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I am doing a course in culinary management and for the better experience of my knowledge, I was working in Rangala Punjab Indian Restaurant for the post of culinary manager and hiring by the supervisor Mr Kuldeep Singh Dhadial. Where I got the responsibility of inventory management, assisting the chefs and also doing chopping vegetables for the food ingredients and also looking at the food orders for better management of the food. And I have learned so many things that are very helpful for me to achieve some new skills and also new things which are very useful for the career in my life.

Goal Achieved or Not

My goals for my future career are from the course for which I am doing this course. My goals in my life are to open a new restaurant in the food industry and also to become a chef with a variety of cuisines, for learning of new cuisines I helped the chef a lot and assist him very well and I learned some new cuisines with good training at the restaurant for this while assisting the chef in the restaurant I learned how to be a professional at the work and also there is new learning of the food varieties with the different cuisines. But for opening a new restaurant there is a need to learn many things which I will learn slowly.

Additional Knowledge Acquired

I learn many new things and also learn new practical knowledge about the food and observe things very closely for this there is a need to give proper attention to the processes of the restaurant. I acquire new knowledge about the management of the restaurant and how to manage the restaurant that will help me when I will open the restaurant. And also learn the new skills of making and using the equipment that is required for preparing food. I also learn about the ingredients that are specially for the particular kind of dish. I also learned that there is proper management of the vegetable while chopping vegetables and also there are proper unit measurements of the required things which can be measured precisely.

 Challenge in a Co-op experience

When I was working in the restaurant I faced many challenges from starting time when there was an interview and job selection in restaurant I found myself joyed but when I got to my job I was fresher and it was difficult to do work and study at the same time because this is not done by me in past I got very much irritated and also there are great effects on the attending the lectures and I was not able to give time for the studies. As this was my first job and fresher as well I do not have any professionalism in my behaviour and this felt me a lot for the co-op experience and also the pressure of working hours as well as for the study there was no proper time management in both of the situations.

Unexpected Things in Co-op term

When I started in culinary management I think this is just a course of management but when I used to go for the culinary Co-op experience in Rangala Punjab Indian restaurant I learned new and unexpected things and these things are not even the course, I learned that the measurement of the ingredients is equally important for the dish and this turn the taste of the dish very effectively and the ingredients of the dish will be measured by the chef according to the serves of the customer and I also got to know about the various cooking methods which are not in the lectures this was very unexpected for me.

Experience Fitting in Academics

The Co-op term experience was awesome and this helps me in academics in a positive way by doing new things which were I learned from the restaurant like how to manage the food and the dish so that there will be a reduction in food waste. And I also learn the proper management of the ingredients of the dish with the various cooking method which can be helpful for academics. There is an understanding of the important aspects of the co-op term from which I learn that theory can be applied to the practical part but is not compulsory if it is applied properly. With learning the cooking method, I learn the cooking and preparation time for the dishes which is very important for the forecasting of the customer to not let them wait.

 Co-op helps in school

The experience of the Co-op term helps in school studies also because there were many things that I learned from the restaurant and I found the same in the school lectures and this helps in making the knowledge for the revision and helps to learn the theory part more effectively and accurately and I found myself a good blessed that what I learning in school from the theories and lecture most of the things are done practically by me in the restaurant. And also, there are theories about waste management how it will be done and in what ways food wastage can be reduced so that we can save food.

Learning applied to the Co-op work

The knowledge of school is very important for me that help me very much in the co-op work term experience learning about the dishes and also about the management and cooking method which is taught through the lecture in the class was very helpful whenever I got difficulty in any task while assisting the chef like some culinary terms which were used by the chef, are easy to understand because these terms are taught in the theories from the schools and also there is help in using some equipment and some of the cooking methods which I got familiar with them in a school only.

Learning from the Co-op experience

The very first thing that I learned from the co-op experience is that professionalism is very important for any job or any career because this is a basic need of any profession which is demanded in my career. And the second thing that the importance of communication which is needed for the better management of the staff and also for the customer if there is good communication between the staff and customer then there is the least chance of conflicts in the workplace and there is always a proper and negotiable solution can be found at the workplace.

Similarities and Differences in Class and Co-op

I found many similarities and differences in the co-op term and class, the first similarity is that what the theory suggested in the school & class was the same applied in the Co-op term and also there are similarities in the cooking methods and culinary terms. The difference is that there is I got to know that there is no exact time for the preparation of the dish and also there is always suggest that you should maintain the behaviour and safety while preparing the food and concentration is more important while preparing food.

Influenced on Career Goals

The co-op experience was a life-changing and also an important part of my life because this gives me a ground reality of real culinary management because the theories of the class help you to make some imaginary things that are completely different and this co-op experience was similar to this because I learn the importance of the professionalism for achieving the career goals and also there is the importance of the communication for the management of the goals. And co-op experience taught me to do the importance of the behaviour that influences most in my career.

Supervisor Feedback

I was very happy and felt proud the moment when I received feedback from the supervisor about my work experience at Rangala Punjab Indian Restaurant I found the feedback positive and also, and he praised me for my skills of learning new things and also about my behaviour that I have learned professional behaviour in very less time. He also said that my chef was praising me for my assistance skills while managing the inventory which was very accurate also the knowledge of the culinary term was good and expected me a good cook and learned advice that I am a good learner with many curiosities for dishes and about the new skills learning.

 Skills That need more attention

I have learned many new skills of learning and dishes and also learn various cooking methods from the chefs but I think I need some skills of communication that how to communicate with others so that they get impressed from me and also need skills of some theories so that there will be a proper application of the theories to the food industry and also in my restaurant, I need to learn about the inventory management so that there will be always availability of various kinds of the cuisines and learn about the dishes which is including in the different dishes.

Subject: Thank you letter for providing an opportunity for a Co-op term

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter for thank giving for providing the opportunity in your restaurant for working of my co-op term experience. I felt very blessed and confident about the work that you provide to me. I learned many new things and the co-op experience which I got from this restaurant was unique and awesome this co-op work helps me in making my skills shaped in a new way and also there are some skills of professionalism and learn the styles of communication with the other and also there are opportunities that the chef and other members give me was quite unforgettable.

Thank you

Kindly regards,

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