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BSBSUS601 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


This introduction includes basic knowledge of the company’s policy related to CSR. The chosen company is Exxon Mobil for better perspectives of the CSR policies. This report contains all the necessary details about the company and comparisons or adaption of the new CSR companies that might help it for more content for adaption and make the company work according to the selected needs and criteria of work. It is really some sort of interconnected policy of the company which will include good circumstances of selected criteria. The policy includes better-expected solutions of social, environmental, practical and organizational functioning of the policy in the selected company Exxon Mobil for CSR policy and radiation from the company for making it work in the company.

Research and identification of organization and adaption of team role

The chosen organization for the comparison and identification of the CSR policies from the organization is Exxon Mobil which is chosen for its unique qualities of adaption of techniques also these policies can make the organization work well over the real means of solution. The company also peruse all the quality factors which the organization must follow. The company produces a lot of good environmental, social and governmental policies which are like the health and engaged workforce, community investments, safety, human rights, engagement with government, integrity and ethics, board leadership and policies about sustainability and highlighting factors which are there present in the report. The company produces a lot of goals related to organizational satisfaction over their results and their selected criteria of work. The major role is of the company’s employees of how they are working and including good circumstances of work for better increment related to their selected solutional work of the organization to grow and work over their CSR. The team is the real reason all the work and the working condition can be real and happening for the better-selected circumstance or criteria of work. The team might show interest in the values which are described above, which do values about their selected criteria of mounding the organization in a good phase and try to consist it better for working and make the investment over it. These are the identified outlines which would be considered for better views of purchasing team (Rahayu, 2021).

Publisher values

Based on the known things, about the company Exxon mobile there are a lot of contradictions which are like,

  1. Climatic change – the company is been accused of funding climatic change over decades which is a major factor in their problems. While knowing the acknowledging roles of fossil fuels and global warming. And also, all the actions have been a major issue for a lot of times of public in the open meeting of shareholders and many other impotent persons.
  2. Environmental Responsibility – while the commitment of the company ExxonMobil have for reducing greenhouse gases over work and also use techniques which uses low-carbon techniques before adopting these policies the company suffered a lot of times about damage and pollution accuse from the lawsuits.
  3. Corporate governance – some of the major questions which are asked by the company’s stakeholders were about the company’s leadership styles and manuals which is been a major object for the poor functioning of the company.
  4. Workplace diversity – the company has always faced a lot of acquired workers based on the techniques which are adopted in the company due to their bad leadership qualities in the worst form of nature and their real routines and circumstances before the condition of the company. The main reason why the company lacked behind earlier is the company’s leadership styles (Idemudia & Osayande, 2018).

Organizational vision and published vision co-relate over CSR values

It is very clear to examine that the company vision was related to the publisher’s vision. It is as general as making things right for the selected criteria of the organization. The vision is established based on the objectives fulfilled now from the selected earlier presentations of the company. The company made it clear and established the real retention of the work related to CSR policies. The company based on the heights of the market has reached due to their changes in vision and other factors of concern. This was also clear to state the working conditions of the needed work. It was stated that if the CSR policies have not been made for the company to follow the company might have faced a wind-up due to a lot of pollution and bad climatic favours related to selected work. These policies can be adopted by purchasers only because they wanted to make it clear for the selected conditions.  Which can be very exciting for the company to work and retain over the policies?  The policy not only made the company work in the market to build its reputation again but also very good conditions of their profit and other factors related to it can also be noticed very easily. The company never demanded other facilities for selected criteria’s but this also made it clear for the company that the vision they persuade must fulfil the needs of the polished vision because the companies do adapt this for customer engagement and better image but on their back, they do not spend over these kinds of policies and make it clear cost cutting method for their profit (Hasan, 2018).

