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CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction

Assessment 2: Apply structural principles

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CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building)
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CPCCBC5018 Apply structural principles to the construction of medium rise buildings
Due date See GOL
Resources required Learner to provide:

·         Computer with internet access Provided:

·         Drawings – medium-rise residential

·         AS026_Soil Report_Chum_Creek

Decision making rules To achieve an overall satisfactory result for this assessment task:

•         Learners must achieve a satisfactory result for each item in the Checklist/Marking Guide.

Learner instructions

This task requires you to use plans and specifications to identify structural elements and analyse performance characteristics of building materials. Refer to the Task Details, for further information.

For this task you will:

·         Complete it individually.

·         Complete it in your own time

·         Submit your answers electronically according to task instructions.

If you have any questions about the task or concerns about your ability to complete the task, please discuss this with your assessor.

Assessment 2: Apply structural principles

Task Details

For this task, you must read building plans, specifications and a soil report to identify and analyse structural elements, technical construction principles and performance characteristics of building materials.

Download the following documents in this assessment task:

  • Drawings – medium-rise residential
  • AS026_Soil Report_Chum_Creek
  1. Use the Drawings – medium-rise residential to identify the following. Record your responses in the Structural Principles project template
    • Load bearing structural members – highlight/label all load bearing structural members on the
    • The footing system – describe the footing types and
    • Explain whether there will be a need to build retaining walls on this
  2. Using the information in the AS026_Soil Report_Chum_Creek, identify:
  • the site classification
  • estimated surface movement
  • recommended footing system
  • recommended founding depth
  • allowable bearing capacity

Record these in the Structural Principles Project Template below.

  1. Referring to the NCC:
  • Identify the minimum concrete strength and slab mesh required for the footings for this class of site and building
  • Determine if the footings specified in the drawings will meet the recommendations in the soil report and relevant Australian Explain why or why not.

Submit your completed Structural Principles Project Template and marked-up drawings in this assessment activity.

Structural Principles Project Template
The footing system
The footing system that requires for the site as per the soil report of the site and there is a need to follow AS 2870-2011 and must consider the factor that there is reactive clay and experience of moisture that change. The footing system that must be preferred will be the pier & Beam Footing System.
Is a retaining wall needed? Why/why not?
Yes, there is retaining the walls requires because the footing system requires a beam that will be supported by the walls so that there will be a proper foundation of the building that can be managed by the engineers.
Soil report The site classification The classification of the building determined by taking into consideration about the geology and profile of the building according to the AS2870-2011. And classification of the building is CLASS M & CLASS B.
Estimated surface movement The estimated surface movement of the site will be 20 to 40mm under normal moisture conditions.
Recommended footing system The footing system that is recommended according to the soil report is Pier & Beam footing.
Recommended founding depth The possible and recommended depth for the founding of the building will be 0.6-0.7m.
Allowable bearing capacity The proportioned allowable bearing capacity is 100kPa.
What concrete strength and slab mesh are specified in the NCC for this site and building types?
For the strength of the building of Class M according to the NCC, there will be the inclusion of the proper concrete. The concrete need the minimum size of the diameter of the slab should with the embedded length of the slab be 1401-1800 and the dimension of 110mm diameter with the reinforcement of a minimum 5mm hard drawn wires.
Will the footings specified in the drawings meet the soil report recommendations and relevant?

Australian Standards? Why/why not?

The footing that is mentioned in the soil report is as per AS2870-2011 and there will be used Residential slabs and footing construction also there is follow of the Building codes of Australia with the AS1684.2-2010 residential Timber-framed construction.

Marked-up Drawings

Checklist/Marking Guide

1 Submitted a marked up building plan/drawing that correctly identified load bearing structural members.
2 Submitted a completed Structural Principles Project Template that identified the planned footing system and determined compliance against the NCC.  


Feedback – Assessor must include feedback

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