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SCIE4510 Cost Benefit analysis report

The cost for the project that is for the new project which is selected by the research market is sanitiser there is a need of the costing of the certain things which are needed to analyse and also need to find that it is a benefit for the organisation as there will be a suggestion that that for the launch manufacturer of the new product there is need of some learning skills to the employment which is through the proper training to the employees and managed by the HR, for the training and management of training it will cost approx.. is $1000. This will help in increasing productivity.

There is also a need for promotion for the need of the advertisement and also for the proper marketing and this marketing will be done through various activities like advertisement on the internet and also through banners and other activities so that cost will be $3000 it will help in increasing the popularity of the product.

For the new manufacturing of the product, there is some new technology needed for this so for this there is $4000 it will help in the manufacturing of sanitiser and also help in the efficiency and quality of the product.

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Subject: for the approval of the management plan

Attachment: resource allocation plam.docx, risk analysis.docx and cost-benefit reprort.docx

Dear sir

This mail is to inform you that there is a need to grow in the organisation and the need the launch a new product as per the market demand of the people that is researched by the team. For this, there are some changes we need to go for the proper growth of the organisation and I have attached some related files please go through them.

Thank you

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