Ethical statement for suppliers and employees

The company ExxonMobil focuses on their customer satisfaction and also on their selected concerns which they call defects. The company mainly works for good policies and proper methods of handling the clients through the help of their employees. Around the world, ExxonMobil aims to be a preferred business partner, neighbors, employer and supplier. they maintain a corporate-wide commitment to safeguarding the health and security of our employees and the public, responsibly managing our social impacts and upholding respect for human rights in their operations. The company ExxonMobil encourages their suppliers and their employes for asking voice concerns and questions. They also offer with pure intentions whether there were any alleged violations of their companies’ policies. It correlated in such an easy way that any company making their way off growing good in the open market takes some advice by analyzing the previous star companies which gives them a lot of detailed analyses of what is going on inside the company, how are they fighting with the taken company and many more things which could be considered for the work related to this field. The chosen company yes, the same as the publisher which makes it easy to adapt their policies and procedures which would give complimentary success to the company for better results in the open market for good knowledge and better-performing criteria of work (Ningrum, 2016).

Benefits and drawback of CSR initiatives

Taking a close look over CSR does give us good vibes, not only the vibes in the company but in open markets also based on the client. The policy is very working and also profit gaining. But remembering the fact that everything has a bad face makes it look over the disadvantage the CSR might have or might be a topic to think about. Based on the analysis let them talk about the advantages and disadvantages which the publisher might face while buying and adopting the techniques from ExxonMobil company (Hailsham, et al., 2021).

A list of advantages which gives the good feeling of adapting this technique is,

  1. Value and Profitability.
  2. Better relationships with customers.

Some of the disadvantages which might give the understanding of the CSR policy in detail are,

  1. CSR costs money for implementation.
  2. Arriving conflicts with the profit motive.
  3. Consumers stay wise over greenwashing.

These are some of the drawbacks and uncovered the truth about the CSR policy for adaption and other factors related to the policy which is going to be bought for the betterment of the system. But besides this, the policy can be very useful in any company also this gives better structural knowledge about how will the company give the best reliable views over the bad factors of the policy. But good management and overview before the adaption of the policy can save and make the company reach their heights so they can make it worthwhile for the company (Alhouti, et al., 2016).

Major STEEPLE Factors impacting purchasing department

Looking back to the basics, they will definitely be related to what STEEPLE analyses are. It is basically an advanced analysis for measuring macro-environmental external factors. It basically gives the overview of detailed overviews of different factors which are related to external matters. The main factors which would affect any purchasing department would be the basic factors like ethical, political, legal, economic, environmental, technological and social factors. These are the factors which would be considered by any purchasing department which would impact any kind of company in circumstances which are the reason why the company have to be seen or faced near their selected criteria of working based on the company analysis.

This STEEPLE analysis will bring the company to a problem which needs proper planning and adaption of the governmental factors of buying and making it clear for understanding the collaboration of any kind of selected working solution of the company. The company ExxonMobil. The STEEPLE analysis is more of an extension of the PEST analysis where they produce additional environmental, legal and Ethical elements of work (Slack, et al., 2015).

Benchmark Finding of CSR Policy

Benchmark methods are the methods which express the quality CSR policy over the companies by any single number Monistic in nature. It is also assumed to know about the possible given Cassina ranking for making it realize different values and concerns related to work. Values seem to be very effective for the nature of the organization. These values give good symptom decreases over the selected criteria of the nature of the company for the good of the company in a better way. It is very good for the company to adopt the CSR policy which makes it better for the company to understand good conditioning of the company. Based on these evaluations the company will eventually make more profit from the hired CSR policy. This policy will make the company stay good in the competitive market for the better reach of it. Benchmark finding about the policy is to make the company reach their heights and make it so good for the company to peruse their ongoing needs and demands of profit. The company presented the view of a better-upgraded policy which will impact the overall working of the whole organization in such a positive way they will need it for the rest of their life for such outstanding profit creation and knowledge. These are the benchmarks which should be seen for the following condition of work (Parra, et al., 2016).


This conclusion will state all the CSR policies and also good concluding factors about the company Exxon Mobil. This is the selected condition of the related work which is to be considered and followed related to the company CSR policy. The following CSR policy was explained detailed analysis of the basis of selected circumstances of the work. ExxonMobil Company made a lot of profit using the selected CSR policy and now the publisher company is also trying to adopt the detailed analysis of the policy for their company to grow more over the open market.


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