resources to complete and also have various opportunities.

Manager: This house is built for pets residing in the nearby area. This project also has various other benefits like it can be utilized as a storehouse.

Engineer: The engineering resources required for the completion of the project will be provided by stakeholders.

Manager:  This structure has the potential to be helpful for the communities around.

Engineer: Yes the construction has immense potential for the future as it will be completed by 25 Dec 2022 (Kibert, 2016).

Section B

Question 1

The operation and the costing system of the company are mentioned below:

1) The organization follows all the rules and regulations of the Australian government. The BCA regulation applies while constructing structures in the country.

2) The supplier of the steel followed the norms and regulations of the AS/NZS 5131. The cost of raw steel is $8000. It is cheaper compared to the other contractors. This is good quality steel that is utilized for the construction of the structure.

3) The wood supplier also follows the Australian standard. The raw materials that are supplied from the sources also formed the needs as per the BCA standards. The job will be done in almost 15 days.

4) Choosing the proper fire glass is very crucial in this case. This must follow the Australian standard of building. The BCA standards are mentioned for the convenience of the builders.

5) The company should hire people with at least two years of experience. This will help improve the quality of work of the system (Yao, et al., 2018).

Costing structure

1) The organization costing structure that has been assigned to create the budget that will help plan the construction.

2) The procedure involves the signing of the budget by the supplier and the accounts team. It will be finalized by the process of construction. It might exceed the process of budgeting and the former accounts that have been used for the construction procedure.

3) The raw materials are allotted a separate budget that has been required them. This will involve the cost of all the raw materials separately. The formation of the structure requires the budget of the raw materials to be made separately.

4) The rest of the materials that are required for the construction of the pet house is assigned by the contractors and the other stakeholders. This is true for all the people involved in the construction of the project (Ching, 2020).

Question 2

The building code of Australia provides the standard that requires in building construction in the country. This is true for the facilities that provide the health, safety, and security of the new facility.

When constructing a new pet house the standard that has been used are as followed:

1) The structure of steel that is made by the code of the BCA is the steel racking that has been required to complete the construction.

2) Steel column that has been formed for the structure requires building as per the code of AZ/NZS 5131.

3) The AS 1684-code that is used for the woodworking of the pet house is required. These are the criteria that have been followed for the construction of the structure.

4) The fiberglass must follow the AS 3571-1989, which is applied to the fiberglass and the regular materials. This is required for the formation of the making of the structure as per the BCA norms and regulations.

5) The lighting and the other accessories inside the pet house must adhere to the Australian standards and code of construction (Pacheco, et al., 2014).

Question 3

Residential building: This includes all the construction that is aimed to be built for the residents of the humans. This involves all the houses and buildings that are made for the living of the population of the country.

Commercial buildings: Commercial buildings include structures that are made for commercial purposes. This is formed for running businesses that include selling, purchasing, and providing several commercial services.

Industrial buildings: The structure that has been formed for large industries involves the manufacturing of products on a mass scale that is required by the general population.

Infrastructure construction: Infrastructure construction involves the construction of large structures such as bridges and tunnels for public welfare. This is an important part of the construction industry as it develops the infrastructure of the country (Allen & Iano, 2019).

Question 4

Contract workers:

Carpenter: The carpenter completes all the wood-related work that needs to be done for the construction of the structure. This is the pet house that needs to be constructed for the foundation and footing for the furniture.

Labor: They implement the plans and work of the job assigned for the formation. They require to be formed for the basic requirements of the construction.

Plumber: The plumber does all the sanitary required work that needs to be installed for the water pipes. They must require high-quality plumbing.

Painter: The painter has supplied the paint services that require for the pet house (Femi, 2014).


Project manager: The project manager is responsible for the project and the small details related to it. The project manager is responsible for all the decisions related to the construction of the pet house.

Account manager: The account manager is responsible for managing the accounts of the construction. The manager is in charge of the whole process from preparing the budget to the formation of the structure.

