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Control Variables-Importance with Examples

In a research study, it is symbolized as the constant or can be a limited variable that can be
handled which is why it is named the control variable. This is used for the study aims but it is
also used in the experiment to control it. That is why the investigation outcomes can be
influenced by the control variables.
The investigation has two variables one is changing which is the dependent variable whereas
the other one is independent which a controlled one is. Variables are types of value that can
be changed or remain constant with time.
As the independent variable changes the dependent variable change automatically because its
variation depends on the independent variable.

Examples of the control variable:
The growth of a plant depends on the control variables which are light, water, and
Noise pollution in the environment is the type of control variable that depends on various
factors that produces sound in the atmosphere.
Fear of the spider image in the movie the control variable is 2D or 3D picture screen
brightness room lights etc.

Importance of control variable:
Control variable used to create the correlation between the variable of interest in the
experiments. All the values that can influence the result must be controlled in the experiment.
The controlled variable is used to explain how’s the products alternatively explain.
controlled variables are the value that influences the results apart from the other two variables
which are independent and dependent.  If the variable is not controlled then it may not affect the outcomes or results not be demonstrated the results.   It is necessary to control the variable if it is not controlled then it will not figure out the real outcome of the results. It is necessary to define the controlled variable that defines whether the result is affected by the independent or dependent variable.
Variation of the variable in the experiment influences the result so it is necessary to control it
and it is necessary as it is used to establish the relationship between the independent and
dependent variables.

Method to control variable:
There are many ways or can say methods to control the variables in the experimental designs.

Random method:
This has multiple groups that are most relevant to the study's experiment. In this method, all
the participants are assigned to a different group. It helps to differentiate between the groups
and find out the result.

Standardized method:
In this method variables are fixed throughout the experiment means holding to a constant
level for all participant sessions.
The independent variable are should vary the group which can use to separate the dependent
variable effects.

Statistical Controls:
This method is used to control all the variables as well as the other extra variable that helps to
remove the effects of the other variables. This method used regressing analysis to design the
control variable data.

Control Variables and Non-Experimental Research

A control group is different from the control variable they both have different values and
meanings. the constant parameter is used to measure the control variable. It is possible to go
throughout the study for both experimental and control groups. If the independent variable is
between the control group and the experimental group then it is easy to go through the
experimental and control group.
The control group never goes throughout the experiment as well as the experiment treatment
variable as the outcome differentiates from the experimental group.  In the experimental
everything should be between the experimental and the control group.

Example with the experiment:
Suppose an experiment that was used to search for the result of effectiveness on improving
attentiveness of Vitamin D supplements. An investigation with a group that is maybe local
that gets a placebo tablet and another one is an experimental group that gets the Vitamin D
supplements. The independent variable is the vitamin D addition, and the dependent variable
can be the level of alertness.
Any of the changes in the awareness is caused by the vitamin D supplement and not by other
variables, control this variable that presents the variation through the impact on alertness:

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