Risk manager: The risk manager is the person who is involved in managing the risks of the project. The construction of the structure requires many risks that need to be managed by the risk manager (Sotayo, et al., 2020).

Section C

Question 1

The most important document which is required for the accomplishment of the project which is the dog house has been motion below to make sure that the tender does not get rejected by any mean this is the document with high value and are required to increase the chances and get the approval on the tender:

1 Sheet of instruction

2 Condition of tender

3 Necessary guidelines regarding the contract

4 Tender slip returning

5 tender requesting letters

6 Needs of technical

7 Need and norms for contract

8 Drawing of the work

Every tender requires a set of particular documents and the overall approval depends on the documents which are provided if the important documents are missing then there are high chances of rejection of tender to make sure that nothing much happens always have the all required documents and try to provide the additional important documents along with it.

In case of approval gets rejected the work will not proceed and it has been found out that this sort of document is very important from different perspectives not only that it also helps in keeping the track record of the progress from a different perspective and in the long term it helps in maintaining the monitoring process of work (Mohammed, et al., 2018).

Question 2

While collecting the document regarding the tender to make sure that the approval of it gets with ease and no kind of problem could raise in the path following information before working on the documents for the tender is necessary below mention points are some of the most basic things which are as the important information regarding the tender:

1 owner address – this is essential as it will help in case of urgency

2 Address of the organization – this is required from the work point of view.

3 equipment information – essential from the work point of view

4 construction steps – to get better knowledge about the work that is going on

5 Essential information – such as the database of all work that is being gone on

6 schedules of work – to know the track of work and to do it by the given deadline

7 modes of communication – different mode of communication will be used such as email, phone calls, meetings, etc.

The above-mentioned are the most important piece of information which are necessary for tender and to make sure that the overall work results in the direction of growth (Marsono & Balasbaneh, 2015).

Question 3

The necessary tender documents which are required to fulfill the purpose of the right tender are being discussed below:

1 construction schedule – the overall metal work that is going to act as the framework will be completed in 10 days, the rest of the work that is wood and timber would be completed in 7 days the work of paint for the required work will be completed in the next 3 days and this will conclude the overall schedule of the work.

2 specifications – the project equipment all met the standards set by the government and has been certified to use in the current work.

3 drawings – the drawing of the project which will show the overall work that has to be done and the end goal is not provided and this is very important to have the required docs for the right work knowledge.

4 scopes of work – the work of the dog house is going to be completed by September 22, 2022. with a complete requirement that has been asked by the owner

5 special requirements – as it has been observed that the current situation of the pandemic has affected the raw material prices in every manner and to make sure that this will not hinder the overall progress special arrangement regarding it must be done.

6 common terms and conditions – the usual working hours of the working staff is going to be of 8 hrs. and a lunch break of 40 min will be provided including in it, and the different superiors are going to work based on the need and so the working hours are flexible for them, all the necessary things which are related to the work has been provided.

7 the agreement– the agreement is a set of important rules and regulations and the work-related configuration which are pre-set and necessary to follow. And this is being confirmed by both parties and this is to make sure that the work that is going to be done can be completed properly and lead to the overall success of the organization.

8 bills for the quantity required – this step is very crucial as it includes all the necessary billing which are required in the process to complete it and the billing shows the overall expenditure of the work.

The above mentioned are some of the most common things which are taken as the tender document and these all requirements the procedure required in the necessary tender document which is related to the construction (Wood, et al., 2016).

Question 4

All the necessary documents which are required have been gathered from every requirement have been considered and kept in mind after that all the documents which are needed and of high value. The necessary eight steps which are of necessary importance have been included and kept under consideration to assure the approval of tender and these are the documents that are required and will be provided to all the necessary staff member which are having the involvement in the work this is to make sure that the necessary information has been provided to all of the members and this will lead to the better efficiency and growth of the organization (Wood, et al., 2016).


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